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June 1, 2015

As Bat Night Replaces Bat Day

Michael Brown

Attorney-General Eric Holder said last summer that he understood why many black Americans distrust the police as the Spring of 2014 moved through the summer in St Louis. That distrust is going to grow when both black and white Americans figure out what they have sacrificed in the way of liberty for greater “ease” and protection in their lives, as the next generation ages. Those kids of ours — black and white — will be unforgiving toward the previous generation. Because what you have lost is often never able to return.

It was a weeknight in August 2014, near sunset, when Black Hawk helicopters flew over St. Paul and Minneapolis in a training exercise involving Homeland Security and local law enforcement – reportedly involving Navy Seals with Army pilots, engaging in rappelling exercises from helicopters onto the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank – beginning just before 8 p.m. As those bats start swooping. Information about the Department of Defense exercises going-on which, a Minneapolis government official said, was not to be shared with the general public. batman

Those military helicopters however showed up in the capital city, across the river from Minneapolis. Having had these exercises originate in the City of Minneapolis, within 15 minutes of the exercise, a City of Minneapolis written statement release indicated: “There will be some night training going on, which includes military helicopters.” Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder refused to answer additional questions about “a training exercise,” from The St Paul Pioneer Press.

Maybe you had to have been in St. Paul for Labor Day 2008, to witness the helicopters protecting the Republican National Convention. Leaders of the Society of Professional Journalists said that they were outraged over the aggressive tactics used by police in both St. Paul and Denver, as police interfered with the free flow of information and, they said, with the constitutional guarantee of a free press. Close to two percent of all the arrested had been journalists; the arrests, when all was said and done, resulted in less than two convictions, none of them journalists. Today in this same city, the Executive Branch was essentially going after what is inside the people who practice their freedom of worship in public – those in a vast minority affiliated with a religious organization known to originate in Saudi Arabia.


The Obama execution under the Patriot Act seems to have finally shown up — as the U S Marshall had taken to the night sky — monitoring, at night, our Somali community as May 2015 came to a close. After nightfall, as the sleeping innocent are afflicted by those with power and the money to hire these low-flying planes from LCB Leasing of Bristow, Virginia, like last night over the mosque on University Avenue located in the capital city. So this was the ague what followed Kristallnacht? “Canards,” with both senses of the meanings of the word but more like acupuncture on the wing-like projections of a Cessna. Note the suspicion of others who speak a foreign language, with silence about stolen cellphone data by U S Marshalls, in their coverup with planes registered to these independent contractors like RKT Productions of Bristow, Virginia. So similar to living with domestic abuse on all sides of the great divide, there is the silence how we live with “IT.” Not racial profiling but through the profiling of Creed by the United States Marshalls, acting so much like the 250 armed protestors who showed up yesterday outside a mosque in Arizona. See the attached article about the abnormal distemper called “Morbus.” Ague. Chilling cover-ups since at least 2007 of this program based upon suspicion of others who speak in foreign tongues — or pray differently than I pray– is the 21st Century kind of xenophobia on North American shores, with those with kingly power wondering about the inner goings-on of its subjects. From out of the plague of September 11th had come not only the Patriot Act, but the thinking that it was somehow Patriotic to spy on your fellow Americans. And the described Cessna flying over St Paul, Minnesota had occurred on the night before the Patriot Act was to expire.

What was the external or internal threat of people who prayed differently? “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.” Prior to the 21st Century, under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, the U.S. armed forces had been barred from domestic operations, except in specific, limited circumstances. That all changed under President William Jefferson Clinton.

NSA logo

This morning, The Patriot Act has expired. What do you know about The Patriot Act?
Did you know of the less-known Patriot Act provision, so far “believed to be” unused, allowing the National Security Agency to track “lone wolf” terrorism suspects unconnected to a foreign power — if anyone knows that they are unconnected, of even if they are a “lone wolf.” Another lesser-known Patriot Act provision allows the NSA to eavesdrop on “suspects” who continuously discard their cellphones. And that would be of course anyone who discards their cellphones. Would you have had any idea of what the intelligence agencies have been doing for the past fourteen years except for Eric Snowden? What is heart-stopping in a government based upon the separation of powers, with three branches of government, is how little actual oversight had existed. In police action, in a media whose job is to create flawless heroes, ignoring the human condition of man’s inhumanity to man. In the words of Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian: “Remember when the Patriot Act was enacted, even in the weeks after 9/11, when the country was pretty much willing to do anything the government wanted, it was recognized that this was an incredibly radical and extremist piece of legislation, and the idea was – these powers we were giving the government should be temporary – not permanent – and so they [the powers] are going to sunset every five years unless Congress renews them. And yet in 2005 the Bush administration demanded renewal and overwhelmingly Congress renewed it with no fight. In 2011 President Obama demanded renewal and Congress overwhelmingly renewed it without any debate.”

There is a brewing hostility over the loss of liberty because of questionable police action, if what you have lost is often never able to be returned. Lost is liberty in powers given to first the federal government that allows those in uniform to terrorize here, to separate themselves from the public until all citizens were threatened with imprisonment. In 2006, there were more than 100,000 arrests in Baltimore, a city of 600,000 residents. Did you note in Ferguson, MO how the federal government had distributed weapons of war to local police forces? Perhaps fourteen years later greater thought will go into the law created to replace the Patriot Act about how it is somehow patriotic to spy on your fellow Americans. What got sacrificed that Tuesday morning in 2001 was an innocence that perhaps only the contemplative adherents of two of three Abrahamic religions could appreciate. And the next generations would never be the same.

The former African-American attorney-general said last summer that he understands why many black Americans distrust the police as the Spring of 2014 moved through the summer in St Louis. The current African-American First Lady most likely understands why so many residents of Baltimore do not trust their police force when the police think they are above the law, because they have to enforce the laws which came out of such a post-September 11, 2001 environment based on oaths and loyalty. What happens after you make bad law is that you create a generation of hostility. When it comes to the law, more and more it seems a perspective that come from what you are born into. The new inheritance is hostility passed along from father to son, based upon bad law and fearful law-makers who now pass so little new legislation. As this younger generation faces more and more the prospects of what comes out of stagnation on the ground. Their hostility on the ground was directed at the mindshift of law enforcement who thought they were now above the law, above a constitution, which came of the use of Black Hawk helicopters, unregistered Cessna aircraft, and the unnoticed use of cyberspace to control the ignorant masses.

With the hundred of little pieces that fit into the same spiritual holes … note the shared little pieces of sacrifice of those who carried the culture – educators, jurists, doctors. There had been the gathering up, the three-day journeys again, and the murders of educators, jurists, doctors. This was just as the story of the slaughter in Armenia one hundred years ago, like the start of the goings-on in Berlin in the 1930s. The new beginnings were really nothing new. Yes, the hardest stories of them all to write were those without an end. If you believe in ghosts and life everlasting?

JUNE 2, 2015 POST SCRIPT: And so LCB Leasing of Bristow, Virginia. There were also FVX Research, KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation and PXW Services. And RKT Productions of Bristow, Virginia in the covert surveillance with the Fly By Night air corps. Today the FBI has pleaded with the investigating reporters of the Associated Press not to disclose the names of all of their fake companies which the FBI has set up. The reasoning for their hoodwinking is to “shield the government’s involvement, and could endanger the planes and integrity of the surveillance missions.” What integrity? Do you smell the stink that came out of lies and distortions as absolute power evolves into corruption of the good? And by writing about all the FBI’s fake companies, a spokesman said, the consequences would include “saddling taxpayers with the expense of creating new cover companies.” More new unchecked false companies so no one could track and hold accountable law enforcement, under a constitutional government.

JULY 2015 POST SCRIPT: Did you piece together the puzzle of this FBI surveillance program over the Twin Cities to the involvement of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the summer of 2014? In the original training approval letter sent to Minneapolis Mayor Hodges in January of 2014 about the use of military hardware working with Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) personnel – in this case Robert Skoro of the Minneapolis Police Department as well as Tim Flynn of Saint Paul Police Department – the identification of preservation of evidence “for criminal prosecution” was one goal of the Twin Cities training exercise, though evidence collection for domestic law enforcement purposes is not listed as a permissible activity in the Department of Defense most recent instruction document (3025.21) on “Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies.” Language in the military’s location license agreements for the 2014 training appears to indicate this, noting that overhead imagery collected during the exercises would “not be utilized to support local, state, or federal law enforcement investigations.” But the Naval Special Warfare Development Group in Virginia Beach, per the written comments of the unnamed military official – an unnamed military official whose name was redacted from all correspondence – worked with key Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) personnel, thought they were, with their helicopters, above the law …with “the use of fixed-wing aircraft integrated into ground operations,” per the preliminary mission profile addressed in SPPD e-mails which included “live shots,” helicopter work, and THE USE OF FIXED-WING AIRCRAFT
integrated into ground operations.” And have you seen the wings described on these low-flying Cessnas?

JUNE 9, 2015 POST SCRIPT: At 11:30 pm on June 9, 2015, the FBI is still up there flying now only half-invisibly over St Paul, somewhat gutlessly, like the drone operators banging away at all of the young like that policeman outside Dallas. In the erosion of what liberty was here, in the Twentieth Century, perhaps because of such gutless elected leaders of the Twenty-first Century, who led in the climate change of these times, from fear. On the ground, the human rights connected with liberty, long fought over, are quietly being lost in what is now the fourteen year coverup, seven years under this program. As a new generation grows up with the evolving idea of privacy and freedom.

AS FOREIGN POLICY BECOMES DOMESTIC, per the actions of Police Eric Casebolt with bikini-clad Dajerria Becton:


Or per the updated July 2016 killing of Philandro Castile. As the era of “hope and change” comes to a close, all of these people who did not know him gather in the street. Or did they know him?

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