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September 23, 2017

Changes Made in Children Theatre Production of “The Abominables”

Locally, CHRIS HEWITT has done a good job more than just reviewing a new theater production “The Abominables,” but presenting issues of censorship that is connected to marketing a product in the real world of theater. The marketing department has responded to censors from Edina making changes in the artistic production of “The Abominables.”  But I wonder how the writer(s) feels about those change from the early-in-the-run theatergoers.

In a very American “GO BACK TO FROM WHERE YOU CAME!” production, allegedly parents-who-adopt did not feel a children’s theater should be presenting as childish stuff the thematic material in the Minnesota hockey musical “The Abominables.”  Parents — mostly from “the adoption community” (?), Hewitt posits – had objected to the way adoption is depicted in the show in “The Abominables.”  In the “world” premiere of “The Abominables”, the theme is not primarily about adoption, Hewitt writes, yet emerges in a character named Harry.  

Compared to what audiences saw last week, audiences who this week see the first presentation of the Minnesota hockey musical “The Abominables” at Children’s Theatre Company will be seeing a much different show.  Because this is not childish stuff, for a St. Paul woman with her own adopted FACEBOOK name Lori. With her adopted son, she regularly attends the Children’s Theatre Company but has not yet seen The Abominables.” Though she has not seen “The Abominables,” the woman with her own adopted FACEBOOK name Lori has been ‘monitoring’ the reception ever since a buzz began in “the adoption community,” wherever the vague community is.  And she is quoted too much by Chris Hewitt.

This one woman from Edina, along with “people from the adoption community” – the unfertile ones – made artistic “director” Peter Brosius change the writer’s story.  Said the St. Paul woman with her own adopted FACEBOOK name Lori, “The Children’s Theatre Company has been pretty clear on Facebook.  In every single response, they say, ‘If you have a connection to adoption, please contact us.’” The St. Paul woman with her own adopted Facebook name Lori, according to Chris Hewitt, has been ‘concerned’ about the “wording” of a content advisory on the their website.

“Thank goodness my girls are not here with me,’” said Jen Berge to the St Paul newspaper, that your own daughters from Edina might learn the real Truth.  Harry is an abominable snowman (a yeti), Hewitt writes, discovered on a trip to the Himalayas by a Minnesota couple who bring him back home.  Harry becomes a great hockey player here, as the adoption theme comes in which the “adoption community” has objected and worked to affect change in the art.  When parenthood is questioned.  Because when bloodlines and parenthood are questioned, there is all this sensitivity.

So, what is your perspective of Adam and Eve, if you came from the old country if your people never left? What is your perspective of any adopted home?  What is the perspective of the people of Africa, Asia and Europe who never left the old country about those from there that did? What is your perspective of Henry Boucha, who played in the NHL, speaking of hockey?

“At intermission, the first thing I thought was, ‘Thank goodness my girls are not here with me,’ ” said Jen Berge, a 10-year subscriber to the Children’s Theatre and a mother with two adopted kids of her six children; her two adopted daughters, 7 and 8, did not accompany her, according to Chris Hewitt.  Two scenes had raised particular concern. The protagonist, Mitch, insults Harry in one scene, specifically ‘targeting’ the fact that he is adopted.  In “The Abominables” preview performance, the real DNA parents of Harry show up near the finale, threatening to take Harry from his adoptive parents.  The theater review does not mention why.  Apparently, this part of the story hit a raw nerve for the adopted parents in the audience, in a generalization carried to the readers of the review of the play.  Or at least for only Jen Berge.  And maybe for Chris Hewitt.   

The wrap up in the original ending by Steven Cosson is ‘adoption is not that way.’  It’s complex.  It’s something an adoptee lives with for their whole life, in the Americas.  As do the four parents.

Then Jen Berge sent emails, before her post on Children’s Theatre Company’s FACEBOOK page [speaking of artificial intelligence]. And her quote can be read in lieu of this theater outfit with their fair share of child sexual abuse claims against its co-founder, John Clark Donahue. She said, “(CTC is) usually SO sensitive(?) about that ‘stuff’ — social justice, civil rights issues — that I was shocked.”

The Children’s Theatre Company usually self-censors social justice, civil rights issues? As Jen Berge framed her thoughts over a couple of days, comments were already showing up on the Children’s Theatre Company’s FACEBOOK page, before the show officially opened. ‘They screwed up, big time,’ I think.”

By the time Jen Berge weighed in, she knew that her ‘concerns’ — and concerns of others — immediately were being heard, by those bastards presenting this play.   After his assistant called 3 hours after she had sent an 11 am email, Jen Berge met with artistic director Peter Brosius in person to discuss her ‘concerns’ – “Peter had read the email.”

In what artistic “director” Brosius – not the writer of musical “The Abominables” – called “significant” changes in Friday night’s performance, there is now a new final scene which changed the adoption “insult” to a locally accepted “you-live-in-Edina” insult.  In Minnesota you can insult the natural born hockey players as well as all the bastards who are from Edina.

“It is totally something a middle-school boy would say,” said Jen Berge, who lives in Edina. “And it’s funny.”

“New work is complicated,” said artistic “director” Peter Brosius about the censorship for the audience involving a sensitive theme, who noted changes were being implemented throughout the rehearsals for the show. This is something not uncommon for an organization – as theater becomes a social science – which produces a lot of brand-new plays. “What is wild about a theater piece is certain things land on the page, certain things land in the rehearsal room, and a whole other set of things land in front of an audience,” said Brosius. The adoption insult, for instance, was a case where the creators of the show thought the apology for the adoption insult would be the audience take-away from the scene, said Brosius after considering the marketing department. Apparently, instead for these parents(?) mostly from “the adoption community – without any DNA in the fight– it was the insult and the ‘bullying’ that lingered.

Concerning the simple truth to which only the adopted parents took offense, “We want to challenge our audiences. And we know we don’t always get it [The Truth?] right. But we listen to our audience. We care deeply about our [paying] audience. We care deeply about young people,” said Brosius, who has spoken with many parents since performances of “Abominables” began. “We’ve had wonderful conversations with people in “the community” about issues surrounding adoption. Those have been terrific and generous and helpful.”

“We know it – [as theater becomes a social science?] – is complicated,” Brosius said on behalf of an organization which produces a lot of the brand-new, which often needs to see the production in front of an audience to see how perceptions are met by an audience. “ ”We’ know this is a process of listening and growing and changing and learning. And we are very grateful that we live in a community that supports that. We will keep this process going [censorship?] to see how we can continue to change things and make them better.” “It” is like seeing your adopted child responding in the real world.

So proud of her input, Jen Berge is talking about taking in not the “The Abdominals” but “The Abominables” for a second time, as is the St. Paul woman with her own adopted FACEBOOK name Lori — Berge, to see how the show has changed; the St. Paul woman with her own adopted FACEBOOK name Lori, to let the grandparents take her son, in her stead. But she’d likely go along to see the sort of conversation the show might start, after the censorship, like bread without its gluten, the cake without the frosting.

“I’ve seen the changes they’ve made in the plot [as written by Steven Cosson] summary and some are improvements, anyway [even if she has not yet see the show]. But I’d love for this to be a way to trigger a conversation – not just about the message my child is getting, but the [censored] message everyone in the community [who is or is not natural-born or native-born] is consuming about adoption [as if hers is the first generation which ever has adopted]. Every family’s story is individual and unique [about bastards, and those who take something that was not theirs to take?]. I would love to see the theater create a discussion “guide” for hockey groups and school groups that attend the show,” said the St. Paul woman with her own adopted FACEBOOK name Lori [concerning a guide so that there is but one way to think about legitimacy?].

“I love the theater. Obviously,”said Berge, who appreciated while she spoke about herself and her children in Edina, that Brosius took lots of notes. “I just think they have a golden opportunity here to ‘educate’ people and work through some of the complexities and nuances of adoption. That is one of my biggest concerns.”

As Harry gets sent down. To the bantams. In “The Abominables.” In Minnesota, you have to wonder if adopted mothers had heard that their young sons would need a protective cup to play this game. And where were the adopted fathers in the discussion, Chris Hewitt? So who again exactly belongs here?

Silence. Against the culture of Screamers, using and directing through Silence. Against the culture of Screamers, living with real hockey moms, rather than fascists flexing their American dollars from Edina, trying to use their power over the theater, trying to make American great, on issues over who is a red-blooded American. Screaming at the refs and the coach.


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We Tested Every Mattress Brand on the Market in which there is some genuine unstated fear for some children and some parents who adopted, about their beds, with the ongoing repetitive dream about cowboys and Indians.



August 24, 2017

The Education of a Young Police Officer

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The call was at 11:30 pm, while home alone. “I hear a noise. It might be the noise of sexual assault … outside.” She called a second time, about the sound of sex, either with or without violence, she thought. So she did call police, eight minutes later. Engaged 20 months before on December 29, 2014, having taken his name ahead of the August 2017 wedding – that was the last call made by Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Picture 006 The murder of a Spiritual healer. As the officers rode through an alley with the squad lights off, Harrity said that before the shooting, both he and Noor saw a man estimated to be between 18 and 25, bicycling in the area, in the dark. Then there was the shooting. In the alley, Harrity was driving the squad car. Justine Ruszczyk Damond approached the driver’s side window on the squad car. No, Harrity told Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigators, he was startled by a loud sound near the cruiser. So what did he strike with his headlights off? And then immediately afterward, Damond approached the driver’s side window. Harrity said he became startled by a loud sound near “the cruiser,” when immediately after, Noor fired. The driver, Harrity, told The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, that both officers then got out of the squad and gave Damond immediate medical attention. The police – the shooting officer – had shot her dead,I deduct, on the driver’s side, while riding shotgun.

With social cohesion lost? The usual north-side gunfire now is now downtown, the Media reports, putting white people – the audience that our media sponsors aim at – at risk. This, after the shooting of the Australian, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, in the nicest neighborhood in Minneapolis. And the suspicion of, if there had been one, sexual assault was lost in a night’s turmoil in July. Justine Ruszczyk Damond had gone out, after how many minutes, to see if she was wrong, in what she had heard? When you just had to know right now.

Who can you trust? In the education of a young police officer, in the summer of 2017, the shooting officer has been sued over a police call fifty-one days before July 15, 2017, for allegedly assaulting a woman while he and other officers took the woman to the hospital on May 25, 2017, for an apparent mental health crisis. In the changing culture, where no one can wait. That lawsuit alleges that after entering her home without permission, Noor, with other officers, grabbed the wrist and upper arm of the plaintiff. Contending he violated her rights, the pending lawsuit indicates Noor relaxed his grip when the plaintiff informed the police of a prior shoulder injury. No wonder Noor declined to be interviewed, by The BCA; his attorney did not indicate when, or if, Noor, still on paid administrative leave over “the incident,” would ever be interviewed. After the police chief was fired because she was on vacation… And the news Media wanted to try you for murder. And the mayor hoped, before hopping, that Officer Noor would talk to the BCA. As Mayor Bike-Lane Betsy Hodges had to fly to Los Angeles for a fund-raiser. And L.A. is where the Lakers had ended up, so some people there might appreciate the Minneapolis Mayor.

This Elephant in the room. Interviewing Witnesses, under oath, while the threat is still Present – in this November election. Was there a sexual assault? Only after the shooting, did both police officers turn on their body cameras, “authorities” have told the Media; and, in the statement from Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, this squad car video did not capture the shooting. “Authorities” have told the Media, no weapon was found at the scene. If you knew any Somalis, you knew that Somalis do not trust the white Media. And Officer Moor was a Somali-American. Why would any officer have a camera engaged if driving through an alley with your lights off? Around the Lake Harriet community?

In Sydney, the Media had it wrong, reporting the killing “in a dark alleyway in suburban Minneapolis.” This killing was within the city limits of Minneapolis. This was why a Minneapolis police officer fired a gun, and why the Minneapolis police chief was fired soon after. The Australian press, in particular, sought to ask Mayor Hodges questions in person about the death of an Australian national at the hands of an American city police force.

Behold Fear. Anger. With Police asked to kill, on this frontier.

“We are not racist here. Not in Minneapolis.”

About Perpetual gunfire, North Minneapolis council member Blong Yang (Ward 5) said in an August 2017 interview with City Pages, “We can have hundreds of shootings and homicides on the North Side and it’s no big deal. We have one in some other part of the city and all of a sudden everybody’s up in arms. I don’t know if that’s racial equity. I don’t know if that’s equity in general. I just think that’s pretty pathetic.” Along with North Minneapolis council members Barb Johnson (Ward 4), Yang is seen by his other eleven council members as a self-identified “broken record” on the plague of perpetual gunfire. Those other eleven tend to neglect the public safety of the north side, he said about the 4th Precinct “with the most gun crimes, and the most ‘priority one’ calls — people in imminent danger.”

“People are absolutely outraged about it,” said City Alderman Linea Palmisano, who represents a very white southwest Minneapolis. In Palmisano’s understanding, investigators want to rule out alternative explanations for Damond’s death, however far-fetched they might be. But she acknowledged a lingering sense in the neighborhood that BCA agents may have been looking to incriminate Damond.

With one foot anchored to home and the God of this Land, there are heroes who left, for the suburbs. The media today thinks that it is big news that 92 percent of Minneapolis police do not live in the city, which takes away the chance of Black Life Matters to protest outside their homes, like they have done to the Minnesota Governor and the St. Paul Mayor, over the past 12 months, without permits. Police forces there have a chance to protect off-duty police.

About 160 people attended a policing forum that City Alderman Palmisano hosted at Lake Harriet Methodist Church on Aug. 2nd in Minneapolis. When the 160 were broken into groups to write questions on the big sheets of paper taped to pillars, with the lingering sense of social cohesion lost, questions about the search warrant came up repeatedly. No one asked why the City Alderman was using a church for the meeting, with separation of Church & State? Did the group of 160 know the method of operation of Allen Dulles, having someone like City Alderman Palmisano infiltrate the group? Where were you during the Vietnam protests?

Concerned about bodily fluids, about illegal drugs, The BCA is looking to incriminate the victim? “These were very strange things for which even to be looking,” said Jim Miller, who serves on the Linden Hills neighborhood board. “If they had found something – which they didn’t– they would have used that as an excuse for the actions of police.”

“This didn’t happen at her house. Why would you search someone’s house,” said Jim Miller, who lives in nearby Linden Hills in the City of Lakes, “if something happened at another place and they were killed?”

If you are with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, you are the police investigating the police and many of the police hate you. You wonder about the “living together,” with her name even Justine Ruszczyk Damond, but not yet wed? Did these two still have separate homes? What did you know of other lovers, of the practices of healing of people, Tina Turner?

Behold the conclusion of Jim Miller, “if they had found something – which they didn’t…” The amateur sleuths, in The Culture of knowing-it-all. Now. Which took the life of Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Michael Quinn, a retired Minneapolis police sergeant, told the Minneapolis Startribune the standard practice for police is NOT to search a home of the victim, when he was still active. But in an election year, what would a retired Minneapolis police sergeant know about BCA standards? Quinn, who lives a couple of blocks from the scene of the shooting, is now CEO of the International Ethics and Leadership Training Bureau. The only reason he can think of for the search warrant is if Damond had taken notes that would tell BCA investigators what she heard outside in the alley, or had video-recorded something; he does not share suspicion of the BCA police investigation, for publication in the local press.

Under public scrutiny…. everyone. Private lives under the scrutiny of the mob. Driving with the squad lights off, startled by a loud sound near “the cruiser,” in the alley, what did the squad car hit? The Comparative fault? What had been her Intent, for going outside after summoning police? District Judge Laurie Miller at 5:38 a.m. on July 16 granted a search warrant for the Damond home. Less than sixty minutes later a half-dozen state agents piled into this house on Washburn Avenue. Oh what a night! Oh what a morning. The local journalist guessed, in her recap, the BCA was “searching for blood, hair, guns, ammunition, knives, drugs or “writings,” everything that would help them understand what happened.

A fundraiser in California(?) for the incumbent mayor of Minneapolis was held on the evening of July 19. After the return of Police Chief Harteau from a Montana vacation, her first public statement about the killing was given on July 20; Harteau was asked to resign on July 21 by Mayor Hodges for not being in the city at the time of the shooting… after Mayor Hodges’s own return from Los Angeles.

In the attack on smugness, what kind of civilization was hovering in this modern culture? At least as presented by the “social” media – this unsocial part of a new generation, when historians might report on the “know-everythings” on the opposite spectrum of a time in the 1850s that saw the rise of the “know-nothing” party. When you just had to know Now! About this tragic loss of life.

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September 28, 2012

The Killings at Accent Signage Systems

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In a slowly developing story, a shooting took place today at Accent Signage Systems’ 30,000-square-foot office and production space in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood in Minneapolis during the end of the business day. Eight Accent Signage Systems employees were seen standing in a prayer circle near the scene of a shooting late this afternoon, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. Approached after their prayer, the eight people of a total staff numbered at 28 in July, said they did not wish to comment about the shooting of six people, with two reported dead and four hospitalized.

Sixty-one year old Reuven Rahamim who stared ths interior-signage company is the son of Iranian Jews that had come to the Israel in the late 1940s. In 1974 Reuven Rahamim’s family emigrated from Israel to Minnesota; after starting Accent Signage Systems in the early 1980s out of the basement of his Minneapolis home, Reuven Rahamim was expecting “Accent’s annual revenue, now in the $5 million to $10 million range, to grow 11 percent this year.” And if so, he had plans to hire up to seven more people, per the July 2012 piece in

Minnpost had just run a piece in their online paper about Rahamim’s company in August 2012. “Accent’s work also goes beyond sign-making,” with workshops set up “at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Moose Lake, where they teach job skills and train inmates to build signs for the state. Accent provides the same type of training at the VA Hospital in Milwaukee, serving veterans who have difficulty finding work.” Minnpost also reported, “Rahamim said he tries to give back to the community, because the U.S. has allowed him to achieve success he wouldn’t have reached anywhere else.”

Minnpost is a collection of veteran journalist forced into retirement by the financial pinch felt at newspapers throughout the nation, who now do a better job with the news than the green staff left behind at the Minneapolis StarTrib.



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The photo is of the killer identified as Andrew John Engeldinger who lived at 3721 12th Avenue South in Minneapolis, a fourteen year employee of Accent Signage Systems.

August 8, 2011

Fairness at the Fairgrounds: Causes of Riot in Milwaukee

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March 27, 2012 Downtown Minneapolis has been hit by six incidents of “mob” attacks since February, mostly around the Nicollet Mall by homegrown terrorists. On March 16, several of the seven males inside an enclosed bus stop surged toward a bicyclist, striking first a 23-year-old rider, as the group then surrounded a second bicyclist and began assailing him, police said. Approaching officers saw a group of about 15 to 20 youths running around a corner from the melee, ending up on a nearby restaurant patio, where assualts continued. A lot like what had happened in Milwaukee in 2011. Or at the Mall of America on the day after Christmas 2011. With more incidents anticipated with warmer temperatures.


August 8, 2011 Milwaukee, Wisconsin is witnessing its own Arab Spring-like summer. Marauding black kids at the fairgrounds after sunset Thursday night started by beating up each other, police said, before turning on Caucasian families leaving the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds. Investigators reported that the African-American kids had gathered in West Allis in the perimeters of the fairgrounds and had not been enjoying the offerings of the fair. Thirty-five people were arrested either by fairground police, West Allis Police or Milwaukee Police. And a lot of people were injured.

Afterward, one blogger from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote that these homegrown terrorists needed to be stopped. “It bears repeating that the vast majority of African-Americans in Milwaukee are good, hardworking people, and that members of all races interact every day with mutual respect. Though I suspect plenty of these kids grew up with poverty, violence, unsafe neighborhoods, lousy parents or other challenges, forget about blaming society as the responsibility for this thuggery lies with the perpetrators.”

Again and again and again, there was a communication to white Milwaukee, as racial incidents kept happening. There was a public relations nightmare Thursday night for the Wisconsin State Fair, with Truth buried in the story about the community of Milwaukee. If these incidents of race-related violence keep happening. The “mob attack” was not an isolated incident, after similar occurrence at a Summerfest hip-hop show this year, along with the Riverwest looting and racially motivated beatings last month as a group of seventy-five to one hundred black youth disturbed traffic before moving across a bridge west to the Riverwest neighborhood where “ransacking” and robberies of two gas stations by the mob took place. These youths are trying to force the issue – the truth about life in Milwaukee. There had been in the recent past similar “wilding which forced the Greek festival to move out of its northwest side neighborhood, after the late Riversplash too was hobbled by violence.” The issue with all of the stages of life when a community was truly hobbled by violence for a spell, was denial, anger, and fear. In arriving at the acceptance of what was the community standard.

Now the institution of the State Fair, writes the blogger from the Milwaukee Journal, “is left to pick up the pieces, to try to focus back on fun.” Not that they care, but “the thugs had to know that they were damaging the reputation of a beloved institution.” When the issue was really over the acceptance or rejection of institutions.

Yes, black kids at the fair started by beating up each other, police said, and these “kids may not realize that the damage they’re causing may be inflicted mostly on themselves in the long run, as doors close and attitudes harden,”writes the Journal-Sentinel blogger. I have slightly modified his conclusion. About when normal day-to-day life returns, and the morning silence begins with issues of trust. In everyday relationships. At home. In neighborhoods. Maybe that’s the whole point. When so many of its loved ones are silently suffering, there are all of these beloved institution. In a land of plenty, there was this American Pollyanna image of county fairs as a midsummer oasis of fun, food and farm animals. And nowhere were people asking how the social institutions, which helped developed attitudes and behavior, had let the African-American community down. Over hunger and the acceptance of hunger. Or over what was missing in the black community about American life, as seen on television. How many were kids of single moms? The missing nurturing part which came from home-cooking, not just the suggested minimum daily vitamin requirement. These kids who had not been enjoying the offerings of another fair. There are all of these beloved institution, but why should these kids care, if no one truly cared about them? Especially an African-American president? Perhaps like their own fathers. With all of this lip service by communal leaders everywhere, where was this caring about a fair pursuit of happiness? For everyone.

Again and again and again, the problems were left to a new generation of single moms to try and discover the answer in their own homes, because the community seemed to be failing. And as the new immigrants with the same black skin seemed to demonstrate, it was not an issue of skin color but the issues of the community standard of care for each other. And deaf community leaders, letting these grandkids of Motown and Blues musicians rap — without any idea mentioned any more of love in the pursuit of the truth about it all.

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June 5, 2010

Dale Connelly Composted, in High Definition

It ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings. She sang yesterday. About Dale Connelly.

After 34 years, with Minnesota Public Radio. Dale Connelly will be leaving KNOW, 91.1 FM. The last day was June 4th. Friday. On Radio Heartland. On digital radio. Where ever that is. And re-broadcasted on “Radio Heartland” on Saturday evening. On KNOW, 91.1 FM.

And so it goes, MPR announced Wednesday. With the ax. In the conservatory.

It was on December 12, 2008. When “The Morning Show” on Minnesota Public Radio was first chopped up. The end had come to an institutions that I had loved, as part of the routine. Even then there there had been rioting in Greece. There seemed to be a question about how moral every day life would become. Without “The Morning Show.”

“The Morning Show” was not exactly canceled by MPR, upon Tom Keith’s retirement. Tom Keith was the sound-effects guy for “A Prairie Home Companion.” Connelly was to continue with an online version. To try to still affect the morning sound. With his soft quiet style. Or so the plan. Not quite put out to pasture. To the quiet pasture.

“The Morning Show” started 41 years and 6 months ago. This was where Garrison Keillor got his start, and moved on. That was the end, unless you had high definition radio. “Radio Heartland” was the morphing of “The Morning Show.” High definition radio. Some kind of recycling proposal. On the internet. Where the Prairie Home met the euphemistic pasture. Wherever that could be found. High definition radio had never had been picked up by sports bars.

The morning kindness. Dale Connelly and Tom Keith (with a stage name of Jim Ed Poole) had blended music and personality, before new fangled coffee companies ever thought of blending. When a good share of Minesotans only knew Mrs. Olson’s Folger’s coffee.

Dealing with change. Dale Connelly, “part of the fabric of what built MPR,” had not quite been put out to pasture. He was composted, with all the other coffee grounds. Minnesota Public Radio’s own private stash. Digitally removed, in less than 18 months. In the view of MPR, with the “cash for clunkers” program, it now was really over for Connelly’s 1976 gig. It was hard finding the old parts, on the internet highway.

It was now the end. The announcement touched on the aim for a sustainability which was not achieved. Though high definition radio would play on. With “Radio Heartland” producer, Mike Pengra, picking the music. Valerie Arganbright, senior director for MPR membership, wrote the announcement. “While we’ll be able to continue providing the wonderful music that you expect from Radio Heartland, we have cancelled Dale Connelly’s weekday morning show.”

So as the music heard on MPR’s Radio Heartland plays on, this would be the end Dale’s involvement with Radio Heartland. His own sustainability had not been achieved.

And so it goes. MPR announced Wednesday the end. The green movement in the new paradigm of public radio. The Current. With the ax. In the conservatory. After their most recently completed fund-drive. Perhaps a part of their own version of going green. While promoting composting and sustainability, in Minnesota. After acquiring that radio station in Northfield, but not being able to sustain the familiar on-air voices. More rioting was expected in Greece.

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May 1, 2010

Where Are You When We Need You, Paul Revere?

Did you notice that Zygi Wilf was, after his purchase of the Minnesota Vikings, as lucky now as Prince Charles? Except for the issue of waiting, with so little hostility directed at the overall process of royalty. “If you got a bill in the mail every year for seven bucks — that’s the cost of a beer at new Target Field — would you consider that a worthwhile contribution for keeping your pro football team?” writes David DeLand in the St. Cloud Times.

Would they ever put the question to the voters in England. About the cost of Buckingham Palace? Or a new house every thirty years? Or about just continued public subsidies to The Royals? In a nation that never believed in royalty, would they ever put the question to Minnesotans?

Where, by the way, had the Kansas City Royals come up with the money to refurbish their stadium, Mr. DeLand of the sports department?

Did you have to be in the souvenir business to notice that licensing fees in the NFL went to the NFL. The NFL that never paid for new stadiums, like was required in Europe. MLB was late to the game over this concept of licensing fees, by about five or ten years. When, beginning in the 1970s and ever since, it was all about the cost of the official logos on your purchases.

Licenses and licensing fees. Driver’s licenses. Fishing licenses. The revenue always went to a government body. Except when it came to sports authorities. In these parts, the local NFL franchises never paid for new stadiums. The one that was demanded in the late 1970s, with a dome. The father of the mayor of Saint Paul spent a lot of time seeing that the bill was passed. Yeah, in a day before there seemed to be franchise rights sold for elected office, which too many politicians somehow had passed along. Since the days of the Kennedys. The Cuomos. The Bayhs in Indiana. All those bleeding hearts. And the Bushes. And the Clintons. Now with their organized ways to show up at every car crash. Or hurricane. Like they cared.

When public service was now something else. About only power. Too many thoughtless if not clueless sons and daughters of politicians. Jock sniffing for votes. Trying to run a show that a Prince Charles could only envy. With real power.

The NFL that never paid for new stadiums, like was required in Europe. Or out east. With too many politicians seeking autographs instead of tax revenue from these athletes. There should be a national tax on MLB and the NFL, for revenues raised to pay for the next sports stadium they felt they needed. And yes on the Player’s Association and the NFL Players’ Union, who got something like 55% or more of the revenue.

Prince Charles could envision himself in the picture, as the role model for local baseball people as they made trips to other fiefdoms in the kingdom of MLB, to view their new palaces. Though Prince Charles had been able once to send his wife, when he was married to a blonde, when he tired of it all.

There was a day when kings and queens gave everything away for free. For loyalty. Before the politicians and manufacture’s reps entered the picture, with blackout rights. Did you notice all the hostility directed at the Goldman Sachs who, like all the reptile oil salesmen at the reptile oil emporium, were making so much? And the ensuing jealousies there. Over money and good looking blondes.

Note all the ambivalence of the audience, the ones watching for free, about these thugs who had no investment in the game. Or the carpetbaggers, with only manufacture’s reps working for them as reptile oil salesmen at the reptile oil emporium, until they acquired the local NFL franchise, and entered the picture.

”There’s a critical mass of legislators, fans and business leaders,” said Lester Bagley, the Vikings’ Vice President of Public Affairs and Stadium Development. “Who believe this is the year.” Were they the ones on the bicycles at rush hour, tying up traffic? Mostly on Fridays?

“We know that this is a tough discussion, and the economy is tough,” Bagley said. “But we think we have a good story to tell: What we bring to the community.”

His current neighbor across the street is Hennepin County Medical Center, a hospital in the community that was really bleeding, where they seemed to think 2010 was the year for them. Or hope. Like a lot of Viking fans. With bleeding hearts, over politics and sport. This was finally the year? But at HCMC, those fans would die, actually die, unless something was done about the budget issues. This year.

Just as the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, yeah under Prince Charles, was being shut down for fraud, the Redcoats were coming. One if by land. Two if by sea. Or maybe by bike. Or ambulance. Camouflaged in purple.

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April 9, 2010

Another Reason for Making Whoopi

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Those love nests called home.

The Minnesota Vikings expected a state so deeply in debt to finance their stadium. When decade after decade one owner replaced the other, reaping unbelievable return on their investment. In baseball, the franchise was owned by people who have lived here since 1961. In the case of the NFL, that no longer was true. Now our NFL franchise owner was from out east. A real estate tycoon. And his lease was up after 2011. But he was not making threats. About the Minnesota part of his franchise name.

Professional sports franchises. Their lobbyists had become the media that covered them, because the networks sold commercial time. Because consumers bought their products. But the athletes, whether locally grown or not, will pay taxes on the income. And people will travel here to see them play. That is the argument, without discussion of a user tax.

But with tax payers money, we are learning that the Minnesota franchises can play the same game with the redistribution of the wealth as in other localities. Where even the Saint Paul Saints wanted me to build them a stadium. A franchise that was making more profits in the 1990s than the big league club across the river.

It was not just the big leaguers. It was now what was going on in the amateur draft. Jeff Samardzija got $10 million when he was drafted in 2006 by the Chicago Cubs, which was paid for by the fans. Who? A “former Notre Dame wide receiver” who is now 25-years-old. You really did not give young men of college age this kind of money until they proved themselves in a profession, like baseball. Or except in baseball? At this point in his life, Jeff Samardzija is 91 victories behind where Bert Blyleven was at the age of 25. But in the Scot Boras age, the public perception is played on by spin doctors, where the value of the player is tied to how much he is paid.

When you did not have to pay for your own stadiums, you could afford to shell out bonuses to an elite. Even the unproven. Paid for by teams in the league, not so unlike government money which built the 19 other stadiums since Camden Yards opened. In he new system of Bud Selig baseball, your mistakes overcompensating could be overlooked. A lot like the mistakes of Carlos Zambrano with his $91.5 million over 5 years. Or Alfonso Soriano and the team investment of $136 million, over 8 years. Or Kosuke Fukudome making $12 million per year. Didn’t we just leave that hellhole of a ballpark? Fukudome. Hey! A new stadium will last longer than these .258 hitters like Fukudome, whose name your mother wanted the eldest child’s mouth washed out with soap, if she ever came over. So the expenditure were worth it? For 30 year leases?

These had become public policy issues. And now there was the stadium issue with the Minnesota Vikings.

Another bride
Another groom
Another sunny
Another season,
Another reason
For makin’ whoopee.

A quiet service,
A lot of rice,
The groom is nervous
He answers twice.
It’s really killing
That he’s so willing
To make whoopee.

Picture a little lovenest
Down where the roses cling
Picture that same sweet lovenest
Think what a year can bring.

He’s washing dishes
And baby clothes
He’s so ambitious
He even sews;
But don’t forget, boys
That’s what you get, boys
For makin’ whoopee. -by Gus Kahn

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January 28, 2010

The State of the Union

When credit card companies gave you zero percent rates….giving away product, charging nothing. Now the government is doing the same. For banks,getting zero percent rates so they could keep operating. As the banks were not extending anyone credit.

By Congressional Act, the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 specifically to combat financial panics, including runs on banks. Since the Fed, when the economy was overheated during the subprime mortgage boom, did not regulate interest rates to dampen the ardor of member banks for mortgages as it could have, Ron Paul was calling for greater Congressional control of this private entity.

When would the banks get hit by the government by the over the limit fees, like those banks charged their customers on their credit cards?

The system….when the affluent paid the least, and the poor paid the most. For free checking accounts. Unless you had less than $800 in your account, and the bank charged you a monthly fee of $12. At banks, or at your dental clinic, it was all the same. The poor were charged the most. Unless you paid Delta Dental who got a special discount, and the rest were left to pick up the slack. At the banks, U S Bank in Minneapolis, the poor were paying for the rich.

And there were no more free toasters. Nor free checking. Ending TCF’s long-time “totally free” checking account, the regional bank TCF Financial Corporation plans to begin charging maintenance fees to customers with checking accounts, CEO Bill Cooper said in a conference call with investors on Thursday. The rationale was prompted by new federal regulations which likely will reduce revenue from overdraft fees.

Milton Friedman’s fundamental flaw was his fixation on the business cycle as expressed by the stock market, rather than looking at the whole economy with its wide range of meta-finance concerns such as agricultural economics, labor economics, population economics, and the economics of war, pollution, and development. The current administration did not seem to recognize the ongoing fundamental flaw. There was little real difference between the Republican and the Democratic leadership, under the influence of the lobbyists who paid both parties.

November 2, 2009

Elections & Tailgating at TCF Stadium

It can happen in Minneapolis. It will happen here. In October in Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Dave Cieslewicz had proposed city budget cuts that would have closed five of the city’s eight ice skating rinks this winter. It was the system.

The system. As on display with the parking system at the new TCF Stadium. When only parking lots sanctioned by the Minneapolis City Council with their zoning laws, open to tail-gating. Local parking lots were shut down on game day, as part of the system, as designed and enforced by the Minneapolis City Council. When elected politicians lost touch with the real world.

The system. The system, with mayors like in Madison. In Madison, where Mayor Cieslewicz was forced to back off his proposal to close those five city ice skating rinks this winter. Only after the uproar. It can happen in Minneapolis. In Minneapolis, where it actually has been proposed to have the Minneapolis City Council take over the sovereignty of the parks.

Steve BARLAND, dedicated to preserving the independent park board model to protect what has been offered at the parks in the past. Leaving the cornerstone in Minneapolis intact in hard times. As center of neighborhoods, with day care, music for pre-schoolers, youth development, and senior card clubs. The parks.

With green spaces left long ago within a city. These markers to ensure the parks would long endure. For the people. Parks. Those set asides with active use. BARLAND. Of the people, and for parks dedicated to the proposition that all men, all women, are created equal. BARLAND, who was running, who had come to dedicate his time that a portion of those fields would long endure. In the upcoming era which will be all about closings. And budgets.

BARLAND, dedicated to the proposition that the heart of our community is the recreation center as a gathering place to meet and play. Places to take classes or to play.

Steve Barland, championing the form follows function philosophy, after witnessing the power of recreational activities in lives. Life-long learning places about what really counts in a community, and then teaching the next generation. Learning at rec centers the lessons from your neighbors.

It is altogether fitting and proper that you should vote. And vote BARLAND. With his vow to vote to never close a single recreation center. Here was the Park Board Commissioner candidate whose well stated belief was to leave parks open as always, promoting increased participation in youth sports, as well as adult and senior programs. When difficult decisions about budget cuts arrive, Steve Barland as the 5th District Park Board Commissioner means a referee making calls to not only keep rec centers open.

The new world order and that system of the new world order. Politicians and the good old endorsement system, which prevented real people from wanting to get involved in the system. The new world order when regular working stiffs quit seeking public office. In a world with those political endorsements and connections. Until politicians lost touch with the real world. Like in Madison, Wisconsin. With candidates who did not quite understand quality of life came from having parks open. Or in St. Paul where city-run youth centers were expected to be reduced from 41 to a 25 in 2010. It can happen in Minneapolis. If you want a park board to resemble the Minneapolis City Council and their system, as demonstrated by the way the parking situation is handled at the new TCF stadium….well, it all started on election day.

For the next Board Commissioners dealing with budgets, the unfinished work of the parks begins. I want a commissioner with a direct connection with park and recreation leagues, and to the people who participated. I want a commissioner who remembered. Someone who was real. Someone who was of the people, for the people. Steve Barland as the 5th District Park Board Commissioner.
The system. It all started on election day. Now. It all started with simple park board elections.


October 28, 2009

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

In January 2009, UnitedHealth based in Minnetonka, Minnesota agreed to shut down their Ingenix database and settled a lawsuit with the New York Attorney General by paying $50 million, it was reported in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal. According to an item in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, the investigation by the New York Attorney’s General office uncovered a fraudulent and conflict-of-interest-ridden reimbursement system, which the state of New York then proceeded to replace with a not-for-profit company, FAIR Health Inc., to be headquartered at Syracuse University.

That $50 million was used to form a new, independent database at Syracuse University. After settlements with other similar companies, the New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday
a new independent database for consumer reimbursement as part of this Upstate research network in what sounds to be a reformed plan for Ingenix’s health care reimbursement database. Only this time allegedly with “transparency, accountability and fairness.” Funded by the litigation of Mr. Cuomo. Offering no defense of the operations at UnitedHealth here, public policy in New York apparently involves using the courts to transfer jobs to their state under the umbrella of the health care debate?

This new research network, reportedly funded with nearly $100 million in settlement money recovered during an investigation by Cuomo’s office into how the health-insurance industry reimburses consumers for out-of-network health care charges, “will develop a new Web site where for the first time consumers can compare prices before they choose their doctors.”

This is an innovative way for state government to create new jobs in their own state.

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