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July 14, 2017

When Historic Preservation Begins

Again. The damage had been done, and the implications were clear. Like the rape of Mother Earth, in creating their territory with roads, like in Rondo, there was the State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation.  viking hat

“I’m beginning to think we do not matter to you,” said member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Matthew Northrup. After five years of planning, the Fond du Lac Band was not consulted, no ‘flags’ were raised, where highway construction by the Minnesota Department of Transportation was taking place. Have you ever had to deal with the arrogance of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, no matter what political party held power?

Whose land? What treaty? Only after desecrating a cemetery in Duluth’s Fond du Lac neighborhood near Minnesota Highway 23, said Charlie Zelle, Commissioner for Governor Mark Dayton, after five years of planning: “We’re just beginning to understand the pain and the anger that comes from a disruption that we could have avoided.”

A disruption? This is a fake apology over the damage to burial places of the First People by a Minnesota state agency while building a new access road to West Fourth Street, replacing the Mission Creek bridge on May 15. Because the State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation’s ‘process’ did not include working with the band, ‘the process’ had failed. Ten days later, the Fond du Lac Band was notified of work in the area. By a historian.

History is such a burden. It was announced that “The State” will study the bones and artifacts that have been unearthed in a non-invasive way. There was a time, perhaps when these bones of the Anishinaabe were buried, when Church was not split from state.

When you belong to a Land, you know things. Growing up in Fond du Lac, Historian Christine Carlson contacted the Fond du Lac Band after driving past the site on May 25th. This isn’t the first time construction has disturbed Fond du Lac graveyards, said Carlson. Noticing construction in the area that Carlson knew held documented graveyards, she brought the road construction project to the attention of the Fond du Lac. This land has served both as a gathering place as well as a burial site for Lake Superior Chippewa since at least the 1600s. Was it the first time the State of Minnesota failed to consider the historic nature of the LAND or the nature of the Peace Treaties?

Eleven days later, on June 6, 2017, human remains were found, which ruined “the process.” Said project manager Roberta Dwyer, “We need to restore and recover the graves that have been, unfortunately, damaged.”

Could you hear the missing passion in this statement? Did you ever identify the threat in all the Spiritual, Not Religious around in descendants of the Old World who have lost something, in the split of Church and State. People who think this is all hooey. With 50 states, there are all of these conflicts over the units – unitaty– making up the Spiritual identity of the political state. As if the new people would rob the sacred burial places, of the dead and of the living Spirits? Now the State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation has to work to restore the affected area in partnership with the band. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Initially, State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation had stated that the State Historic Preservation Office which operates under the Minnesota Historical Society, also had to “approve” the plans. And imagine what would have happened without the publicity? Like in the days when the Authority knew those treaties would be lost if not forgotten. Gutless politicians.

The gutting. Minnesota Historical Society public relations manager Jessa Kohen wrote in an email to the Duluth News Tribune: “The State Historic Preservation Office was not given an opportunity to review and consult with Mn-DOT on the Highway 23 reconstruction plans in their entirety. In this case, State Historic Preservation Office was asked by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to review the bridge replacement portion of the road project, only.”

After human remains were found June 6, law enforcement authority has not arrested anyone under the employment of Charlie Zelle or Mark Dayton. Historian Christine Carlson tracked a similar history during the initial construction of Minnesota 23, of unearthed bodies. In 1937. An initial occurrence of unearthed bodies was in 1869 as railroad construction roused the dead. Said Fond du Lac Band Chairman Kevin Dupuis, “If I were to drive a backhoe through your cemetery, I would be arrested, I would be in jail.”


January 14, 2011

Clawback on the Petter’s Ponzi Scheme Involving Mondale?

With the appointment by the new governor of Ted Mondale as chairman of the METROPOLITAN SPORTS FACILITIES COMMISSION, as the Minnesota Vikings have an ally in the fight to get a new stadium with public moneys, it is of note that our leading politically appointed prosecutors have not pursued issues of clawback, as has been going on in the wake of the Bernie Maddoff Ponzi scheme in the New York City area. It was less than six months ago that Tom Petter was convicted in his part in a Ponzi scheme.

Granted, the bloodless Petters trial does not evoke the emotions of the scars of the Rape of Europa, when seemingly innocent people ended up with the great art work as a result of the plunder of the Nazis in Eastern Europe. But the issues is still the same.

Clawback was the tool used with judicial oversight for getting back the unjustified profits of tainted money.

On Nov. 2, 2010, First American Financial Corporation announced the acquisition of NAZCA Solutions, Inc to add to their portfolio as a leading global provider of title insurance and settlement services for real estate transactions. Founded in 2003, “Nazca quickly built a reputation for innovation by developing technology that connected real estate professionals with a variety of databases needed for property and title research,” according to its website. Since that time, Nazca has been leveraging Web technology to aggregate disparate property data sets from multiple internal and external sources.

It is of note that in June 2002, Tom Petters, teaming with former Fingerhut chairman Ted Deikel, made purchase of the Fingerhut name, the customer list, along with their buildings in St. Cloud, Minnetonka, Plymouth as well as in Tennessee after Federated Department Stores decided to sell or close Fingerhut in 2002. Ted Deikel took over Fingerhut Direct Marketing Inc., which created the catalogs, while Tom Petters took over Fingerhut Fulfillment, based at a St. Cloud distribution center; the new Fingerhut restarted with online and catalog sales in November 2002. Deikel sold his interest in Fingerhut in 2004.

In the summer of 2002, Petters’ operations moved into Fingerhut’s former headquarters in Minnetonka. In April 2003, The Petters Group, with two minority investors, purchased uBid. The same month, Fingerhut Direct Inc. announced it had obtained a $100 million line of credit to finance inventory and receivables. In 2003, Petters allegedly invested in former Minnesota State Senator Ted Mondale’s Nazca Solutions. If you could believe Wikipedia. Nazca Solutions inevitably was hit by the slump in total real estate sales in 2010. And so the sale.

When bubbles burst. When the bough breaks. Like on a dome. “When the roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown.” Acquired by First American Financial for an undisclosed amount, Nazca Solutions works in partnership with clients to develop and integrate progressive data solutions, with a targeted focus towards settlement services companies and default management specialists. In the field of real estate which has not exactly been thriving lately.

Will there ever be an investigation of clawback of the Ponzi scheme of Tom Petters who allegedly invested in Nazca, and allowed a company to take off? Should the victims of Mr. Petters be allowed some fruits of the fraudulent transactions made with Tom Petter’s tainted money? Speaking of settlement services, will the son of Orville Freeman as the elected Hennepin County prosecutor be looking into the matter, if the federal judge did not, as Ted Mondale re-enters public service.

As the well-connected use their connections to see that the Minnesota Vikings spend little of their own capital, in the financing of a new stadium. With public moneys. Perhaps, people with not so dissimilar a philosophical outlook of someone involved in a Ponzi scheme. The sons of famous politicians who had been elected by farmers and laborers. When you had always been above the fray, and there seemed always to be privileges for the few. The lucky ones born who always had the art. And no one asked how it got there. For this bigger, stronger, faster high tech world. The one with steroids for weight-lifters. When so many of the ballplayers named in the Mitchell Report were the sons of former major league players.

Now with more public moneys. Speaking of sons, like the son of Bill Veek, who believes in using public money to build stadiums for the Saint Paul Saints. His Saint Paul Saints. Perhaps, people with not so dissimilar a philosophical outlook of someone involved in a Ponzi scheme, looking for an ally in the fight to get a new stadium with public moneys. Campaigning for a new stadium in St. Paul, with the help of a bonding bill, when that caliber of baseball was not expected to thrive much longer, with outdoor baseball now played outdoors at Target Field. When the Minnesota Gopher Baseball team was who really needed a new ballpark. Maybe Ted Mondale might differentiate between private enterprises and public entities with a state interest, in the latest Ponzi schemes under the auspices of football players, bush league baseball players, and their owners. As the rich get richer, only at public expense. When politics was always this modern day morality play reaching a consensus about goodness. Over public policy about what was truly good.

POST SCRIPT: It is worth note that clawback has begun in the Tom Petters’ case, sometime after this post. Led by an attorney named Kelley, doing a most admirable job; in his private life, if you like gossip, Attorney Kelley has been seen dating the ex-wife of Jim Pohlad, known for his leadership in the ownership these days of the Minnesota Twins.

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August 11, 2010

After Dayton’s Became Marshall Fields

Marshall Fields.

Brand names. Remember those green shopping bags from Marshall Fields? After all the leveraged buyouts. Minnesota got those green shopping bags, after the merger and acquisition. Even though Dayton’s had acquired Marshall Fields. All those mergers and acquisitions in the age of divorce. In the New Millennium. When the age was over, the DFL Party had been infiltrated by the rich. It has been 24 years years since the Democrat-Farmer-Labor candidate won the office of the governor.

Brand names, after the power struggle. In the New Millennium. Spending millions, to change your identity. After leveraged buy-outs. As the young ponder exactly what inheritance would be left. Those Marshall Fields’ shoppers had tried to come to grips with these same kind of changes twenty years ago.

Believing that the primary election was a more democratic method of choosing a candidate that the endorsement process, Matt Entenza and former Senator Mark Dayton competed against the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and Dayton appears to have won the primary election. Through July 27, 2010, Dayton had used only $2.76 million of his own money to finance the gubernatorial bid, where candidate Matt Entenza had spent $5 million of family personal spending that allegedly had come from his wife’s career at United Health. Together the three DFL candidates have spent more than $9 million to win position on the November ballot.

Through most of last night with the votes counted in metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul counties, DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher held a “strong” lead over “enigmatic department store heir” Mark Dayton, according to the Star Tribune description. Even though Dayton’s Department Store no longer exists. Dayton’s margin of victory reportedly grew early this morning when his totals from northern areas of the state helped overtake hers. With 99 percent of the vote counted, Dayton led Kelliher by more than 5,000 votes, though the Minnesota House Speaker had not yet conceded.

The great divide. In the New Millennium. Male versus female. Old versus young. Rich versus the rest. The ethics of it all. After the sexual revolution. All of the issues of gay marriage, abortion, medical marijuana. For now, the unity rally has been postponed.

Millions for your campaign, and then the millions from your tax base, without limits. Without controls. As the federal government had quit regulating the corporations funding the system. Those grass root movement, with the heirs of the pot smoking generation. When grass root movements seemed forever dead. When the system, the manufacturing part, had seemed to move to China. And all that was left of the Machine was the budget deficits.

The superficial, all of the superficial, with their superficial bleeding. And then having to live in such a superficial world, with the bleeding. No wonder a candidate suffered depression.

The great divide. The great divide. Yale University. The goalie on Yale’s varsity hockey team. Was he a fraternity brother there at the time of George W. Bush when he joined Delta Kappa Epsilon? Married to the fourth child of John D. Rockefeller the 3rd. It sounded like a story of The Great Gatsby.

Long since divorced from Alida Rockefeller, the sister of Senator Jay Rockefeller. More recently, after six years of the bubbling Bush Administration when a liberal coherent voice was needed in the U S Senate, (when he opposed the War in Iraq) he was named in April 2006 “the blunderer” by Time magazine. At the time he was rated as one of America’s “Five Worst Senators,” Dayton himself gave himself along with the entire Senate an F for progress. Having lost in the 1998 gubernatorial primary, Dayton was elected to the U. S. Senate, after spending nearly $12 million of his own money in 2000 to win this job. In that 2000 campaign, he stated in financing future campaigns, he would not “do the same.” Retiring from the Senate, he had cited his dislike of fundraising for political campaigns. Not unlike shoppers trying to come to grips with the change twenty years before, Dayton elected to retire rather than adapt to the change of the modern political world of change, in the always need for money.

Described this morning by Rachel Stassen-Berger, as an enigmatic department store heir, with a spotlight on his people skills, in current times of budget deficits which left an acrimony between Republicans and Democrats like that seen between Palestinians and Israelis. Not that Republican candidate Tom Emmer is any better. He seems worse.

The DFL Party had been infiltrated by the rich, since not many farmers, not many laborers, have ever been rich enough to spend a  fortune to hold political office.  With the ultimate Republican principle of spending your own money, when you could not or would not attempt to raise campaign funding from others. Was that the ultimate arrogance of it all?

Dayton had been a one-time legislative assistant to U S Senator Walter Mondale. Former Vice-President Walter Mondale was campaigning this week for DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher who had played by the rules. Did the one-timeformer State Attorney General have a similar experience in his life in 1962?

Union member Michael Lefkowitz of St. Louis Park was quoted today as believing Dayton, “stands for the little guy.” Maybe Michael believed the lead in the Star Tribune, or just all of the commercials. The lead of the story was “Kelliher’s DFL endorsement was ‘no match’ for Dayton’s experience and name recognition.” With more than 600,000 votes cast, Dayton had won by little more than 5,000 votes,

After the mergers and acquisitions in the age of divorce. City versus rural, north versus south, the State of the Union in these once United States. In the New Millennium. The unity rally scheduled for 11 am was, for the time being, postponed.

POST SCRIPT: In following any talk of future ballparks in Minnesota, with the inauguration of the new governor, where new stadiums seem to take shape with a gestation period of a new born, it is worth noting the son of Gwendolen May Brandt and Bruce Bliss Dayton was related to Andy MacPhail, in a step relationships. The governor’s mother (who did pass away in November 2002) had married Leland MacPhail, the former president of the American League and the father of Andy MacPhail. So speaking about being born on third base, like his step-brother, Andy, Mark Dayton is somewhat acquainted with the ins and outs of stadium talk. And as a sidelight, the philanthropy of Bruce Dayton is a profound story of philanthropy.

#Julie Ann Oelfke # Julie Ann Lee

The mob. Protecting property, from the mob. Why is there the mob?

Why are there all these stadiums? In the reason why we live here, there is need for revenue. Why publicly-financed stadiums? In the unity rally scheduled for professional athletes. Our heroes. Our system. In in a step relationships, to our heroes, not from here, like Andy, who left for Chicago.

For The Home team. Why is government building all of these stadiums? Granting such Privilege?

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