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October 10, 2017

The Right to Remain Silent in Church

In Australia, a priest must report sexual abuse heard in confession to police, according to a recommended change in the criminal code, as proposed by The Royal Commission. From this less and less forgiving society called Australia, in a Culture led by the world empire of James Murdoch and his army of hackers has evolved their idea of a “criminal offense” to the one who hears and tries to get to the root of evil.

So in the tolling over 60 years, there have been these 4444 cases of sexual abuse in the history of this small island, and no secular authority had a clue? In a widely reported claim in a Victorian police report of 2012, there were 43 suicide deaths directly related to abuse by clergy which spurred the formation of a Victorian state Parliamentary inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Organizations – subsequently DISPROVED. But you trusted the Chief of Police in Victoria? And now the Government was going to be allowed to intrude into the spiritual realm? And ‘The Government’ of course changes based upon the political winds, and you knew how honest politicians for public office were/are/have been.

It is what happens on islands, in the coverup of secrets. About the old sanctuary movement, there is anger in Australia with all the available cyber communications through satellites. Over the system, with Church separated from State, with corruption found in the Church. So The Royal Commission, Oliver Cromwell-like, is going after the Roman Catholic Church, as The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended that the failure to report sexual abuse, in even religious confessions, be made “a criminal offense.”

There is no comment as to how The Royal Commission feels about who may receive communion or even be baptized, in the spiritual realm of the Church. Might The Royal Commission soon prohibit baptisms in the Roman Catholic Church? And how do the Indigenous People feel about The Royal Commission about the way they have been treated over the years by the royals, who head up their own Church of England, getting an edge with numbers? While The Church of England is dying back home, how about the abuses in the Church of England, getting the push up ahead of all the other religions of the world?

Regarding Spiritual Physics, not that far away from Australia, there is the separation movement on Mindanao in the Philippine Islands who want their island back that Spain took. Five hundred years ago. About the system, with Church separated from State, with corruption found in government that favors one Church, there are these really angry Muslims. About the not-so-different system, with Church separated from State, with corruption found in the Church, there are recommended sentencing standards set by the Australian Royal Commission in cases of historical sexual abuse, as well as about the use of evidence. The suggestion connecting a report of sexual abuse in religious confessions to be made “a criminal offense” was met with harsh opposition by Church leaders. Over “government intrusion” into the spiritual realm, which until now has been respected and upheld throughout the world.

Evil. There is a missing trust in both Church and State, by a younger generation – the ones so greatly in debt for pursuing higher education. The Royal Commission has proposed 85 changes to the criminal justice system in Australia for the 24 million people there. Because of 86% of sexual abuse claims against clerics related to pre-1990 incidents, by up to seven percent of the priests. The generation that believes in cremation in the manner to dispose of the bodies, has to watch The Royal Commission that does not believe in cremation? When ninety-three percent of the priest were clean, and with so little thanks over the manner the Church has helped to show how there has been so much missing true justice in Australia before 1990. And how much do the Indigenous People care, about this “royal” commission? So the seven percent was going to be the cause of the intrusion into the spiritual realm? As clericalism, that George Cardinal Pell symbolizes to me, comes to an end.

That the Labor Party should be so clean, in the politics of Australia, the first stone at a dogmatic dinosaur was thrown while contending with Labor’s Julia Gillard. This is what happens when church is mixed with State, by this campaign manager for one pope, cultivating conservative friends to rise in the hierarchy from an Australian bush town — a priest from deeply Catholic Ballarat rising to the third-ranking figure at the Vatican, who was given reign over the cold God-awful translation of the New Roman Missal.

Evil. The jurisdictions.

In an October 2012 submission to a parliamentary inquiry on the issue, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Ken Lay – he with the wrong information in the Victorian Police Report – recommended that some of the church’s actions to hinder investigations be criminalized. Mention was made of the dissuading victims from reporting to police, failing to engage with police, and failing to alert suspects of the allegations against them. Is the law there guilty until proven innocent, as politicians attempt to take over the operation of The Church?

Without seeking forgiveness, privately, there would only be a build up of anger and worse public crimes in Australia as seen this year in Marawi, Mindanao.

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Did you ever hear about that Royal Commission that investigated Bloody Sunday in the North of Ireland? How did you put your trust in royal commissions?



January 10, 2016

On the Coverup of How Many Rapes in Germany?

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Stefan Wagstyl writes from Cologne on behalf of the Financial Times about the government response to the “ mass sexual assault.” In Cologne. On New Year’s Eve.

Weren’t these rapes? Outright organized rape!  The interior ministry has 32 people suspects for the 379 New Year’s Eve “sexual assaults,” 22 of whom are allegedly asylum seekers, including “Moroccans, Algerians and Syrians.” From what are the Moroccans seeking asylum?

With the second rape by not just the politicians trying to gain support over an outrageous event, but by the media like the Financial Times. Did you see the spin in the headline by the male journalist covering the story? “Merkel backs plans to tighten the law on refugees who commit crimes.”

Crimes! The missing word is rape [noting that a journalist does not write the headline].  And then the coverup of the rapes.  To call rape “sexual assault” is to soften the appreciation of the crime which is much more than a temporal offense. ‘Chancellor Angela Merkel said on 09 January 2016 that she wants stricter asylum laws, after a series of “sexual assaults” in the city of Cologne.’ To a nation that should be shocked by the response to rapes.

Three days after a piece by Marc Champion of Bloomberg in Newsday, Stefan Wagstyl is unaware that the story now is of THE COVERUP, as the number of criminal complaints rose to 379 from 170.  Women filing criminal complaints should be outraged at the lack of coverage on the coverup, as well as the phony story pursued about a government response to the “ mass sexual assault.”

The Financial Times does not see the story if it bit them in the proverbial ass.  These rapes are going to bring down not just PERSON OF THE YEAR, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s  government but will affect what happens to the United Kingdom’s future in the European Union, when the Brexit vote comes.

Private.  Secret.  Hidden.  The police operations of the current decade all over the world are in the category of secret and hidden using methods to secure data off license plates, over phone lines and computers, in the United States under the authority of secret courts. So how could this news of a public crime outside Cologne’s Cathedral occurring on New Year’s Eve be hidden for several days?  Were  all of these people still on a long holiday weekend?  Is there censorship in Germany because of the political sensitivity, of the influx of refugees? And the outrage was in the January 1st press release issued by the Cologne police that it had been a peaceful New Year’s Eve in Cologne. And journalists like Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne go with the press releases, unable to identify Cologne as a sanctuary city.

So there was this coverup …. In Germany, for a number of days after all these rapes in one night in Cologne. This was the danger of this open door policy toward immigrants combined with the then public accommodation, of rapists … given sanctuary.  Outside the cathedral.  And so few politicians seemed to know that most rapes are committed by serial rapists who are never caught. So the coverup is because of the concern about racism of German people, as exhibited in the 1930s, by the authorities? Speaking of one horror following the next.

In the United States, there is selective enforcement of the law.  Rebellions occur when inequality threatens stability.  Repeatedly in Minnesota, the laws involving permits to protest have not been enforced against Black Lives Matter since at least January 2015, when Black Lives Matter walked down the interstate highway with impunity. Today Black Lives Matter invaded retail stores in St. Paul with immunity, as the group had done during Christmas week, at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport.  More and more, select groups are above the law, given sanctuary.  Above the law, like so many of the elected leaders live their lives.

We do live in a police state where it is impossible to be a member of a police force, having to report to leaders like the Minnesota governor, the St. Paul mayor, or in the case of Cologne, the mayor in the city which is welcoming refugees who allegedly believe in Sharia law for everyone.  With immunity for rape.  As law and order breaks down. As government becomes the rule of men and women rather than the Rule of Law.

And sometime after January 2nd, according to Cologne Mayor Henriette’s interview with der Spiegel, she found out 19 claimed criminal complaints were registered with the FEDERAL police inside the train station, besides the 3 emergency calls made to local police. And the Mayor during the summer had had an office located right across the street from the cathedral,in order to follow events there. Before her election.

Was there a police presence that night, outside the cathedral?  Have you noticed the wrong methods of selected enforcement by so many police, by those with power above and so little understanding of what it is to have a Closeness, outside a cathedral, that is supposed to accompany power. There are many people who do not know who are given power. Worse than the people who do not know are those who do not feel. Those who no longer search, passing on the missing – the no THERE. Like in this piece in the Financial Times. No longer grasping the Truth or even trying to grasp something of the Truth into the new year. A reporter, passing on the missing news– could you feel the no THERE there in his story, like trying to pass on nothing, in the 2016 election year, with the missing feel for the game that surrounds Donald Trump, Hillory Clinton and so many of the news people who cover them. People who cover up rape. Or with a selected enforcement of the rule of law.


Post Script 2017:

Meanwhile, back in Europe, still in Vienna only on July 31, 2017, in the culture of the European Union, law enforcement ‘officials’ already ruled out a terrorist motive of a 34-year-old who came to Germany from Iraq as a child, for shooting up a disco. The ‘suspect’ was not named in keeping with German privacy laws, in the culture of the European Union, with the right to be forgotten.

VIENNA — A disagreement in a German discotheque turned deadly Sunday after the disco operator’s son-in-law left the club, returned with an assault rifle and started shooting, law enforcement officials said.

A security guard was killed and four other people were wounded, three of them seriously, during the rampage that started at the Grey Club Discotheque in the southwestern town of Konstanz. The suspect was fatally shot by a police officer.

Officials investigating the early-morning shooting identified the suspect as a 34-year-old who came to Germany from Iraq in 1991 as a child. They said they had no details of the dispute, but ruled out a terrorist motive.

Or in The Culture which knows everything, if not just too much, perhaps the issue is the culture of European Media. Reporting what the Media does not know and is too lazy to find out on their own, relying on the police. Behold the Omnipotence of Media! Could you feel the threat of the Masters of the Universe, as if the Media had created all the Universe.

October 12, 2010

Trying to Make It Through the Motion Detector

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Attributing the higher number to increased border enforcement, workplace enforcement and use of fingerprints to identify illegal immigrants in state prisons and local jails, under the expansion of the Secure Communities program, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Wednesday 392,000 illegal immigrants were deported from the U.S. in fiscal 2010, with half of deported immigrants in the last fiscal year convicted of crimes. “We have deployed unprecedented infrastructure, unprecedented technology, unprecedented manpower,” Napolitano said. Hmmm?

Politicians manipulating the fears of an electorate, showing false results to justify tax increases? With half of those deported were not just arrested but convicted of crimes, how tough was it to detect illegals amongst us? How does the boast of increased border enforcement apply to the manipulation of statistics, in the budget of Homeland Security which seems to have replaced the INS budget. The Secure Communities program, the referenced “unprecedented infrastructure,” has gone from 14 jurisdictions in 2008 to more than 660, as the bureaucracy grows. Why did the prison systems not have a program to begin with to identify who was in the country legally in the first place?

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