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November 10, 2017

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

The reserve clause. The first time. So you were drafted. Someone choose your name, in the “When A Man Falls From the Sky” story.

The day is coming when Major League Baseball will have oversight like is provided by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, or by the Securities and Exchange Commission. While the nation was preparing for Thanksgiving, the Commissioner of Baseball punished the Atlanta Braves for the goings-on over the past three years under their president of baseball operations. It was not just these rules over international bonus money, it was the method of operation with the free agency draft. The wrong-doing was under the leadership of this graduate of the University of Notre Dame. And he has of course filed a law suit over his termination …. even though he is now banned for life by Major League Baseball.

In June 2017, the “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain!” brazen Brave franchise drafted and signed with their second round pick one Drew Waters, who was convinced to sign for an amount under-the-commissioner’s-bonus slot by the team’s promise to make up the difference later — like a player to be named later — with tactics described by the Commissioner as “impermissible benefits.” Only the Commissioner is allowed to manipulate ‘the domestic’ amateur draft, when it comes to an acceptable form of slavery under “the system.” If you wanted to play professional baseball.

The fly in the ointment – under the current 300 page basic agreement outlining The System of hero worship, when someone makes claim to you – is each team has a set amount of money that be annually spent on international free agents. If exceeded, a team suffers penalties in the amount of money they can spent on amateur players the following year, as set by the Commissioner.

The Commissioner is King. The Commissioner’s system allows only certain franchises, based up the size of the principality, to contend for power that The System of hero worship, when someone makes claim to you, ruled by television ratings, approves of. “Former GM of the Rockies and a long-time executive for the Indians Dan O’Dowd called the penalties, “the NCAA version of the death penalty,” reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Considered to have the top farm system in baseball at the start the 2017 season by several publications, even with the penalties The Braves still have a deep system, writes Paul Hoynes. As if he really knows.

Can you pick out the fallacy in Paul Hoynes, from what he writes? “Some” in baseball were surprised he [the Commissioner] was unable to get that [‘that’ being an all-world draft] included in the last basic agreement with the players. Who are these unnamed “some”? But investigations like the one with the Braves may help Manfred eventually get that [again ‘that’ being this all-world draft to include the Dominican Republic] instituted. Isn’t this investigating what the Office of the Commissioner is there for in the first place? So how will the everyday workings accelerate anything in a game where cheating has been going on, in the public eye, since at least the Mitchell Commission Investigation? Paul, did you know about the investigation of the Saint Louis Cardinals? How about what transpired with the guy in charge of Baseball Operations in San Diego in September 2016? And how about the Boston Red Sox? Many feel it’s the only way to end the corruption involved in player acquisition in countries not covered by MLB’s first-year player draft. Who are these “many” who feel? And what is the “it” which you state is the only way to end corruption? Did you believe there is no evil in the people in Sports?  And clearly Paul Hoynes supports this system of slavery, within The System of Hero-worship when someone makes claim to you, with A Place To Be Determined later, maybe because of the price these days of the slaves, or he has believed all along in the  “When A Man Falls From the Sky” story, about a beginning, at least since the Major League amateur draft was instituted in 1965, and he never questions The System which began during the times of the Civil Rights movement.  The Inalienable Rights, not exactly protected by the Players Association, so late in the game coming to demand rights for minor leaguers.  How do you feel, Paul, if everyone had the rights of those Dominicans to elect with whom they signed, as they gave up their amateur status?

How does the Commissioner think? And what kind of agent had Drew Waters hired? What, in this Reconstruction, about the emotions when your had come to know your teachers, your teammates, your new home for these young men, including allegedly the top five prospects of the international class of 2016 – Juan Contreras, Abraham Gutierrez, Kevin Maitan, Yenci Pena, and Yunior Severino plus 8 others. Of the slaves that the Commissioner freed from the Atlanta Brave farm system, based upon the chains of the system, will the other 29 teams step forward now able to dip into their 2018-19 bonus pools or use money left-over from the current international signing period to help these captives set free? How heartless the Commissioner, the agents, the corporate owners are forty years into free agency to all the FORCED IN. And how did The Atlanta Braves not lose Drew Waters in all of this punishment?

Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.

As for money annually spent on international free agents, if exceeded, a team suffers penalties in the amount of money they can spent on players the following year, as set by the Commissioner. In the penalties, the Commissioner took away the careers of two executives who felt that they were answerable to no one [in the publicly traded Atlanta Braves Corporation], as well as the $20 million player investment in player development -if you believed Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports- but something affecting the inalienable identity in the fan base in Atlanta with their brand new stadium, with a sense of emotional attachment when you seem to come to know an athlete. If you knew what words mean, in this franchise that started in Boston, moved to Milwaukee and settled in their third stadium in Atlanta. As if any baseball fan in this day and age had the rights associated through The System which are ‘unable to be taken away from, or given away.”

In the “When A Man Falls From the Sky” story, about the beginning. With The System, of hero worship, when someone makes claim to you, with The Place To Be Determined. The Commissioner. The Garden of Eden.  The punishment, if someone ignored the one law about The Apple, like the Notre Dame grad, who did not believe in the system which was like lipstick on a pig, as one form of slavery. Then to dare damage our MLB name! In Atlanta, south of the Mason-Dixon line!  To damage ‘our’ invisible system of Slavery, involving the young dealing with belonging to a place which is NOT home! With some kind of perverted sense of justice, to see “them” retain in Atlanta that ranking? To exploit the system and to be a victor? Banish both of them!

What did Satchel Page say? Omnificent is having unlimited powers of creation, having created all things without any reliance on other creatures, like in the way of evolution? From the list of 100 …. of the ‘must see,’ The Draft of free agents. The FORCED IN, in Major League Baseball’s version of Selective Service, the first time, going to war. . . except in the Dominican Republic … or with this Japanese Babe Ruth named Shohei Ohtani, who you had to pay the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters of Nippon Professional Baseball’s Pacific League $20 million for the right to sign him.  The irony in all his Omnificent, is to find the Commissioner bending his rules over his international bonus pool money for the signing of these now FORCED OUT players from the Atlanta Braves system. In dealing with the Original Sin of baseball, there now, with his own sense of detachment like first for a player — that has led under free agency to a sense of detachment involving the Forced IN and the Forced OUT, and then for the front office executive for The Braves now of Atlanta — is this new commissioner operating after Bud Selig, but without Bud’s awareness of the solemnity, in the beginning … of a relationship. In the search for a HOME for a young man displaced, contractually, after their years in player development based upon a brand, trying to get back home … like Bud never had left Milwaukee, there is a tension that comes with being Omnificent, secondly to the adopted, as if formed without any reliance on other creatures, like in the way of evolution.  And there comes a certain missing Spirit in a Land if there is no gestation period for so many who seem frightened of the past, in the original script, before all the adaptations, in the revised yearbooks under free agency.  And in the story “When A Man Falls From The Sky,” in the story of Creation, from where had this commissioner come?

On another front, with a different kind of ball, Brian Bowen’s recruitment is the center of the federal lawsuit against the corrupt system of college recruiting for basketball. When agents take-over all sports – amateur and professional sports.
Picture 006

At the highest levels of recruiting, is anyone entirely clean of the slime in the system? By Jan 2014, there was an estimate that Nike, Adidas and Under Armour would pour $250 million into U S colleges athletic departments.

The hip bone is connected to the ….where a conference shares the proceeds, there is less risk of corruption.

A multi-year partnership agreement was announced in FEB 2015 by BIG EAST Commissioner Val Ackerman between her league and Nike, which provides Nike with sponsorship rights to all BIG EAST Conference Championships, including basketball tournaments. “The BIG EAST is very proud to team up with Nike, a worldwide leader in athletic footwear and apparel.” And pride is one of the deadliest of sins.

With the very late-timing of his choice of schools, was this an FBI sting, if Brian Bowen had been considering on June 1, 2017 offers to play college basketball from Oregon, Texas, Florida State, Creighton, DePaul (where high school teammate Tyger Campbell committed), until he paid his own way to visit Louisville.  What was going on? Who was guiding him?  And why such trouble making up your mind?   

The University of Michigan gets $4.4 million in equipment and apparel and another $3.8 million in cash annually from Adidas, in 2014. Athletic departments in major conferences do receive millions of dollars in free merchandise and cash annually. “Teams in smaller conferences don’t get much– in the Mid-American Conference, teams purchase most of their equipment and apparel, though at wholesale prices. Adidas and Under Armour tend to pay more for the right to outfit college athletes,” wrote Matthew Kish of the Portland Business Journal in 2014. Where UCLA will get $7.5 million in cash and apparel from Adidas, the University of Oregon will get $2.8 million from Nike. Per their contract, UCLA gets $650,000 from Adidas if it wins a national championship in football. Some schools, like professional athletes, get bonuses for winning bowl games.

Brand names. So Brian Bowen had been considering in June 2017 Oregon, Texas, Florida State, Creighton, DePaul where it seems more probable than not that none of those schools would NOT be involved in cheating if you looked into the matter. In a conference-by-conference look at schools under contract with each of the three major apparel brands entering the 2017–18 season, there are:
Oregon: Nike
Florida State: Nike
Texas: Nike
Creighton: Nike
DePaul: Nike

How much money was connected in my purchase of a product from Nike, Adidas and Under Armour made in some Third World Country to their sponsorship of sports? These corporations were not make charitable contributions but were contributing to the system, in order to reek more profit. Stealing the spirit of something inside of Sport connected to innocence. Did you grasp the resentment in the story of what these people – corporations, agents and universities by inflating the valuation of coaches/programs – and their money were doing to Sport? Why did a college even have a shoe contract? Why did an amateur basketball need a commercial sponsor if the education offered there was so good? The scholarships for outside residents or in a private university was already worth $240,000.

What of the sacrifices known to be connected to Sport, to compete?  College basketball programs had given up the institutional sacrifice?

 Why was The BIG EAST very proud to team up with a worldwide leader in athletic footwear and apparel like Nike, if their own programs by themselves carried quality?  Why was any conference sleeping with these sponsors?  Were shoes contracts much different than what had happened at Louisville, when the director of basketball operations hired strippers and prostitutes as a way of gaining favor with recruits from 2010 to 2014?  Under Rick Pitino, when you sold yourself out for a price.

Texas was coming off a 22-loss season and last-place finish in the Big 12, while planning a groundbreaking on a new basketball arena in at least two years at a $300-$450 million cost depending on capacity. So you asked your benefactors to give to the max so you could be more well-known?  Florida State’s exposure to corruption charges seem quite limited, only through the marriage of a former FSU women’s basketball player to Jonathan Brad Augustine, one of ten arrested.  Augustine’s Orlando-based 1 Family Hoops travel team was giving youth players opportunity to showcase to college coaches, and consequently probably exposed himself to some sports agent.  And if you knew anything about the coaches at Oregon and Creighton, you knew that both had rejected jobs that tried to seduce them with more money.

So was the timing of the scholarship offer to Brian Bowen but just an FBI sting?

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  1. Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.

    The Update: Arrested after the three-year FBI probe, Brad Augustine, the former head of the Adidas-backed 1-Family youth basketball program, and financial planner Munish Sood were NOT indicted and reportedly are no longer referred to at all by name in the indictment.


    The human fear of the unknown?
    Who? … Is playing with the future?
    Who? …. Is financing the future?
    For Profit. For Ease. The mob, in the story, with money. The elected, always afraid of the mob.
    Who …. is recruiting the young? Who? is on first?

    Without considering the consequences, artificial light.
    Without considering the consequences, artificial sound.
    Without considering the consequences, distant travel.
    Without considering the consequences, instant knowledge.
    Without considering the consequences, engineering drones.
    Who? The NGOs? The non-profit agencies?

    Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.

    Just how did this ‘situation’ spin out of control to such a degree WITHOUT anyone in position of power to stop it? And what of all the metastasis in the imitation of apologies, as the evil-doers were caught. And the media, with their complicity with their money, was sure to carry all of the apologies issued by those who have been caught. And what were these systems, with all the sponsors of the media, doing in the recruiting of the young? Who? is on first?

    Did you ever wonder what those bodies piercing meant?

    Speaking of imitation apologies:


    Comment by baseball91 — November 14, 2017 @ 1:40 PM | Reply


    Per the current CBA [collective bargaining agreement], the signing of Shohei Ohtani is subject to remaining amounts in each team’s 2017-18 international signing bonus ‘pool,’ with a minor league contract. If you have kept track of the unspent, the Texas Rangers have not spent $3,535,000, the New York Yankees have not spent $3.5 million, the Pittsburgh Pirates have not spent $2.267 million, and the Minnesota Twins have not spent $3.07. And in Minnesota, everyone remembers the performance of infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka, speaking of certified minor leaguers. Just as Byung-Ho Park, who signed a four-year, $12 million deal with the Twins in 2016, is gone. According to the Korea Baseball Organization’s Nexen Heroes, Park asked the Twins to release him from the remainder of his deal and the Twins agreed to do just that. With Park’s signing a one year, 1.5 billion Korean won ($1.4 million) contract with his former team, the Nexen Heroes, the two years $6.5 million remaining on his Twins’ contract seems to have been walked away from. There had to have been some kind of buyout for Park to have waked away from at least more than what he would have collected. At the time of his original signing, for the right to negotiate with Byung Ho Park, the Twins had paid $12.85 million to the Nexen before signing Park to a $12 million over four-year contract.

    Comment by baseball91 — November 27, 2017 @ 3:05 PM | Reply

  3. Meanwhile, there is a real book out with the title “When A Man Falls From the Sky” by Lesly Ariman. She seems to express her own opinion about the “Moneyball” generation and Mathematicians. As statistics take on a new transcendent meaning. “Mathematicians worked around the globe, making their living calculating and subtracting emotions, drawing them from living bodies like poison from a wound.” And so the state of the game everywhere, connected to the 108 hand-sewn stitched, wound-over by three layers of yarn 85 percent wool and 15 percent synthetic on a major league ball, weighing 5 to 5.25 ounce, with a 9 to 9.25 inch circumference.

    Comment by baseball91 — January 31, 2018 @ 1:15 PM | Reply

  4. Bowen Sr. appeared to be getting most of his information about the “offers” for his son’s services from Dawkins, who had an interest in maximizing the buzz about the younger Bowen.

    Comment by baseball91 — October 7, 2018 @ 12:15 PM | Reply

  5. Concerning “betrayal,” what is the Motive … of the father — Bowen Sr. — to testify when his son gets caught up in a sting? Why are the coach and A. D. issuing statements immediately of denial, within 24 hours? After living through the last years of investigation of an archdiocese, did you notice how spin doctors get involved even at a point when no one can possibly know? And why is immunity offered to a former Saginaw police officer? Why did the FBI have to offer him a non-prosecutorial agreement in exchange for his testimony? Why is Bowen Sr. a former police officer? Is he honest?

    Motive: Did anyone else miss the focus by the Media around the world that at the time of his breach of diplomat etiquette, that at the point when he came forward, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was under investigation for obstruction of justice which was “reported to the tribunal in charge of judging abuse cover-up by bishops.” So the motive is revenge, against those with power?

    Comment by paperlessworld — October 7, 2018 @ 12:21 PM | Reply

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