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October 10, 2017

The Right to Remain Silent in Church

In Australia, a priest must report sexual abuse heard in confession to police, according to a recommended change in the criminal code, as proposed by The Royal Commission. From this less and less forgiving society called Australia, in a Culture led by the world empire of James Murdoch and his army of hackers has evolved their idea of a “criminal offense” to the one who hears and tries to get to the root of evil.

So in the tolling over 60 years, there have been these 4444 cases of sexual abuse in the history of this small island, and no secular authority had a clue? In a widely reported claim in a Victorian police report of 2012, there were 43 suicide deaths directly related to abuse by clergy which spurred the formation of a Victorian state Parliamentary inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Organizations – subsequently DISPROVED. But you trusted the Chief of Police in Victoria? And now the Government was going to be allowed to intrude into the spiritual realm? And ‘The Government’ of course changes based upon the political winds, and you knew how honest politicians for public office were/are/have been.

It is what happens on islands, in the coverup of secrets. About the old sanctuary movement, there is anger in Australia with all the available cyber communications through satellites.  Over the system, with Church separated from State, with corruption found in the Church.  So The Royal Commission, Oliver Cromwell-like, is going after the Roman Catholic Church, as The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended that the failure to report sexual abuse, in even religious confessions, be made “a criminal offense.”

There is no comment as to how The Royal Commission feels about who may receive communion or even be baptized, in the spiritual realm of the Church.  Might The Royal Commission soon prohibit baptisms in the Roman Catholic Church?  And how do the Indigenous People feel about The Royal Commission about the way they have been treated over the years by the royals, who head up their own Church of England, getting an edge with numbers?  While The Church of England is dying back home, how about the abuses in the Church of England, getting the push up ahead of all the other religions of the world?

Regarding Spiritual Physics, not that far away from Australia, there is the separation movement on Mindanao in the Philippine Islands who want their island back that Spain took.  Five hundred years ago.  About the system, with Church separated from State, with corruption found in government that favors one Church, there are these really angry Muslims.  About the not-so-different system, with Church separated from State, with corruption found in the Church, there are recommended sentencing standards set by the Australian Royal Commission in cases of historical sexual abuse, as well as about the use of evidence.  The suggestion connecting a report of sexual abuse in religious confession to be made “a criminal offense” was met with harsh opposition by Church leaders.  Over “government intrusion” into the spiritual realm, which until now has been respected and upheld throughout the world.

Evil.  There is a missing trust in both Church and State, by a younger generation – the ones so greatly in debt for pursuing higher education.  The Royal Commission has proposed 85 changes to the criminal justice system in Australia for the 24 million people there.  Because of 86% of sexual abuse claims against clerics related to pre-1990 incidents, by up to seven percent of the priests.  The generation that believes in cremation in the manner to dispose of the bodies, has to watch The Royal Commission that does not believe in cremation?  When ninety-three percent of the priest were clean, and with so little thanks over the manner the Church has helped to show how there has been so much missing true justice in Australia before 1990.  And how much do the Indigenous People care, about this “royal” commission? So the seven percent was going to be the cause of the intrusion into the spiritual realm?  As clericalism, that George Cardinal Pell symbolizes to me, comes to an end.

That the Labor Party should be so clean, in the politics of Australia, the first stone at a dogmatic dinosaur was thrown while contending with Labor’s Julia Gillard. This is what happens when church is mixed with State, by this campaign manager for one pope, cultivating conservative friends to rise in the hierarchy from an Australian bush town — a priest, from deeply Catholic Ballarat, rising to the third-ranking figure at the Vatican, who was given reign over the cold God-awful translation of the New Roman Missal.

Evil.  The jurisdictions.  Concerning the ideal of offering sanctuary, Australia was sacrificing the places of Mercy, in another story of ruthlessness.  

In an October 2012 submission to a parliamentary inquiry on the issue, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Ken Lay – he with the wrong information in the Victorian Police Report – recommended that some of the church’s actions to hinder investigations be criminalized.  Mention was made of the dissuading victims from reporting to police, failing to engage with police, and failing to alert suspects of the allegations against them.  Is the Law there guilty until proven innocent, as politicians attempt to take over the operation of The Church?  In variations of a theme, is a Culture based so much now on political spin so dependent on “The Media” bound to change one day from “the spinning” into outright blatant lies?  

Evil.  There is a missing trust in both Church and State, by a younger generation – the ones so greatly in debt for pursuing education.  To where does education lead? 

Without seeking forgiveness, privately, there would only be a build up of anger and worse public crimes in Australia as seen this year in Marawi, Mindanao.

#religious liberty #Australia #seal of the confessional

Did you ever hear about that Royal Commission that investigated Bloody Sunday in the North of Ireland? How did you put your trust in royal commissions?




  1. Cinderella. Oh Cinderella!

    What was she doing here in the first place. In the basement?

    When it comes to underground religion, Australia is little better than China, when it comes to the practice of religion. in Australia, people who went to be reconciled in Confession now faced a priest legally bound to turn you in.

    It was like living under the Nazis or in the Soviet Empire, with everyone snitching on you. Can’t the police secure evidence on their own without stealing the religious spirit in the Land? If you were an actual Australian, maybe you should read the book The Haunted Land by Tina Rosenberg.

    ‘Oh my God! I am heartedly sorry for this.” As the Nones take over. In Australia, barely double the size of the 11 million people of Haiti, according to the World Bank. Yes, Australia is lining up through its secular form of dictatorship of the majority in a Culture — all the free agents who found some form of freedom after receiving a prison sentence – to become one of the poorest places in the Eastern Hemisphere, on matters of freedom. Move over China, where the Vatican is trying to come to some kind of agreement with the Chinese government over who has sovereignty over the Churches.

    The First People. The Second Wave. The stepkids. Who was smartest? Who among us was most ethical? Who was prettiest, Cinderella? Did you personally feel all the forms of oppression, Cinderella, upon developing societies by affluent ones – especially the West – through imposing an alien worldview or set of values on poorer societies or older societies, often by making adoption of those values a condition of humanitarian “aid” or development “aid.”

    Who can possibly care about the people of Australia? Tear up the Southeast Treaty Organization. These people are not worth saving when they become so merciless themselves.


    Comment by baseball91 — October 10, 2017 @ 4:42 PM | Reply

  2. In unseparated Private and public lives, the separation …. of the private side that even Congress does not know, in government.

    The control room where you can listen. Concerns about “The Confessional.” There are these rules of convention on civilized warfare. To prohibit certain religion? In this PLACE where academic freedom is central to its purpose, the great irony is in this challenge to the freedom of association which is connected to the freedom to worship, the right to assembly.

    The confessional, with potential harm of excessive secrecy. The VICTIM. Who is the VICTIM in the story? In the “Father, where is the lamb?” question, hadn’t it been the land? Though there was so little left to sift through, hadn’t it been the mob responsible for the fire, back in Sodom?

    To give it all up – the pigeons. Getting the story wrong. Having left first …. too soon. What had been the cause of loss? In Sodom? What had caused the fire? Why would the Creator have set a fire? There had to have been a human cause of loss. Electrical? Arson? Anger over what had happened the night before? Of the mob?

    The affect on memory of PTSS, in the recall, in the conflict over Security and liberty, there is the ancillary damage. The balance lost at the time. The balance still lost when the story is re-told.

    Imagine. Imagine all the people! To decide to kill a handful – the family of a villain or to drop a bomb and take out a village. The unconstitutional part of the action, if the Bible is the story of the God of Love. In Nagasaki.

    The world spins. The revolutions. Killing open debate. Limiting discussion. Like limiting democracy on the public process.

    Leaving. Democracy cannot be suspended! As if God Himself could be suspended. The basis “FOR,” not “OF” religion. In order to form a more perfect union…

    “We the people.” The moral questions. As the human element is removed. In the Paperlessworld. To sacrifice the constitutional guarantee.

    Comment by baseball91 — May 17, 2018 @ 11:51 AM | Reply

  3. Said Rome-based editor of the Catholic daily newspaper La Croix Robert Mickens, George Cardinal Pell verdict had caused a “deep, deep wound to the entire Catholic church,” The Guardian reports. “It has to be stated that the hierarchy has never done anything on its own. It has always been due to pressures that the church has come clean. People are still wondering – is [the church] being totally honest about what has happened and the culpability, especially of bishops?”

    Suspended for a comment he made on Facebook to a picture showing Cardinal Loris Capovilla, the oldest member of the College of Cardinals who had served as the papal secretary to Pope John XXIII. When Pope Francis made Capovilla a cardinal in a 22 Feb. 2014 ceremony, Mickens wrote a Facebook comment, “This should have happened a long time ago,” but adding, “Do [you] think he’ll make it to the Rat’s funeral?”

    “After serious consideration, The Tablet and Robert Mickens have come to a mutual agreement that he will no longer be the journal’s Rome correspondent,” reads the official statement posted by The Tablet following his suspension on March 25, 2014. On March 25 The Tablet had suspended the writer, claiming it needed to conduct an investigation of a comment Mickens made on Facebook. First arriving as an American seminarian in Rome in 1986, before deciding not to pursue the priesthood. He has worked at Vatican Radio from 1989 to 2000, producing radio shows, moving to The Tablet in 2005, where he wrote an engaged column, known as “Letter from Rome.” He had first worked for The Tablet from 2000 to 2003 before moving to Geneva to work for Franciscans International, in their communications office.

    Comment by baseball91 — February 26, 2019 @ 3:12 PM | Reply

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