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August 24, 2017

The Education of a Young Police Officer

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The call was at 11:30 pm, while home alone. “I hear a noise. It might be the noise of sexual assault … outside.” She called a second time, about the sound of sex, either with or without violence, she thought. So she did call police, eight minutes later. Engaged 20 months before on December 29, 2014, having taken his name ahead of the August 2017 wedding – that was the last call made by Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Picture 006 The murder of a Spiritual healer. As the officers rode through an alley with the squad lights off, Harrity said that before the shooting, both he and Noor saw a man estimated to be between 18 and 25, bicycling in the area, in the dark. Then there was the shooting. In the alley, Harrity was driving the squad car. Justine Ruszczyk Damond approached the driver’s side window on the squad car. No, Harrity told Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigators, he was startled by a loud sound near the cruiser. So what did he strike with his headlights off? And then immediately afterward, Damond approached the driver’s side window. Harrity said he became startled by a loud sound near “the cruiser,” when immediately after, Noor fired. The driver, Harrity, told The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, that both officers then got out of the squad and gave Damond immediate medical attention. The police – the shooting officer – had shot her dead,I deduct, on the driver’s side, while riding shotgun.

With social cohesion lost? The usual north-side gunfire now is now downtown, the Media reports, putting white people – the audience that our media sponsors aim at – at risk. This, after the shooting of the Australian, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, in the nicest neighborhood in Minneapolis. And the suspicion of, if there had been one, sexual assault was lost in a night’s turmoil in July. Justine Ruszczyk Damond had gone out, after how many minutes, to see if she was wrong, in what she had heard? When you just had to know right now.

Who can you trust? In the education of a young police officer, in the summer of 2017, the shooting officer has been sued over a police call fifty-one days before July 15, 2017, for allegedly assaulting a woman while he and other officers took the woman to the hospital on May 25, 2017, for an apparent mental health crisis. In the changing culture, where no one can wait. That lawsuit alleges that after entering her home without permission, Noor, with other officers, grabbed the wrist and upper arm of the plaintiff. Contending he violated her rights, the pending lawsuit indicates Noor relaxed his grip when the plaintiff informed the police of a prior shoulder injury. No wonder Noor declined to be interviewed, by The BCA; his attorney did not indicate when, or if, Noor, still on paid administrative leave over “the incident,” would ever be interviewed. After the police chief was fired because she was on vacation… And the news Media wanted to try you for murder. And the mayor hoped, before hopping, that Officer Noor would talk to the BCA. As Mayor Bike-Lane Betsy Hodges had to fly to Los Angeles for a fund-raiser. And L.A. is where the Lakers had ended up, so some people there might appreciate the Minneapolis Mayor.

This Elephant in the room. Interviewing Witnesses, under oath, while the threat is still Present – in this November election. Was there a sexual assault? Only after the shooting, did both police officers turn on their body cameras, “authorities” have told the Media; and, in the statement from Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, this squad car video did not capture the shooting. “Authorities” have told the Media, no weapon was found at the scene. If you knew any Somalis, you knew that Somalis do not trust the white Media. And Officer Moor was a Somali-American. Why would any officer have a camera engaged if driving through an alley with your lights off? Around the Lake Harriet community?

In Sydney, the Media had it wrong, reporting the killing “in a dark alleyway in suburban Minneapolis.” This killing was within the city limits of Minneapolis. This was why a Minneapolis police officer fired a gun, and why the Minneapolis police chief was fired soon after. The Australian press, in particular, sought to ask Mayor Hodges questions in person about the death of an Australian national at the hands of an American city police force.

Behold Fear. Anger. With Police asked to kill, on this frontier.

“We are not racist here. Not in Minneapolis.”

About Perpetual gunfire, North Minneapolis council member Blong Yang (Ward 5) said in an August 2017 interview with City Pages, “We can have hundreds of shootings and homicides on the North Side and it’s no big deal. We have one in some other part of the city and all of a sudden everybody’s up in arms. I don’t know if that’s racial equity. I don’t know if that’s equity in general. I just think that’s pretty pathetic.” Along with North Minneapolis council members Barb Johnson (Ward 4), Yang is seen by his other eleven council members as a self-identified “broken record” on the plague of perpetual gunfire. Those other eleven tend to neglect the public safety of the north side, he said about the 4th Precinct “with the most gun crimes, and the most ‘priority one’ calls — people in imminent danger.”

“People are absolutely outraged about it,” said City Alderman Linea Palmisano, who represents a very white southwest Minneapolis. In Palmisano’s understanding, investigators want to rule out alternative explanations for Damond’s death, however far-fetched they might be. But she acknowledged a lingering sense in the neighborhood that BCA agents may have been looking to incriminate Damond.

With one foot anchored to home and the God of this Land, there are heroes who left, for the suburbs. The media today thinks that it is big news that 92 percent of Minneapolis police do not live in the city, which takes away the chance of Black Life Matters to protest outside their homes, like they have done to the Minnesota Governor and the St. Paul Mayor, over the past 12 months, without permits. Police forces there have a chance to protect off-duty police.

About 160 people attended a policing forum that City Alderman Palmisano hosted at Lake Harriet Methodist Church on Aug. 2nd in Minneapolis. When the 160 were broken into groups to write questions on the big sheets of paper taped to pillars, with the lingering sense of social cohesion lost, questions about the search warrant came up repeatedly. No one asked why the City Alderman was using a church for the meeting, with separation of Church & State? Did the group of 160 know the method of operation of Allen Dulles, having someone like City Alderman Palmisano infiltrate the group? Where were you during the Vietnam protests?

Concerned about bodily fluids, about illegal drugs, The BCA is looking to incriminate the victim? “These were very strange things for which even to be looking,” said Jim Miller, who serves on the Linden Hills neighborhood board. “If they had found something – which they didn’t– they would have used that as an excuse for the actions of police.”

“This didn’t happen at her house. Why would you search someone’s house,” said Jim Miller, who lives in nearby Linden Hills in the City of Lakes, “if something happened at another place and they were killed?”

If you are with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, you are the police investigating the police and many of the police hate you. You wonder about the “living together,” with her name even Justine Ruszczyk Damond, but not yet wed? Did these two still have separate homes? What did you know of other lovers, of the practices of healing of people, Tina Turner?

Behold the conclusion of Jim Miller, “if they had found something – which they didn’t…” The amateur sleuths, in The Culture of knowing-it-all. Now. Which took the life of Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Michael Quinn, a retired Minneapolis police sergeant, told the Minneapolis Startribune the standard practice for police is NOT to search a home of the victim, when he was still active. But in an election year, what would a retired Minneapolis police sergeant know about BCA standards? Quinn, who lives a couple of blocks from the scene of the shooting, is now CEO of the International Ethics and Leadership Training Bureau. The only reason he can think of for the search warrant is if Damond had taken notes that would tell BCA investigators what she heard outside in the alley, or had video-recorded something; he does not share suspicion of the BCA police investigation, for publication in the local press.

Under public scrutiny…. everyone. Private lives under the scrutiny of the mob. Driving with the squad lights off, startled by a loud sound near “the cruiser,” in the alley, what did the squad car hit? The Comparative fault? What had been her Intent, for going outside after summoning police? District Judge Laurie Miller at 5:38 a.m. on July 16 granted a search warrant for the Damond home. Less than sixty minutes later a half-dozen state agents piled into this house on Washburn Avenue. Oh what a night! Oh what a morning. The local journalist guessed, in her recap, the BCA was “searching for blood, hair, guns, ammunition, knives, drugs or “writings,” everything that would help them understand what happened.

A fundraiser in California(?) for the incumbent mayor of Minneapolis was held on the evening of July 19. After the return of Police Chief Harteau from a Montana vacation, her first public statement about the killing was given on July 20; Harteau was asked to resign on July 21 by Mayor Hodges for not being in the city at the time of the shooting… after Mayor Hodges’s own return from Los Angeles.

In the attack on smugness, what kind of civilization was hovering in this modern culture? At least as presented by the “social” media – this unsocial part of a new generation, when historians might report on the “know-everythings” on the opposite spectrum of a time in the 1850s that saw the rise of the “know-nothing” party. When you just had to know Now! About this tragic loss of life.

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  1. “These shooting are making me look bad. . . with the Super Bowl less than six months away.”

    And when the police chief was fired, when it comes to cross-fire, Mayor Betty Hodges proposed to Janee Harteau a severance-agreement carrying a non-disparagement clause to not criticize the mayor who fired here, not wanting to get caught in the cross-fire, while canceling any fund-raisers planned in Australia.

    “We are doing everything we can,” said Our Lady of Perpetual Gunfire Mayor Hodges one month after firing the police chief. Recent available data about gunfire downtown show 31 people have been wounded by guns in the First Precinct which includes downtown, up from the bullets which had struck 18 people by this time last year. So was it or was it not the police chief’s fault?

    And if you ever try to picture the scene, with the squad car driving by in the alley with its lights off, and the sudden noise outside where Justine Ruszczyk Damond had unknowingly gone out, I thought of what happened to me as a car drove by this early afternoon, with me in the crosswalk. I did not bang on the car for her failing to yield but, as the car drove by me, thought about it. And it was from out of the BACK LEFT window that the bullet struck her, after the squad drove by, with no intent to stop. The squad car was driving by her, with no intention, with NO NEED of stopping. There was nothing THERE!

    Comment by baseball91 — August 25, 2017 @ 9:37 AM | Reply

  2. In the lead up to riot and civil commotion, Mark Dayton has been one bad Governor, as Chris Coleman has been one bad mayor in the city across the river, in contempt of the public good. Creating the need for the police state when the executive removes the ability to arrest and prosecute. And now Chris Coleman was running for governor.

    Judgment, in a society that claims not to judge: As you trust the bailiff who is there to protect you, until you take the power to arrest / protect away.

    To rule in favor of a search warrant for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension who are as much a part of the system as the judges are…. and the executive branch used to be.

    In the lead up to riot and civil commotion, it is the police who will protect the governor’s mansion when the protesters come without a permit. At the cost of one million dollars, from July 7 through July 18, on the property class, the protesters without a permit were allowed to stay by the governor. Like the serial rapist, the unpunished Protesters Without a Permit will keep repeating, just as a rapist always becomes a serial rapist, when involved with strangers. When there is something missing in the way of personal trust …. or lost. When you no longer KNOW anyone. When you no longer believed in the rules. When some groups are above the law. Or when the executive removes the ability to punish.

    The elephant in the room: So what did you expect to happen, if you were the Minneapolis Mayor, during the Super Bowl in Minneapolis but protests without permits by Black Lives Matter. And to the rest of your neighbors, for you living in this Mansion, Governor, you showed how absolute power and absolute wealth corrupts.

    Comment by baseball91 — August 25, 2017 @ 10:21 AM | Reply

  3. To ask for her removal….

    There was a crowing from inside the chicken coop. She had just laid an egg. The union chief of the Minneapolis Police, the garden’s community engagement coordinator Bob Kroll, wrote in a commentary, “If the goal is to be fair and balanced in response to concerns voiced by the community, then we need to be sure that the community is aware of hard facts affecting the daily lives of officers and citizens – police are being killed at an increasing rate, as irresponsible comments by public officials fuel the creation of police widows and widowers.”

    Before strutting outside to join the rest of the flock, behold a modern day cop, with the internet. The elected have always been aware of the cold hard facts, about evil in the world. You and the rest of the world, Joana and John Doe, are not supposed to contend with the troubles. These things used to be covered up. Yes, chickens do indeed crow over accomplishing something, but it is lonely at the top in her roost.

    Comment by baseball91 — September 14, 2017 @ 11:21 AM | Reply

  4. This week incumbent mayor Betty Hodges lost re-election. In an analysis as to why, the Minneapolis Startribune reports: “Concerns from leaders of Minneapolis’ business community… pushed back against Hodges’ slate of workplace reforms on wages, sick leave and scheduling. Though the council eventually approved wage and sick-leave ordinances, it was only after a year of heated debate — and some sustained criticism from business owners worried about a growing web of regulations. Others worried that Hodges wasn’t doing enough to tackle problems with crime downtown. At the end of 2016, those issues came to a head when leaders of Meet Minneapolis, the Downtown Council, Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce and other groups wrote Hodges a letter, asking for a specific plan. Hodges fired back, saying they were asking for something she’d been working on for years.”

    “Dan McElroy, a leader of Hospitality Minnesota and the Minnesota Restaurant Association, said the majority of his groups’ members supported Frey [mayor-elect] or Hoch, whom they saw as more business-friendly candidates. He said many business owners were disappointed over Hodges’ shifts on issues like minimum wage and what they saw as her unwillingness to tweak city policies on sick leave, wages and tip credits. ‘On some of these things she kind of flipped on us,” McElroy said. “She said she wasn’t supportive of a city minimum wage, only a regional one, and then she changed her mind.’ ”

    Comment by baseball91 — November 11, 2017 @ 1:15 PM | Reply

  5. While blaming ‘investigators’ for not doing their jobs, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said at the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation holiday reception that he does not have enough evidence to decide whether he will file charges against Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor. Freeman’s remarks came in reply to a question as to why he hadn’t yet announced charges in the case against Noor who shot Justine Ruszczyk from the passenger seat of his squad car through the driver’s side window as he with his partner — Officer Matthew Harrity — responded to a 911 call on July 15.

    “I’ve got to have the evidence. And I don’t have it yet. So, let me just say, it’s not my fault. So if it isn’t my fault,” Freeman asked, “who didn’t do their jobs? … Investigators … and they don’t work for me. And they haven’t done their job.’”

    As indicated above, the State of Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigates the police following a shooting, away from the influence of a county attorney like DFL-incumbent Freeman. With the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, you are the police investigating the police and many of the police hate you. And Mike Freeman’s comments seem rather disingenuous, since by sunrise District Judge Laurie Miller at 5:38 a.m. on July 16 had granted a search warrant for the Damond home. Less than sixty minutes later a half-dozen state agents piled into this house on Washburn Avenue. So there is no evidence!

    In a world that does not like to wait, as People who do not like to wait, but just punish, Mr. Freeman knows there is no evidence to prosecute the Somali-American police officer. On Sept. 12, the BCA said it had completed its investigation into the shooting and turned it over to Freeman to consider whether to charge Noor with a crime.

    Comment by baseball91 — December 16, 2017 @ 7:01 PM | Reply

  6. The County Attorney is afraid to tell the public that he does not have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to prosecute a Somali police officer. It is even tougher being a Muslim in a place which professes not to discriminate on race and color, if not creed, in Minneapolis than it is being black.

    There is talk, with the grand jury of police not so brave? In Southwest Minneapolis, where those citizens lived so ‘Above the Fray.’ Stripping people of their rights to be tried in court, wasn’t this just another police shooting? With the threat of ambush, to the police in southwest Minneapolis? The “Veteran” preference hiring. The daily witness to brutal tyranny, overseas. And now back home. Forced to play the game by ‘their rules’ of deceit, treachery, subterfuge, subversion and betrayal. The front line of our secret ways. With technology reading license plates. And surely there was something missing here. Missing in this part of town the Spirit, this pride in living here, so above the fray. There was no hostility to the police as an occupying force. It was just poorly schooled police in civil liberty. It was THE System. It was the city, with their two-face system. And the so very smug people of Southwest Minneapolis. In all of Minnesota history, the only prosecution of the police was of Jeronimo Yanez, a police officer of color, but NOT of the same color of the victim who he shot.

    Tribal politics does meet religion, and fewer young people desire to get involved. And as a consequence a sense of community seems farther and farther removed. As an arrogant faith-healer refused to let the police do their job.

    Comment by baseball91 — February 28, 2018 @ 9:46 PM | Reply

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