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October 15, 2016

The Apprentice


I watched their two-hour show on who these candidates are, since the broadcast media mostly has such difficulty in an even-handed presentation of the two candidates for the Office of the President of the United States.

NSA logo The senseless leaders – Clinton-Trump. Dirty Harry. American can-do heroism? A clash of patriots? Blood poison? When you do not capture so very many . . .  voters.  So out of our leaders, what is missing? As a place is changing before our eyes, what will happen to people who idolize the new heroes? Or to this Land? 

“How dare THEY question!” Did you notice all the arrogance in Campaign 2016? It is the Age of “how dare they question.” And it seems fair that the kids who grew up believing in this New Age creed — with the mantra of this generation “How dare they judge!” — got these two candidates. What better memory would anyone have of this campaign but “How dare THEY question!” perspective of each candidate.  With the kind of attention from press and public that would inflate the ego of a weaker human, where is from the opportunity to question any candidate these days for public office, the much needed direct response to any question?

As ‘attack ads’ have been replaced by just attack. No matter the ages of the two nominees from the majority parties for president of the United States, the candidates are playing to the egregious generation so wounded in what they have come to know about American History. There is a reason that the issues will never be discussed in this election.  For an American generation carrying the egregious scars of September 11, 2001 and the 2008 financial crisis, in the political Olympics of the have’s and the have-not’s, there is the mental agony that is attached to being a hero, in the public’s eye. Most people carry around at different levels the poison of color, gender, belief in the normalizing middle-class perspective that comes out of Rome, of Mecca, or out from the Orthodox Slavic world, above the Equator. Most people carry around at different levels the poison…. a poison in a local nationalism that comes out of the land, if that is all the land has given to you. That local nationalism is the foundation of the National Football League – who plays for us? So is Donald playing for the other team? Is Hillory playing for the other team, with the coming of age SPLIT, again , as if Gender is some kind of scientific choice?  What does gender matter?

With his great understanding about the world and all of the sciences, the “Make America Great Again” candidate wants to begin by attacking the world of Muslims, as the broadcast media sits asking ONLY their “how does it feel?” and“ how important is it?” questions.

Was there the missing interest in these candidates who do not FEEL because they do not KNOW real people? It is the “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous” campaign. Who needs to watch this long-running reality show, either with the 24 years with one or the 14 years of the other, as “The Apprentice” working their way to the Presidency?   You had to just know how to use the broadcast media.

Behold this mental agony of a someone who will firmly justify their actions in public while inwardly craving solid, objective proof that they have done their duty, civilly.  Or even if criminally hiding their professional government emails, or hiding the agony of justifying your need to go public, taking  down your share-holders, to avoid personal bankruptcy.  Behold the naked public lives, sacrificing all decency along the way, of both candidates.  As the egregious generation thought this – Campaign 2016 – was all normal?   

In America, just as anyone can be sued for anything. In America, with the blessed culture, anyone can run for President. Though “the inheritance” is not shared so well for an American generation carrying the burden of freedom, now more as a historic preservation task than out of any real joy.  With what might have been — how had either candidate even claimed a nomination — a discussion about freedom in the world?  Who do egregious people idolize, purely on what they see on commercialized television?  The issues will never be discussed,if they ever had been in that never-ending primary season?  In the political Olympics of the have’s and the have-not’s, is the motto about taking what is not yours to take, after failing to hold onto what you once had?  The Bill of Rights?  Spying?  If education is about being led somewhere, behold the next generation with the enormous debt, living in the Promise Land with the lost sense, of being free.  There is the lost sense of human touch, everywhere, perhaps due to the over-dependence on your cell phone.

Reflecting public education these days, represented by one candidate educated in public school, there is this piece in Commonweal magazine:

A conversation widened more broadly to discuss race and racism. This soon-to-graduate senior, after a moment of silence, nervously chuckled and said: “Hey Doc! Guess what? Not every student of color gives a damn about how they are seen from the normalizing white-middle-class perspective.” I flinched from a punch that I never saw coming, in another blind spot revealed.

The instant-replay generation. The preponderance of evidence, if this was only a civil trial, weighing the facts. Did you see the mistake on the replay that you might have missed the first time? For both of the candidate. On the old media called television like the old device called the Video Cassette Recorder, with still all the talking heads, these were the Re-runs.  For “The Apprentice.”

The “American can-do” heroes? Like a first-responder?  The underling theme from barking dogs which, in an urban kettle as a noise, could be annoying after 11 o’clock at night, signifying that there was no THERE there anyway.  I am still waiting to hear what was really inside, in the way of ideas.  As the media is only checking the polls first?

“Unhappy is the land that needs a hero,” mourns Galileo in the Bertold Brecht play.

Proving your greatness, in institution, privately, in the land that has mostly welcomed immigrants since the beginning. “Ready to make America great again!” One man? 

So all alone.

With all of the surveillance workers watching. The police shootings. On Youtube. “The only thing surveillance workers are protecting is the supremacy of the government, and a counter-terror is their excuse for surveillance?”

As more and more in this campaign, counter-terror if not heroism is grown here! I carry the scale with a concern for justice. There is the preponderance of doubt. My measure is “beyond a reasonable doubt,” over the egregious generation, taking over everything.

Is this a courageous ideal – medical insurance without limits, like governments without limits? With her espoused great concern for all children, never counting the cost to the average citizen, as the writer of National Health Insurance as a new tax which is an imposition on everyone that no one can afford, is this a courageous idealist? Will a nation ever get to hear a discussion about the new ideals, from the original author of Affordable Health Care Act that has yet to address the actual costs being billed by health care providers?

Police shootings, with this mental agony of Dirty Harry. Nerve-wracking flashbacks to all of these police shooting. Of police. By police. With impunity. Like “The Troubles” in the North of Ireland, which side do you believe?

The helpless. Instructed to just pay the premiums, as a brand new kind of American tax as just a regular part of this thing called “The Economy.” The elephant in the room is the blessed Economy. The work producing the sweat of human brow.  From out of an unblessed emptiness, treating humans as animals. Animal Farm, with the trained helpless animals.

Fiscal policy.  Monetary policy.  Debt!  The ever increasing debt, without anyone being asked to sacrifice, except to pay the sky-rocketing health care premiums, with the increasing strength of the dollar.  This is the same dollar that waned, invisibly, so much in the early years of the New Millennium with the war in Iraq and the war again in Afghanistan, with ever an increase in federal taxes.  Those wars so far away were the basis for the ongoing Monetary War centered on currencies.  With innocent nations all over the world paying more and more visible price. There are these candidates with a shared lost sense of touch. Or out of touch?  

There is a terror in money along with all the other things shared here: Language. Belief, both public and private. Law and law enforcement. With public policy directed over the off-the-books expenses of National Security? There is worry over sectarian violence in San Bernardino, over racial violence in Jefferson, Missouri.  And gender violence.  What would resolve the problems of verbal assaults, on behalf of all the suffering women, after all the uncovered sexual assaults? Legalized marijuana?  The “p___y” remark from his video past, sacrificing all decency along the way. I heard the same “p___y” remark 30 days ago while in the public skyway directed at a beautiful young African-American woman – as if, I believed, the young African-American man should have the social culture of what he viewed to be the white society. In public. To impose my values on the young African-American, who had descended not from slaves but the missing real culture in slavery.

“How dare they judge!” One self-made man. As inequality threatens stability, with all the shared concern for a nation’s safety, is it time to leave here? In the Book of Genesis, the people who descended from the perfect son – always found to be the Victim in the story – do not end up so perfect themselves. Perfect people have no need for God, to bless America.

So all alone, Hillory.  After all the joy over electing a black president, polls show that young women are not particularly moved by her solitary goal, in her promise to make history as a woman.  It might be time when a nation might concentrating again on electing a stateswoman or statesman?

The jury is still out on the question – So, revolution or restoration?  The counter-terror is in the candidates, plural, in a land that has these two-faced candidates, unqualified to unite the states for the next generation based upon their checkered past.  W. E. B. DuBois wrote in 1903: ‘It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness – a sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others – measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity. One ever feels his two-ness.’

Missing. There is something missing in Clinton-Trump.  Mostly each of them seem to be missing a soul.  For me, Hillory’s loud voice is as empty as her opponent.  It is difficult to win over the hearts and minds of an electorate when you were missing a soul, running on anger. As the world looks on in amused contempt and pity. That this IS really a true story. Of two candidates running on anger.

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