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July 23, 2016

The Warmth Of Other Suns

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As Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to reassure Germans that the state will keep them safe, she pledged all resources to get to the bottom of the rampage in Munich.

The chancellor spoke after police ruled out any terrorist motive. After the million refugees arrived last year, with the uncounted new ones still coming.

After being briefed. The chancellor spoke. But who briefed whom? Over the narrative?


“We will find what exactly was behind this act,” Merkel told reporters … in the Chancellery in Berlin.

Did this sound a lot like Turkey, last week …or Cologne in the first few days of 2016? Or had Angela Merkel just borrowed a line from Donald Trump’s acceptance speech?

Brexit! Who wanted to be a part of this kind of political correctness? The media could not hide this public crime in Munich like what went unreported for 20 hours in my city this week. LINK:

Is there censorship all over the Western world because of the political sensitivity, of the influx of refugees? Because of the political sensitivity, of the matter of creed, comparable to the political sensitivity, on matters of race especially north of the Mason-Dixon line in the United State? As the victors keep re-writing history, on issues like the Confederate flag as if the Old South never existed? So the victors could ignore matters of race, like Angela Merkel would ignore matters of creed, in a nation with their invisible old goal to wipe out Judaism?

Belonging. Study the theology associated with The European Union, with European fear of outside Spirit. Brexit. Forced out. Like religion mostly has been in Europe for the past forty years. Brexit. The Leaving of this Europe without borders, with their rules to have sovereignty over you, from this desire for free movement, unconnected to any Spirit. On the Continent anyway. And you must accept your share of refugees.

In this conflict of public life with private lives, hear The Promise. “The state will keep you safe.” This is the Old German Promise, though how many sons and daughters of Turks had never yet been given citizenship in Germany? Would the next generation ever believe The Promise.

The Old German Promise would never happen again … here. And with so many newspapers bankrupt, if not just shut down, where could the young go to know? When the local paper did not have enough reporters to cover a story. And did this sound like what happened to religion in Europe over time? If the young even READ the paper, when this generation just like to hear?

In the mix of Identity – a sacrificed identity connected to this LAND – who really knows and believe …. the police? With our history changing? Like in Istanbul this morning? With this German history, how would Germans or the world ever be assured that the state will keep them safe … since the police are always connected to the politician in charge? And in a Europe without borders could you really believe either these day?

The Warmth of Other Suns is this open door policy toward immigrants combined with the then public accommodation, of criminals … given sanctuary. Outside the cathedral, in Cologne. So much like the Cuban boats in the 1990s? Or was it the 1980s? Who were leaving Cuba? And so few politicians seemed to know, as an investigator of sex crimes does, that most rapes are committed by serial rapists. Yes, the Mariel boatlift followed The Cuban Adjustment Act.

Refuge. Asylum is a selective enforcement of the law. That you might be like I am. With shelter. More and more, select groups are above the law, given sanctuary. The undocumented, on issues of shelter, homes and homeland. So who is above the law, like so many of the elected leaders live their lives. Concerning the question “Who is an American?” Or Who is a Berliner? When a foreign policy created so many problems. Or domestic policy had, when it came to Slavery.

Private. Secret. Hidden. Like a leader’s blood pressure. Over the police operations of the current decade all over the world. And the protest. Like Black Lives Matter. Staged fights, like in Turkey so a Erdogan could claim more powers … in an emergency, like happened in my own nation following September 11, 2001, though that event was NOT a staged fight. But your children grew up in the new atmosphere for more than the next 15 years, without ever wondering what would be the affect on candidates much less elections. Or the institutions.

Take-overs. The inter-state highway. You could not hide it from the press too long.  Like at what had first been announced at 3 am by Ansbach policein Bavaria as a”gas explosion” on July 24th, as a 27-year-old male Syrian national, identified by federal prosecutors as Mohammad D – in line with German privacy laws – set off a backpack laden with explosives outside a wine bar near the Ansbach Open Air Festival that injured fifteen, four seriously, authorities later said. Ah, the conflict of privacy and publicity, protecting the human rights of the dead. In the fourth attack to shake Germany — three carried out by recent migrants.  In seven days of mayhem in Bavaria, a team of 30 investigators was examining evidence collected from his home, as well as interviewing acquaintances of the 27-year-old Ansbach bomber who died in the attack. Mohammad D had been told on July 13 that he would be deported to Bulgaria where he had first submitted an asylum request. Investigators told reporters that a first expulsion notice had been issued to him on December 22, 2014, but with no indication for the reason he was still there. Mayor Carda Seidel said that Mohammad D had been turned away for lack of a ticket to the Ansbach open air festival. If he had a history of crime, the failure to name the bomber – Mohammad Delel – only protects a government from hearing from other ‘victims’ of his potential crimes.

Take-overs. Like at the two thousand three hundred forty institutions that Erdogan took over this week, with Parliament’s approval.

In the category of secret and hidden, using methods to secure data off license plates, over phone lines and computers, in the United States under the authority of secret courts, there are the cameras. The government’s cameras. The governments satellites. Until now, thank goodness, everyone had a camera to watch those in power using their cameras to keep themselves in power while eroding liberty. But police first had to ask the elected representatives about what Truth could be released? Like in 2016, in Germany.

Per the history of the last thirty years, after all the mergers and acquisitions with accountants left in charge, the technology revolution had mostly place inhumane people in charge … of corporations and churches and government, and, in the name of oversight, these not announced cameras. The hero to the next generation is Edward Snowden. As technology displaced humans from their jobs.

Called a traitor, there was the moment in 2013, under this Administration. A courageous young man, Edward Snowden, called a traitor by President Obama. With his secret oversight of the wired and now the wireless world. Under the watch of President Obama. With the real threat that a guy like Donald Trump would inherit such invisible powers.

Belonging? On what side of the divide? Is it your age, your power, your perspective to declare someone a heretic if you believed in nationalism as your religion – maybe because your age of innocence was spent in Indonesia? What have you helped maintain? Is your perspective formed out of this great separation when your mother’s family was Christian and your father’s Muslim? And you wanted to be a community-builder, because of living with such great hostility, domestically, overseas?

The branding of the next generation as a traitor, as your children grew up in the new atmosphere over the next 15 years, wondering what would be the affect on a candidate much less elections, over the concept of National identity by the high priests of Nationalism – now Obama, Trump, Clinton -determining who were traitors.

Sensitive. Insensitive selective enforcement of the law. Rebellions occur when inequality threatens stability. Repeatedly in Minnesota, the laws involving permits to protest have not been enforced under the current governor, at a cost in one week to the city of St Paul, in one week of an extra million dollars. Behold the publicity of the permitted and the not permitted. This weekend the same highway – Interstate 94 – is legally shutdown, after the weekend before when I-94 illegally was shutdown by Black Lives Matter. The LINK:

‘Take-overs,’ of the inter-state cyber-highway. You could not hide it. Like the Congressman from Florida serving as the head of the Democratic National Committee. Among 19,000 internal Democratic Party emails released on July 22 by WikiLeaks, were some emails discussing how to discredit Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Rather than look inward, about the status quo and now ousted chair of the national committee of the Democratic Party Debbie Wasserman Schultz – a congressman from Florida obligated under party rules to remain neutral in the presidential primaries – Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook was blaming the Russian government for the WikiLeaks leaks.

The European Union, with move-in and move-out rules, to brand who is in charge here. From the beginning, ‘you’ clearly are not. The EU, like my condominium Association, invisibly is. With the issue of the power of the community, on matters of ordering, there still is Communism, Fascism, and The Old Guard, led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and all the old political hacks of artificial elitist projects and European bureaucracy, in Europe without borders.

Brexit. Determining who were traitors. Legally. As government becomes the rule of men and women – with celebrated media fame – rather than the Rule of Law. The fear belonging to a police officer is over a selective enforcement of the law, under the watch of leaders like the Minnesota governor, the St. Paul mayor, the mayor of Cologne, and these world leaders?

The great seduction. Europeans without borders. The constitutional history stolen. The mix of Identity. The refugees. The Patriot Act. The fear of outside Spirit.  Given clearance. Over secrets. Soldiers fighting for a union, like the local police, protecting and defending. Property. And borders.

Listen to the apologists, with all the apologies directed at the outside world, with the European Parliament and the European Union’s invisible goal to wipe out nationality, since the natives were not replicating enough to grow an economy. And did you pay attention to what the head of the police union said, with concern over anarchy, about Black Lives Matter.

The trade winds. In the Age of Climate Change, how had these systems become so weighted in favor of money? The euro. The currency. Visible and invisible. On land, there are the storms associated with the ocean. The strength that the economy of Germany added to the European Union.

The seen and the unseen. With fear and anger, there are the economic storms. Sustained trade winds?  Where could the victims, born into this, go to find the next leader? The homeless. The refugee. With all of the fear of living without a home, and without a homeland. The shared fear of living in the mix, without any defined borders.

About your own homeland, determining who are traitors . . . legally? This president who grew up as an ex-pat, preaching to the world this ‘Transparency.’ About markets. About free trade. In the world of nationalism, what is the equivalent of “Spiritual, not religious?” What had the constitutional law professor ever learned in Indonesia about the Constitution? In the world of nationalism, what is the equivalent practice of religion, for the “Spiritual, not religious” ex-pats? Had they ever heard of “Conscientious objectors?’ Or just the vapid living with the blasphemy of self-importance.

The Warmth of Other Suns.  .  . after being forced out, like religion mostly has been, what is moving in with the refugees except this little understood Spirit? The elephant in the room, given sanctuary, among a people with so little understanding of either.  Trust and balance are delicate things to maintain, if the human goal is about Reaching Acceptance. Over time. Building community at home, without borders, beware what your believe!  Beware who you believe.  And beware when you believe those that say that the state will keep you safe, since this is a promise of a coming war.
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About your own homeland. The human goal is about Reaching Acceptance. Over time.
Beware what you believe! Beware when you believe those that say that the state will keep you safe, since this is a promise of a coming war.


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  1. From the Bloomberg News: “Police earlier said that a search of the home of the Munich suspect, an 18-year-old German-Iranian who was born and raised in the city, yielded no evidence of any link to terrorism but showed that he had studied past shooting incidents.

    “We’re working on the assumption,” Bavarian state prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch told reporters, ” that this was a classic shooting-spree assailant without any political motivation.” And Beethoven did not like, for one, being associated with this category. WarmthofOtherSuns


    David S, the 18-year old son of a Munch taxicab driver, sought to kill, The Telegraph reports, Turkish youth. And why is the killer’s identity being protected by the very same system that offered protection to the criminals in Cologne on New Year’s Eve? David S is dead, having taken the lives of innocent people. This is another sorry example of a coverup by the politically correct holding political power, and hostility is growing, per that Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, over the direction that leadership was taking Europe.

    Comment by baseball91 — July 23, 2016 @ 11:10 PM | Reply

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