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January 10, 2016

On the Coverup of How Many Rapes in Germany?

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Stefan Wagstyl writes from Cologne on behalf of the Financial Times about the government response to the “ mass sexual assault.” In Cologne. On New Year’s Eve.

Weren’t these rapes? Outright organized rape!  The interior ministry has 32 people suspects for the 379 New Year’s Eve “sexual assaults,” 22 of whom are allegedly asylum seekers, including “Moroccans, Algerians and Syrians.” From what are the Moroccans seeking asylum?

With the second rape by not just the politicians trying to gain support over an outrageous event, but by the media like the Financial Times. Did you see the spin in the headline by the male journalist covering the story? “Merkel backs plans to tighten the law on refugees who commit crimes.”

Crimes! The missing word is rape [noting that a journalist does not write the headline].  And then the coverup of the rapes.  To call rape “sexual assault” is to soften the appreciation of the crime which is much more than a temporal offense. ‘Chancellor Angela Merkel said on 09 January 2016 that she wants stricter asylum laws, after a series of “sexual assaults” in the city of Cologne.’ To a nation that should be shocked by the response to rapes.

Three days after a piece by Marc Champion of Bloomberg in Newsday, Stefan Wagstyl is unaware that the story now is of THE COVERUP, as the number of criminal complaints rose to 379 from 170.  Women filing criminal complaints should be outraged at the lack of coverage on the coverup, as well as the phony story pursued about a government response to the “ mass sexual assault.”

The Financial Times does not see the story if it bit them in the proverbial ass.  These rapes are going to bring down not just PERSON OF THE YEAR, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s  government but will affect what happens to the United Kingdom’s future in the European Union, when the Brexit vote comes.

Private.  Secret.  Hidden.  The police operations of the current decade all over the world are in the category of secret and hidden using methods to secure data off license plates, over phone lines and computers, in the United States under the authority of secret courts. So how could this news of a public crime outside Cologne’s Cathedral occurring on New Year’s Eve be hidden for several days?  Were  all of these people still on a long holiday weekend?  Is there censorship in Germany because of the political sensitivity, of the influx of refugees? And the outrage was in the January 1st press release issued by the Cologne police that it had been a peaceful New Year’s Eve in Cologne. And journalists like Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne go with the press releases, unable to identify Cologne as a sanctuary city.

So there was this coverup …. In Germany, for a number of days after all these rapes in one night in Cologne. This was the danger of this open door policy toward immigrants combined with the then public accommodation, of rapists … given sanctuary.  Outside the cathedral.  And so few politicians seemed to know that most rapes are committed by serial rapists who are never caught. So the coverup is because of the concern about racism of German people, as exhibited in the 1930s, by the authorities? Speaking of one horror following the next.

In the United States, there is selective enforcement of the law.  Rebellions occur when inequality threatens stability.  Repeatedly in Minnesota, the laws involving permits to protest have not been enforced against Black Lives Matter since at least January 2015, when Black Lives Matter walked down the interstate highway with impunity. Today Black Lives Matter invaded retail stores in St. Paul with immunity, as the group had done during Christmas week, at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport.  More and more, select groups are above the law, given sanctuary.  Above the law, like so many of the elected leaders live their lives.

We do live in a police state where it is impossible to be a member of a police force, having to report to leaders like the Minnesota governor, the St. Paul mayor, or in the case of Cologne, the mayor in the city which is welcoming refugees who allegedly believe in Sharia law for everyone.  With immunity for rape.  As law and order breaks down. As government becomes the rule of men and women rather than the Rule of Law.

And sometime after January 2nd, according to Cologne Mayor Henriette’s interview with der Spiegel, she found out 19 claimed criminal complaints were registered with the FEDERAL police inside the train station, besides the 3 emergency calls made to local police. And the Mayor during the summer had had an office located right across the street from the cathedral,in order to follow events there. Before her election.

Was there a police presence that night, outside the cathedral?  Have you noticed the wrong methods of selected enforcement by so many police, by those with power above and so little understanding of what it is to have a Closeness, outside a cathedral, that is supposed to accompany power. There are many people who do not know who are given power. Worse than the people who do not know are those who do not feel. Those who no longer search, passing on the missing – the no THERE. Like in this piece in the Financial Times. No longer grasping the Truth or even trying to grasp something of the Truth into the new year. A reporter, passing on the missing news– could you feel the no THERE there in his story, like trying to pass on nothing, in the 2016 election year, with the missing feel for the game that surrounds Donald Trump, Hillory Clinton and so many of the news people who cover them. People who cover up rape. Or with a selected enforcement of the rule of law.




  1. Writes Marc Champion on January 6, 2016, about the method of operation of sexual assault which occurred during “the 2013 protests that preceded the coup against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, as 101 sexual assaults (including at least three of rape) were reported among the crowds – supposedly secular crowds, not in the Muslim Brotherhood protests after Morsi’s removal from office. Here’s what would happen, according to a detailed study by the Worldwide Movement for Human Rights, a non-profit umbrella for 178 organizations, in the 101 reported sexual assaults, among the crowds:”

    ‘According to survivors and witnesses, these attacks tend to form a clear pattern. Attacks are perpetrated by groups of men who single out one or two women and separate them from the crowd by forming a circle around them. The men are mainly in their twenties and thirties. The survivors are groped by the mob and dragged violently to different locations. Sometimes their clothes are removed. Many survivors report members of the group saying, ’Do not be afraid, I’m protecting you,” while they are being attacked. Attacks last from a few minutes to more than an hour. Several cases of rape have been reported and some survivors have required urgent medical treatment.’ ”

    Comment by baseball91 — January 10, 2016 @ 2:08 AM | Reply

  2. “Amid a rising tide of public anger over evidence that asylum seekers were among the suspects in a mass sexual assault in Cologne on New Year’s Eve,” The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports 1,700 protesters, including ‘known troublemakers,” according to police [why are the police determining who has a right to publicly protest?] made up “the right wing demonstration” which does not sound like such a rising tide. “Several people were arrested,” as “right wing, left wing and women’s rights protesters staged noisy demonstrations outside Cologne train station,” described as “the scene of the unprecedented attack in which hundreds of women were sexually assaulted, attacked or robbed.” Why was not the plural form of “attack” used in his reporting? And weren’t the rapes occurring outside the Cologne Cathedral?

    Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, as described by the Los Angeles Times) organized reportedly “the right wing demonstration” in Cologne which the Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne had a hard time comprehending was about rape, not immigration. “The regional assembly of North Rhine-Westphalia, which includes Cologne, is due to meet on Monday to consider its response,” he wrote without indicating WHAT the response would be to. And the reader is left to conclude the left wing is in favor of rape, with around 1,300 left wing demonstrators on hand in Cologne, based upon the spin of his story.

    The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports that “local politicians want action,” without indicating in the way of quotes what he as a journalist subjectively meant. The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports that Cologne city police chief, Wolfgang Albers, was suspended on Friday though Eric Kirschbaum and Marcia Adair of the Los Angeles Times report the police chief was fired. The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports about “repeated claims that his force [Albers] mishandled the assaults and later tried to play down the role played by immigrants, without providing any quotes as evidence of these “repeated claims.”

    So the protest was over the rapes, with the lack of action by the police and government officials following 379 sexual assaults including rape? And how was it that a crowd of around 1,000 young men of Arab or North African origin were able to assemble on New Year’s Eve in a German city that you would expect to have a mixture of native born Germans with the asylum-seekers? And if the police did nothing, if the police chief after showed disinterest, who would have – after it emerged that, according to the police, there were these numbers – the courage to go to the authorities about all of these rapes?

    The story in Cologne per the Los Angeles Times was about the German face of growing public concern – not, as The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports, about the struggle to integrate the large huge 2015 influx of 1.1 million people who arrived – but the Cologne rapes and Ms Merkel’s “liberal asylum policy” for rapists. As Ms Merkel battles to defend what she has done to her homeland to what The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports as increasing “conservative” fears that the country will have with another contingent from Muslim countries that der Spiegel reported on Saturday as another 1 million refugees to come. And The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne picks his own adjectives about the “immigration-sceptic” Alternative für Deutschland party and “the xenophobic” Pegida “popular” movement who had sponsored the protest. However Stefan Wagstyl has mishandled the story about rape, The Financial Times’ Wagstyl in Cologne, in politicizing the story, did provide a sound byte from Angela Merkel that “What happened on New Year’s Eve are despicable criminal acts that demand decisive answers.” And I wonder if The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne speaks German. As The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports, supporters of the so-called “ xenophobic” PEGIDA movement,chanting “Merkel out” and waving German flags, “vented their anger Saturday against migrants, after a rash of sexual assaults in the western city of Cologne.”

    As The Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne reports, “separately, around 500 women staged a MEASURED protest for women’ rights,” not against migrants, “with banners condemning violence against women wherever it occurred.” No, The Financial Times’ did not ignore these women in the crowd, like the Cologne police might have. And I wondered if the fears of these women would ever be described in The Financial Times, just as Stefan Wagstyle has tried to divide the world, as conservative, on one side or the other left over of the great divide, in what is left of East Germany or West Germany?

    Comment by baseball91 — January 10, 2016 @ 5:26 AM | Reply

  3. Meanwhile in once Lutheran Sweden. Stockholm police have launched “an internal investigation” into an August 2015 We Are Sthlm music festival concerning widespread sexual assaults by mostly migrant youths. After a group of men reportedly groped girls, the BBC reports, 200 people were ejected from the festival but police reports did not mention “sexual assault” in in their reports to the press. And so accusations of a widespread coverup of sexual assaults by authorities. Where have you gone, Bernard Cardinal Law….as nations turn their lonely eyes to you. Hey, hey, hey!

    WHEN the LAW is selectively enforced in the politically correct 21st Century. It was all just a game, with referees handing out yellow cards? And the description of what happened in Sweden was the same modus operandi as the sexual assaults in Egypt, per the Worldwide Movement for Human Rights.

    Did any one wonder what the end result of political correctness in selective enforcement of the law would be? Only Social Democrats get picked up for speeding? It was difficult being a police officer in the age of political correctness…. or a teacher in St Paul, Minnesota when the superintendent of schools took away discipline from the teacher in the classroom.

    “Sometimes we do not really say how things are because we believe it may play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” Peter Agren told Dagens Nyheter, referring to Sweden’s right-wing anti-immigration party. It was Agren who led the police operation at the August 2015 We Are Sthlm. And this is what always happens in a society with one political party, with one dominant church before the next split …. in either church, in a state, in any union.

    In Cologne, those number of criminal complaints on New Year’s Eve have now risen to 500, half of which concern “sexual assaults.” In an environment of funding for democracy – keeping a system spinning – like in the days of Martin Luther …. this was all about selling indulgences while living under a dominant culture of the European Union. As the center was lost. Where there is …when there is no THERE there, you had to insist that your ways were the best ways. For the COMMON GOOD.

    A police statement mentioned the shocking rash of sexual assaults in several Germany cities also on New Year’s Eve — in Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Bielefeld. The Arab term is ‘taharrush gamea’ (collective group harassment) which stands for “lighter” sexual abuse or gang rape, in Egyptian colloquial. In Hamburg, the Russian-government funded television station RT News reported, “Hamburg police are investigating 133 cases relating to assaults during New Year’s celebrations.”

    In Austria, similar sex attacks have emerged that police didn’t publicize “to protect the privacy of the victims.” Austrian newspaper Osterreich reports that several females have come forward to complain to local media of assaults in the historic district of Salzburg. While walking home from a new club, Sabrina S (not her real name) and her friends were attacked by a group of ten to fifteen men. The incidents only came to light because of the story in Osterreich. Was there a cover up of the Truth in the EU?

    Finnish police revealed that they had been tipped off in advance about plans by groups of asylum-seekers to sexually harass women. Finnish police did say that an unusually high level of sexual harassment assaults had occurred in Helsinki on New Year’s Eve. Swiss police also reported that in Zurich, six women reported being surrounded by “several dark-skinned men”, who had groped, molested and robbed them on New Year’s Eve. In that Swiss authority indicated that the method of operation appeared “a little bit similar” to that used as reported in Cologne, when did news of these assaults get released to the public?

    In the evolution of political correctness, the end result of the thought-police is an erosion of what is “acceptable truth,” as “assault” which is legally the threat of violence grows into “battery,” the actual physical violence of a rape.

    “You don’t care who I am.” Politicians like the mayor of Cologne, placed in positions of power, above the false suspended ceiling? So what is above the suspended ceiling… invisibly if not silently in this new federal system called the European Union? The system perpetrating a continuation of these crimes. The pattern of abuse by bystanders is that view that a rape is not heinous, including views by loved ones, superiors, and peers. The reputation of the perpetrator, the right to a trial, innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt takes precedence over the rights and protection of the victim. The suffering is then in a second rape. The risk to the system of State if not Church, in the pattern of abuse after the sexual abuse, perpetrated by leadership in the community. People with power. Parents, pastors, bishops….and politicians. The pattern of abuse for the victim who just happened to be there. The victim cannot be protected, after the crime is over. The genie is out of the bottle. A woman is no longer innocent …. if she ever was? The theft of innocence, in different degrees, in sexual assault.

    That so many women could have been ignored…initially. There is the need for recognition of a wrong… So was there the hope that the victims would disappear? To have been there … to have survived, and to then tell the story as a survivor. Though the victims did not know at the time that they would survive.

    In the United Kingdom, have you read about allegations of coverup of sexual assaults, in Rotherham? And why are all the Moroccans allowed in Sweden, when the king of Morocco is not addressing a problem in his kingdom with 80,000 kids living on his streets?

    To have heard the retired ambassador to Morocco from the United States speak 11 months ago, there is little protest in the kingdom of Morocco on the surface, by artists and musicians. The king of Morocco and his court are strong allies, because of the love and admiration of power, of the United States. The retired ambassador did make a passing reference to the Berber-speaking autonomous region in the western kingdom of Morocco, along with the flight of the Jewish population from Morocco over the past forty years. A sentiment of victimhood among the refugees from Morocco grows stronger for those who have settled in Belgium and now perhaps in Germany. The young Belgian-Moroccans are treated by liberal politicians and community leaders as victims who have no chance of succeeding, as Belgians. These were the same folks often at odds with the monarch in Morocco. “When emigration to Europe started, the king was happy to get rid of these people,” Bachir M’Rabet, a youth worker of Moroccan descent in Molenbeek, told the New York Times Brussels’s Office.

    Comment by baseball91 — January 11, 2016 @ 6:29 PM | Reply

  4. Whether the daughter of the minister in Germany, or an American president with all his new secular moral instructors and a compulsion to preach on the subject of terrorism and Muslims, there is THE COVERUPS, with “The sermonizing reflex—a quintessential element in Barack Obama’s notion of leadership—has by now taken on a life of its own. Who doesn’t know now to expect, in a speech by the president, or in some exchange of his with reporters, the glum rebuke, ‘That’s not who we are’?” writes Dorothy Rabinowitz in The Wall Street Journal on January 12th. “On no subject has there been more sermonizing than on Muslims and terrorism and on what the real Islam is and is not—no surprise in an administration which has from its outset tended to the apparent view that the American nation is essentially composed of yahoos whose barely controlled instincts to riot REQUIRE REGULAR MONITORING AND CHECKS by their enlightened betters. This is what Americans have learned to expect, after every Islamist terror attack—Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino—as Americans have conducted themselves with exemplary courage and dignity.”

    The coverup is how Barrack Obama, the constitutional law professor, has sold out the freedom parts of the U.S. Constitution, in his regime of spying, as I again saw a plane flying leased by the FBI over the two mosques less than a mile away. The State of the Union, with another lecture instructing the masses that such assaults – the sexual ones, the ones with weapons – have no real connection to the Islamic faith of any kind; he knows because his grandfather had been a Muslim, even if Mr. Obama chose not to worship that God of Ishmael. As Dorothy Rabinowitz said, With “years of effort by this administration to deny, conceal and sermonize the nation out of its awareness of facts, the current political piety, dictating what is and is not permissible to say about terrorism and Muslims, didn’t spring from nowhere.”

    “To hear the mayor of Philadelphia was to grasp, more clearly than ever, the fury that has led to Donald Trump’s success in attracting voters—the fury of citizens who know official lies when they hear them, whether about border security, immigration, or the ever-expanding requirements of multiculturalist dogma,” writes Rabinowitz.

    This was some mayoral power being flexed in Cologne? Was it the Cologne police chief who was responsible for the muteness of the reporting by Germany’s ZDF public TV station with nothing about these attacks [which would mirror the way the BBC covered terrorism in Northern Ireland for more than 25 years] for four days following the mass assaults? THIS was the new Fascism, making allegedly the world better, the trains run on time, after a foreign policy has failed so miserably not in Palestine, but in Syria.

    In a world without walls, in a paper less world, a generation is discovering that borders are a good thing. Some things, some people should be kept apart. The Syrians have made a statement about where their leader was leading them. Western leaders will never be recognized, by Syrian refugees, by a people set apart. These Syrian people have left Syria; other North Africans have been trying to ride the coat tails – what is left of their coat tails – of their misery after their center has been lost. It is like an election in the Vatican, after a pope died. When you had no leader looking out for you. A new leader, even in a world without visible borders, foremost in the election in Vatican City, first also had to be Catholic.

    Comment by baseball91 — January 14, 2016 @ 4:25 PM | Reply

  5. Did you feel the anger, accompanied by its cousin fear, in any sexual assault that you are not lovable? That mass feeling, in a foreign land, after you begin to wonder, question, recognize whether you were ever lovable in the eyes of the president of Syria, Bashar al Assad, MD? And this response, in the method of sexual assault, is like a slave rebellion by the adherents of Mohamed, the descendant of Ishmael, the prophet born a slave.

    The Unwanted new refugees? Was the Worldwide Movement for Human Rights, a non-profit umbrella for 178 organizations, an NGO that described a clear pattern, as the attacks are perpetrated by groups of men who single out one or two women, ‘separate them’ from the crowd …. by forming a circle around them? Is this a reflection in the pattern of attack how a Syrian male, mainly in their twenties or thirties, feels in a new nation? The victims are groped and dragged violently by the mob to different locations, maybe like a refugee feels? It is interesting that the VICTIMS are called “survivors” by this NGO, when too often NGOs do not get really close to the VICTIMS that they proclaim that they are there to assist, as their work becomes just a hopeless job. And many VICTIMS report members of the group saying, ’Do not be afraid, I’m protecting you,” as they are being attacked. Not unlike so many NGOs. And by naming them “SURVIVORS” wasn’t the Worldwide Movement for Human Rights guilty themselves of a certain blindness?

    Comment by paperlessworld — January 14, 2016 @ 5:52 PM | Reply

  6. In Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton today granted sanctuary status to Black Lives Matter relating to the Christmas week protest at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport. Despite the police presence, different from Cologne based upon actual arrests, the arrested will not be charged in court because the Governor is sympathetic to the cause. Next up is the threatened shutdown by Black Lives Matter of the Crashed Ice event – the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship – scheduled for February 27, 2016, in front of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, in this sanctuary city for Black Lives Matter of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

    Comment by baseball91 — February 10, 2016 @ 6:55 PM | Reply

  7. News suggesting that there is already a police state when it comes to the U S Constitution.

    Comment by baseball91 — June 13, 2016 @ 10:09 PM | Reply

  8. Meanwhile, back in Europe, on the 228th day of the new year, police in Vienna arrested 9 Iraqi men for a sexual assault on New Year’s Eve.

    Comment by baseball91 — August 16, 2016 @ 1:41 AM | Reply

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