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November 5, 2014

The Red States

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A writer is there to see the invisible, like the continued movement in America away from the city, in the movement away from the pain. In a split society where people do not want to hear, a generation had moved to the suburbs. In the suburbs, the Democrats cannot either hear or be heard. blood

Living in the still “Separate but Equal America” with all of the new technology, there are the Farm states. Were these really this morning Red or Blue states, or black and white states? It was from a historical perspective about more than race, in post-war America with the geography in the story to stay separate from the world, but to no longer care? The Farm states had so few elected Democrats.

After six years, the real story is about a president of color who does not try to meet half-way the opposition. Concerning the visible and the invisible, there was a little more visibility about the little difference between the Democrat and the Republican. With his failed background as a community organizer, the man who professed to present “Hope and Change” was a fraud. He could not bring people together. There is a universal problem of formulae which produce disengaged leadership if not unengaging leaders, in the systems financed by big money. “Stay away from my state,” was the refrain of the Congressional Democrats during this campaign. The British did not like him, the Israelis did not like him, the elected members of Congress did not like his arrogance. And now the message was clear that the electorate did not like him for the so little change that had taken place since the days of George W. Bush. Why would his supporters show up at the polls?

Yes the Republicans had stymied any attempts to pass legislation for the past two years and now campaigned with slogans about the logjam which they had all along planned to create. And the majority of voters responded with the prayer again for some kind of change from the kind of leadership that this constitutional government was failing to provide in this fast changing world. Surrounded by all the increases, the pain was living in this kind of stasis.

From the pregnant pauses called elections, voters could all feel like a pregnant woman contending with her increasing size, with the hope to deliver something new. In a still born — not stillborn– nation, the Civil War could not be hidden by the modern description of the media who talked about red and blue states, instead of black and white states. The United States was still contending with its past – The Louisiana Purchase, the Continental Divide, the Missouri Compromise, the Kansas-Nebraska trade-off – as you looked at the new reconstructed map this morning. Despite the new technologies, the map was still mostly black and white, with the same isolation issue of one hundred years ago, only present on domestic issues. This next Congress would determine the degree of feeling, the milk of human kindness left in the farm states, with the hope that those states do not go red from spilled blood from stirred feeling over the so little ever change.

The map from the above link, which I discovered two hours after writing this post, communicates quickly what the talking heads take hours to tell you.

2016 POST SCRIPT:The same Red and Blue states were working last week on the Bexit vote, per the attached link.



  1. The same Red and Blue states were working last week on the Brexit vote, per the attached link.

    Comment by baseball91 — June 29, 2016 @ 2:30 PM | Reply

  2. Joseph Daniel Hudek III
    born May 12, 1960
    4107 W Empedrado Street
    Tampa FL 33629
    Since 2008, a registered voter as a Republican Party s

    His son, Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, just got arrested in Seattle.

    Comment by baseball91 — July 8, 2017 @ 10:44 AM | Reply

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