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September 10, 2014

Scottish Spirits Come Forth

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In Scotland, pay attention to the long-been-forgotten stories once so intensely local which had helped to mark each townland as so SEPARATE. And in this old world, the closer and the closer you get to the Native People, the more powerful the stories become.

Fear moved a people here. And everyone has always kept moving. Longannet was the last deep mine of any significance in Scotland and its 2000 closure effectively ended underground coal mining in Scotland, leaving the ghosts undisturbed.

There is the historic threat of terror in these parts which comes from invisible force … from outsiders and insiders. Did you see the irony in the voiced concern over the pound, should Scotland try to maintain monetary union with the pound, just like the United Kingdom had once tried with the constitutional basis of European Union, as the Maastricht Treaty led to the creation of the euro?

Power, as “they” took over as the Queen/King of Time and Place and land. This landscape does not speak to strangers, taking what is not, was not, yours to take – more than money, more than land, but a Spirit. Did you ever hear the echo in the bagpipe music of the ghosts of long ago? From the Highlands come the echoes from those original sky-scapers. Who did not believe in ghosts in Scotland, other than perhaps the deaf and hearing impaired?

Ghosts. From the upheaval of the ghosts, the name Seibara means “magical being,” cognate with Old Gaelic síabair which means “a spectre, phantom or supernatural being” usually in a pejorative sense.

The Scots are immersed in a TIME and PLACE which forms their own identity, as these Scots would be voting about a homeland. There is all the seen and the unseen in the question of how to protect your roots … and borders — those silently moving borders. Motivated by fear to stay within borders, this is the third election on independence since the late 1970s, after the land had been taken away from the first born sons?

Said one nameless security guard, who asked the journalist from Reuters not to be named, “David Cameron is a swear word up here.”

Stories, local stories, matter to the Scots and had always been a powerful tool. Pay attention to the long-been-forgotten stories once so intensely local which had helped to mark each townland as so SEPARATE. And in this Old World, the closer and the closer you get to the Native People, the more powerful the stories become.

Fear moved a people here, where the past was entrusted to you. Or the secrets were. Like to coal miners. Listen to your ghosts over the questions how to preserve the past, in this place to settle down the inner spirits.

It was under the premiership of Edinburgh-born Tony Blair that the Scottish Parliament was created following a referendum on devolution; critics from within the Labour Party have blamed his legacy for alienating Scottish Labour voters and spurring the rise of Scottish National Party. Wasn’t it under Tony Blair that the Scottish people had been listened to?

There is a certain hovering connected to Spirit, like upheaval following an earthquake, as the rare book that stirs the spirit – when the ghosts are set free. Ghosts have a largely unseen impact in the complex world, with so little consideration of what is underfoot, of earth and rocks and water.

There are a lot of politician without soul, allegedly delivering ‘us’ from evil. Landscapes do not speak to strangers, who were taking what was not, is not, yours to take – more than money, more than land, but a Spirit. When your peace was always disrupted by money and the markets of money.

Conceding that with his privileged background he is not the best person to win over Scots, Conservative David Cameron is in the land with one Scottish Conservative lawmaker out of the 59 elected to represent Scotland in Parliament in 2010.

Counting the cost, in the blame game of elections, with his visit to Edinburgh, David Cameron made no “street appearances.” Shakespeare’s Macbeth is set in Scotland, as evil was chosen as a way to fulfil an ambition for power, dramatizing the corrosive psychological and political effects of power. So wasn’t David Cameron in Scotland — was it his first visit? — really to save the political structure of the United Kingdom.

“We want OUR spirit back. Deliver us from evil. If not our lands, give us back our Scottish ghosts,” in the United Kingdom where the Scots have been leaning against the force of a dominant power for years, seldom reflected in the party of David Cameron.

It is so often forgotten in the modern world of technology that a PLACE and a TIME always formed the identity of a people. There were many contributing factors to an identity: language, music, currency, shared belief.

In the discussion of Identity, who does it belong – the hearts of Scotland but with heads in the United Kingdom — to whom did the soul ever belong? Have you ever spent much time around a young Brit born after 1965? Mostly you find ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ people, half in and half out, with little understanding of the power of bonds.

Somewhere in England is a wise human who would not give up the means of exchange to the European Union, bound to a past. The pound was one of British identity. There was strength of the pound which came from work and policies enacted “fighting” for valuation in the world. In the monetary wars, a currency was fighting every day for the community back home. How hard a nation fought for its currency, on the back of its workers.

In monetary war, the spirit of a currency was fighting the spirits missing in the euro – note the way the Chinese would not let its renminbi, the people’s currency, be bought by foreigners; an identity could not be purchased. In monetary war, the spirits of the pound sterling are fighting the spirits missing in the euro – much like the Chinese government allows only yuan and not the People’s currency to be held by foreigners. Outsiders cannot purchase the renminbi. In the European Union, like with the euro more and more, similar to religious belief of Europe, there was no THERE there, as evident in the banter of a politician.

There are spirits in a currency like the powers once found in a “Confessional State” in the days when a nation emblematically had a state religion, when royalty carried a veto right in a papal election. These days, a conversion disorder is a neurologic condition in which psychological stress is shown in physical functional ways… like in the euro.

In the ‘Belief without Borders’ world, the ‘bitcoin” in currency transactions reflects the growing movement of the “Spiritual But Not Religious” in a world of the unaffiliated, like currently all over a “Borders Without Belief” Britain. In the “Spiritual But Not Religious” world of a theology of the present, in denial of bonds to old religions, there is no longer a THERE there, so why would you stay there?

In the spirit of the ghosts of Scotland, it was the time to let go. As the United Kingdom faces the day that they choose to separate from the European Union or be asked to leave, the Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will need trading partners in both Ireland and Scotland like never before.

In the old stories of King Arthur and his Court, there is still somewhere across the hovering sea the magical being Seibara, cognate with Old Gaelic síabair which means “a spectre, phantom or supernatural being” usually in a pejorative sense. The Scottish people are still in contemplation about the ongoing battle of capturing or being captured, theologically engaged to the spirital direction of their own ghosts.

Power. If you have ever felt a sensation inside a vehicle while either hydroplaning or in a snowstorm, of the tires, you could feel the movement of the polls in Scotland. Where it is as if the spirits have taken control of your tires and would be delivering you to a destination. It is not David Cameron at the steering wheel, but that of an old Scottish spirituality which came from the old coal mines and from the Highlands, with all the old fluctuations in the Spirits which have been allowed to float — with an increased consciousness about their hovering. KilchurnCastle

In Scotland, the past is always with you, entrusted to you — or the secrets were. Thus, the momentum is building on the side of independence which is the cause of the Scottish National Party … and of homeland security for the  alleged contained ghosts of Scotland. Let the power of the holy ghosts of Scotland lead this land!

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    “Something that is yours forever,” wrote Chaim Potok, “is never precious.”

    Power. When you are born into something. When you as a child had no choice and you had to live with it in the outside world, in the inside world. When at one point in life you were able to run away, and in a sense discover your own inner power, but you now at this point could not run away.

    Queen Elizabeth has come forth with her wistful opinion concerning the vote on Scottish independence. The queen is not a registered voter on this question. This queen is still living in a marriage arranged by her parents …. sixty years later. And as an adult, if you came from a society based upon arranged marriage, you might at some point question some things … like whether you still believe in this spouse chosen by your parents? When a child had no choice. These were the same question of Scottish independence. It was a vote about the old world, when such men took mistresses and lived out of the borders of marriage. When the plebs in your kingdom never had marriage forced upon them, you had no way of knowing how they still felt about the old world … of imposition. If you were a queen, the people politely had to listen to you, even when 58 out of 59 of the seats in Parliament were not from the party of the Tories (Conservatives) and you lived somewhere where your had been so seldom listened to. The queen did have that innate female fear of rape and its lifetime consequences. When society tried to force something on you. When the Scots were no longer living in this “Fiddler On the Roof” world of Queen Elizabeth.

    In a vote about true love, the Scottish people this week would be able to decide.

    Comment by baseball91 — September 11, 2014 @ 5:03 PM | Reply

  2. March 2, 2017…. “Seeking to head off calls for a second Scottish independence referendum, Prime Minister Theresa May said that such move would “wrench Scotland out of its biggest market” at a Tory conference in Glasgow. Theresa May insisted that “logic and facts” were on the side of the United Kingdom, declaring that “we are four nations, but at heart one people.”

    Single malt? One? It is of note that the ghosts of Glasgow- compared to the city of Edinburgh – carry much more of the tension of the past, better recognized by the world about the Green Isle across the sea, in the battle over the split in Church from the Crown. And the Tories, the party of Ms. May, carry so little weight because of the past, per the vote totals, in Scotland. Because of a treatment in the past. And the memory of such treatment.

    Comment by baseball91 — March 3, 2017 @ 10:07 AM | Reply

  3. and now comes the tension of another vote, whether to seek legal separation from the acclaimed United Kingdom, per the motion filed by Nicola Sturgeon.

    After all the splitting, there is this duality of a single entity, a reflection of the contrasts which the Scot shows at every turn, in their political and ecclesiastical history, in their polemical restlessness, in their adaptability, which is another way of saying that they have made allowance for new conditions, in their individual practical judgement, which is the admission that two sides of the matter – is a key driving force in Gaelic literature, just as it appears especially prominently in the tartan noir genre. Dueling Caledonian Antisyzygy refers to the “idea” of contrasts between their Britishness and Scottishness, Highlands and the Lowlands, Protestantism and Catholicism. So these works dwell on the duality of the soul; the nature of good and evil; issues of redemption salvation and damnation among all other themes.

    Comment by baseball91 — March 13, 2017 @ 12:53 PM | Reply

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