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January 19, 2014

But where is the Lamb?

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But where is the lamb?

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Yes it is Sunday in the District of Colombia. Speaking of themes of co-ordination, in an orchestrated move calling attention away from any questioning of why all the secret courts much less the breaches into the constitutional rights of American citizens, Mike Rogers, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee on “Face the Nation,” along with Dianne Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee on “Meet the Press,” suggested that while employed at an national security agency facility in Hawaii, Edward Snowden MAY have been working for a Russian spy service.

The United States government which in June 2013 filed espionage charges against Snowden is now concerned that because Snowden was forced to seek asylum, he was forced to store information somewhere after he let Hawaii. The United States government speculates that he has stored data by an Internet cloud service, with questions about access to the information. So by filing charges and putting Snowden in a position as an alleged traitor, it is the the United States government – with thinking like the Democrat Senator from California – that created an exposure of data while Mr. Snowden is in Russia under temporary asylum. In vilifying the messenger, some voters might ignore all of the spying that have been done under the auspices of a police state, with NSA letters that took away voices. If their concern is “Russian agents” may have access to secrets, my concern was that my nation was becoming like the Soviet system that existed under Lenin and Stalin. When absolute power absolutely corrupts and, if it does not always repeats itself, history does rhyme.

Based upon her private detection which might be from her own stash of classified documents, neither Senator Feinstein, the staunch defender of the NSA’s programs, nor Congressman Mike Rogers offered evidence for making such a sweeping allegation in this updated version of red-baiting. With her own access to material, the Democrat from California did not express a concern how such a well-financed National Security System with 16 different agencies could have such leaks in the dike, where the security breach included 1.7 million intelligence files.

“He stole things that had nothing to do with privacy,” said Mike Rogers about the things that Snowden took in the heist.

This, said the head of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers, has “nothing to do with Americans’ privacy, a lot to do with our operations overseas.” So why was all of this sensitive material put on computer? What was a third party contractor doing being allowed access to information about the vital operations of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force? What has the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the the head of the House Intelligence Committee been doing for the past ten years, not asking these kinds of questions. At the time of his January 2009 inaugural, there were concerns expressed about Mr. Obama using a Blackberry on issues of adequate encryption.

There is a very sacred story that has this quote, “where is the lamb?” And the unseen answer is that the lamb always involves the next generation. The Intelligence Community which has known all about the creation of the internet system has been negligent, and the search for sacrificial lambs by the spin doctor in Washington might take the spotlight off their own ineptness of a branch of government that was collaborating with the executive branch so no one could ask questions. It was David Barron, a nominee for the federal bench in Boston, who wrote the memo for the Justice Department rationalizing killings of U S citizens in a new form of capital punishment, without any ‘due process.’ Via drone strikes. On the doctrine of ‘probable cause” for drone strikes on US citizens. And the Obama Administration, led by a professor of constitutional law, wanted David Barron to be deciding cases in the future, judging the actions of the executive branch as more and more the United States was moving to be a police state, in the United States of Secrets.

In further plans for co-ordination of the branches of government in the way of deception which threatened the constitution of the United States, David Barron is the John Yoo of the Obama Administration which is now attempting to add the judicial branch to collaborate on constitutional issues like the Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinsteins of Congress have been doing for more than twelve years. (Mike Rogers, who has announced his retirement from Congress, will be bringing his views to the Fox News broadcast for years to come.) The privacy issues that the NSA is involved with have nothing to do with SECURITY, in the vernacular of National Security Agencies, but everything to do with human rights and civil liberty as fathers and mothers were sacrificing liberty so that their children for the short-term could be secure. Did this feel so much like the way Wall Street now concentrates on quarterly returns on investment rather than looking out at the long-term expectations?

And where will the lamb be — the VICTIM, your own kid — then? If not slaughtered?

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  1. Journalism is about speaking not to those in power, but reporting on the truth. By disseminating illusion, instead of the Truth, a narcissism had become entrenched in the American narrative as a generation tried to believe in its own culture, like a false art.

    Those “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” have shown unless a wrong is named and addressed, its harmful effects will be passed on to future generations. In a suburban society with less and less community, with a need to set play-dates for their children because their friends lived so far away, over time that society came to reflect a world that its people grew up in. In a world where America would lose its allies.

    I am disappointed by the elected, by the media, but mostly by own friends who are left completely unmoved by the revelation of our government which spies from the heavens on its citizens … unaccountable government which fights revelations of “how” along with all the followup questions with regard to budgets which fight “terror” for its citizens. There is an inside threat here, and it is to those who remain spiritually motionless on matters of the seen and the unseen. It is the job of a journalist to explain any faith in the power of a government which spies on its own citizens. In the end, the threat to a nation came from the cold-hearted neighbor who did not even care about what your cell phone was doing to a story-telling people.

    How am I diffferent from my father and his beliefs? Why have I gone away? How am I different from my mother and her beliefs? As inequality threatens once again stability, in a fear-based world, institutions like government have become so fear-based.

    Edward Snowden has said that before leaving Hong Kong, he handed all his NSA data to journalists from media outlets including The Guardian. It would seem that the Congressional Intelligence Chairs should be able to figure out that eBay founder Pierrre Omidyar — who is the employer of Glenn Greenwald, the journalist lawyer working on behalf of The Guardian to publish the Snowden revelations — might be the financial backer for the release of all this information.

    To become what you never wanted to be: a bully, an abuser. From those willing to sacrifice civil liberties, essentially traitors to the foundation of journalism under the First Amendment, to name the book burners: financial columnist for The New York Times Andrew Ross Sorkin has said, “I would arrest [Snowden] and now I’d almost arrest Glenn Greenwald.” A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, “Too Big To Fail” Sorkin was named in 2008 by Vanity Fair as one of 40 new members of the “Next Establishment.” He is joined on the list of servants to political power in the incestuous media circles – like Charlie Rose – by “MODERATOR” of ‘Meet the Press,” David Michael Gregory, whose show has regularly placed third among the three Sunday morning news shows, with ratings falling to their lowest in 21 years. And read his WIKIpedia page to discover how little ethics he has while using his show for a political platform, so indifferent to corruption on the part of those in power but not to those who expose that corruption.

    Fighting transparency, Congressman Peter King of New York suggested, on the theme of American bullies, that Edward Snowden along with Glenn Greenwald should be arrested for his reporting on the NSA PRISM program.

    In the way of heroes, not quite on the same level as Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.), there is, in the network, Representative Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland, a ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence who has said, “…since this incident occurred with Snowden, we’ve had three different hearings for members of our Democratic Caucus, and the Republican Caucus. And we will continue to do that, because what we’re trying to do now is to get the American public to know more about what’s going on.”

    In 2002, the Maryland General Assembly had significantly altered its 2nd Congressional District by shifting most of its share of Harford County to the 1st and 6th districts. In its place, the Maryland legislature added a heavily Democratic portion of Baltimore City that had previously been in the 1st District, turning the 2nd Congressional District from a swing district into a strongly Democratic district. It was an open secret that the district was drawn for Dutch Ruppersberger in his first run for Congress, vying for the seat of a man who became the Republican Governor of Maryland.

    Before the world had heard about Edward Snowden, the international non-profit digital rights group The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) offered criticism of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, co-sponsored by Dutch Ruppersberger with Mike Rogers in April 2012, for a lack of civil liberties protections, claiming that it authorizes government surveillance of private communications and allows companies to hand over large amounts of personal information on their clients without a warrant or judicial oversight — gerrymandering the constitution of the United States.

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  2. every-man-in-this-village

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