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November 12, 2013

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

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Minsky With a true commander-in-chief instead of a community organizer, the US would have yesterday declared war on Leyte, sent in every troop in the Pacific and started feeding the people, turning over the process to the Filipino president when they were ready to take-over, until the overwhelmed National Grid Corporation of the Philippines  can get power restored. The situation in the Philippines seems like a replay of the Bush Administration response to Hurricane Katrina.

All these world leaders want to be in positions of power to call the shots, wanting control, but with such slow response time. Calling the shots on distribution…. meddling over who is paying and the system of paying, never addressing any reform of health care service. Reforming only the method of health care insurance premiums, and these rookies cannot handle the process. It was harder than community organizing. 

All over the world there were these bean counters in charge with their MBAs, and their slow response in time of trouble. So full of themselves, and their beans.

President Benigno Aquino’s pre-typhoon speech, like he is God, ended: “As always, no storm can bring a united Filipino people to its knees. It is my hope that we all stay safe in the coming days.”

And now his post-typhoon speech, with all communication cut, still sounding like he is God: “Ten thousand, I think, is too much,” he told CNN. “There was emotional drama involved with that particular estimate.” He doesn’t know how to say he doesn’t know. “We’re hoping to be able to contact something like 29 municipalities left wherein we still have to establish their numbers, especially for the missing. But so far, 2,000 about 2,500 is the number we are working on as far as deaths are concerned.” With 660,000 people displaced, with little access to food, water or medicine, the death toll is sure to rise.

When you have brought to your knees by God. What happens to animal spirits when there is growing mistrust over the slow response?  When my own government spies, even on our allies, but in time of trouble spectates?

As “self-sufficient” leaders so used to pretending to be in control, fool themelves into thinking they are in control. Here are the masters of my fate; and there are the masses, sending up only furtive pleas when at wit’s end. Then when I am “saved,” my first thought is, “Whew!” — “business as usual” follows initial relief … until I remember the Divine help, I had. On to the next crisis. Living in the ungrateful world, as the world loses the sense of a small child.

Life and death, with real power to respond. In my town you needed a license to address life and death with power of a united people on its knees. On the fourth day of recovery from typhoon Yolanda, what is anyone doing to get troops in cooking food for people who lost everything?….EVERYTHING!

To respond. Wanting control over enforcement, over fertility, over currency, over the future, with all the fears back over politicians who want
control of the world, but with such slow response time that is costing people’s lives.  

In building community, did you note the mutual distrust in the times of shortages?  Surely the NSA has known for the past four days how desperate this situation is. 

Meanwhile, speaking of sensitive world leaders, 644 Filipinos, including 455 women and 189 children, are waiting to be deported from Saudi Arabia  by the Saudi government after a crackdown on undocumented workers.  

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  1. The counted dead as of December 12, 2013 was 6,008, with nearly 1,800 people still unaccounted for. The dead toll is up since the November 22 accounting, then “officially” more than 5,200. And the president has clearly been humbled by what he has seen, even after firing the local government official who announced an estimate that 10,000 were dead.

    Comment by paperlessworld — November 23, 2013 @ 5:36 PM | Reply


    Of the proclaimed dead, what ever came of the thousands more missing? And there were then the MILLIONS who had been displaced.

    Comment by baseball91 — December 20, 2017 @ 1:10 PM | Reply

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