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July 20, 2012

Inquiring Minds Want to Know About the Riddler James E. Holmes

What exactly was the “process of withdrawing” when you were a graduate student at the University of Colorado in neurosciences? Doesn’t anyone just ever leave quietly any more? Did it take as long as a withdrawl from some of those overseas wars that George Washington warned us against?

How many members of the media think that a post-graduate degree in the neurosciences is equivalent to medical school? And the Denver Post was the only organization to locate a photo of James E. Holmes? The Denver Post seems to be the only news organization to be able to get a story fast. A 2006 graduate of San Diego’s Westview High School, James E Holmes lived at 1690 Paris Street in Apartment 10 in Aurora, CO 80010-2918. He grew up in the Rancho Peñasquitos neighborhood of San Diego whee he was incorrectly described as a well-mannered young man who was heavily involved in a local Presbyterian church; the Holmes family worshiped at Penasquitos Lutheran Church in San Diego. His high school opened in 2002 initially to ninth and 10th graders only. To see his high school graduation photo, click on the SANDIEGO6, a FOX news website. Holmes then attended the University of California-Riverside, which is a public research university where he graduated with a BS in neuroscience in 2010.

UCDenver has forty-four percent of its 18,000 students enrolled in its graduate/professional programs. UCDenver issued an alert to its student body at 6 am: “You can expect to see increased activity on the Anschutz Medical Campus throughout the day as was well as a significant media presence on the campus. Traffic immediately around the hospitals is being controlled for limited access by the CU Denver Police Department and the security operations for the hospitals. In addition, the Aurora Police Department has closed East 17th Avenue between Peoria Street and Oakland Street. It is unknown when East 17th Avenue will reopen. Please avoid the area of East 17th Avenue and Peoria Street.”

So did this guy just get kicked out of school? And he was angry when he was being forced out of student housing, in a fairly rough neighborhood? Did the Pentagon really need to investigate what happened, or couldn’t just a good reporter figure out the story? The Washington Post actually answers that question. After taking his May comprehensive exams, studying neuroscience and mental disorder in ‘an appointment’ at UCDenver under a one-year Neuroscience Training Grant from the National Institutes of Health, Holmes reportedly did very poorly. An anonymous teacher said that UCDenver was not going to toss him out, but contemplated putting him on academic probation.


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