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April 2, 2011

A New Chapter in World Terror

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With all of the speed shown by the American presidents following Hurricane Katrina, or by British Petroleum to their own oil spill, is it a surprise highly radioactive water has spilled into the ocean from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex which has been spewing radioactivity since March 11th? Meanwhile, over the past three weeks Barack Obama announced the start to the third U.S. war in the Muslim world since September 11th. Maybe because he considered it “women’s work,” he even left it to his Secretary of State — who has announced she will not be returning for any new term after 2013 — to make the pronouncement of American airstrikes while she was in Paris. At the same time, the French president was claiming credit for leading airstrikes against Moammar Khadaffi when a few months ago he wanted to do more business with Kadaffi’s Libya.

At least Nicolas Sarkozy is cognizant of a cosmic crisis. It was Sarkozy who before he gets back home to address a burqa ban, called for a meeting of the G20 to meet the nuclear meltdown issue, while the American president and his secretary of state worried about a cosmetic pimple called Libya. The world was losing time, if not hope, with an American administration which had promised change, but escalated the military effort in Afghanistan which was inherited. And radio-active isotopes would soon be sailing the world’s oceans, as Democrats and Republicans worried about global warming, and Sarkozy got ready to see into the faces of all of his constituents.

The US military was busy assisting in looking for bodies, which might be good practice for what is to come, with the nuclear fallout into the seas. It might be time to look for some leadership from China, where the glamor of television stars might be in its infancy.


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