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March 21, 2011

Playing Dominos

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Issues of power and nationalism were the 20th Century European religions. Now there is the Arab tribal concern over European powers, with contributions by American cousins, leading the bombing over Libya. Because of power issues. When there would be a vacuum left, after the overthrow of Khaddafi — if the movement succeeds– with all of the news out of Yemen, and Bahrain, and Egypt. This was about the domino effect four generations after these borders had been drawn, upon no factual basis, after Europeans had been trying to create nations out of sand.

There are the moral hazards from nations with nationalism, in the systemic risk of nationalism, in a world with Patriot Acts and National Security Agency Letters, deliberately forbidding the discussion of all the moral hazards, Not unlike the world of credit derivatives.

The currency wars, with real bombs. Tsunamis, in the aftermath of the credit derivatives. In such a world of power, with so little transparency. But profiteers, borrowing more money than someone can afford to repay. With nations like the banks the world over, as stable as the nuclear power plant at Fukushima Daiichi.

Dropping bombs on another country, when soon citizens would need to capture the expense of all the spent bombs. And address power issues, after the overthrow of Khaddafi, if the movement succeeds. Muslims, wondering what nation to trust. Of these western people from such a different culture, more and more godless. With American presidents assuming war powers, no longer seeking votes for authorization from the other branches off government, whose representatives and judges might have received an NSA letters, and were not allowed to speak of anything. When, because a world leader seemed corrupt, for what he was doing to its own citizens, the Euorpean moved in with their bombs. To protect the citizens with passports who would never really be welcomed in Europe or America. With all of their western ideals, about democracy.

Counting the cost. Of systemic risk. The moral hazard of the missing transparency. What is the extent of our power to regulate, in an era of aggressive expansion? In those Arab nations created, with so little preparation by the missionaries of democracy. After living the good life, before the good life crashed, who was going to complain about the missing regulation over 35 years in Libya? In Yemen? In Bahrain. And in Egypt.

With so little warning, Europeans and their American cousins selling fighter planes to these nations created out of sand. Somehow paid for by the governments of Khaddafi, of Murabek. Now with all the potential for political meltdown, for ignoring the human needs of their people. With all the pretense in the pretend countries with fighter planes and growing nuclear arsenals.

With the Arab tribal concern, not much different than the clans in Afghanistan trying to divert western money, to build some kind of political base and destroy the threats for other tribal clans. When European powers and their American cousins, once the center of Judeo-Christian civilization, appeared to now be just another big tribal clan. And there soon would be another vacuum left, in a world to reconstruct like after any major war. In a world with less and less trust, and much more palpable anger.

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