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September 12, 2010

The New Environmental Protection Agency

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PHOTO from DummidumbwitFeel the anguish that came to those who spent time trying to know their spouse, or rather understand her/his thinking. This was the anguish that came to those who spent time trying to know their children who believed the government policy of Smokey the Bear.  “Only you can prevent forest fires.”  Or pregnancies. So don’t drink and light matches.

Feel the anguish that came to those who spent time trying to know your neighbor. The ones who had just moved in.  Or the folks who had only been here for five years, and still seemed new. Until everyone seemed new, after twenty years.  In my environmental.  Gender theorists say that people should be able to identify as male, female, in-between, neither or both, with schools teaching children that “gender is fluid,” that anyone should be able to choose to go back and forth between being a man or a woman. Stamp-out stereotypical gender-based divisions, beyond just the Schwengen area! Like the foundation of the European Union over the free movement of workers, this was sex beyond the Schwengen area, for New Age thinkers for the Millennials. In the New Millennium, in a world with a growing number of “nones,” with no political or religious affiliation.

So who was your neighbor? Who was the strange one? How had I been allowed to be looked upon by the younger neighbors as the strange one? Where everyone under thirty-years old believed in “Gender Equity.” And I was supposed to. When the concept was soon “grandfathered” in under the administration of the Environmental Protection Agency. Yet when man was not equal to deliver babies. And the women OBs did.

The Title 9 World. It was the law of the land.  in my environmental.  Gender Equity was picked up and spread by European and North American intellectuals as some kind of accoutrement like mustard, unchallenged in this day and age under the auspices of Western governments, spread via internet cafes around the Third World, by NGOs (non-governmental organizations), the European Union, the various U.N. agencies, and the European Parliament of Strasburg. Gender equity was relished in the new post-Darwin environmental science about creation, just as controversial as evolution had once been in the days of Darwin. The Western ideology of gender theory posits “human nature does not exist because the human being is merely the result of culture.”  So writes Tony Anatrella. The conflict in the story, in which everyone had a stake, was as much whether there was a God as much as whether or not “masculinity and femininity are mere social inventions,”  with the culture acting as the guiding force, directing the New World order which really was about the need for more income.  Gender equity is about having a share in capitalism.  And after the collapse of communism, gender equity was about the need for the woman to work outside the home, in a culture enslaved to consumption.  As the media – some powerful voices of media – were allowed in our homes and took control.  As if the greatest injustice in the world was not hunger, or life in Haiti, or in the devastated Congo, but gender equity.  Teaching in the Western world, on American college campuses, that men and women were the same – now this word from our sponsors.

Even if not True, gender theory appealed to more than 50% of the voters. Modern politicians as demagogues could not get elected unless they at least believed in Gender Equity.  And narcissistic people took to the cause. With emotional attachment.

Wrestling with identity, “gender equity” soon developed into Gender Theory.  So one day after seeing politicians, these same politicians, use the anniversary date of September 11th for their own personal cause, in the name of nationalism. If you did not, there was something wrong with you. And you could not be re-elected. Just as you could not get elected, especially as a Democrat, unless you believed in Gender Equity and abortion … and more and more, with Gender Theory.  Whatever it is that Gender Equity has come to mean. Somehow equated with the cause of birth prevention, in the days of the Environmental Protection Agency. In the aftermath of September 11th, I had come to recognize some of the things which the non-Western world dislikes about the imperialistic ways of Western media which invades their homes, night and day, without a warrant. When women could be as arrogant as men always had been–on putting fluorine in the water for everyone. Women were now taught to see under the one big umbrella as “reproductive rights,” as if fertility was a new invention which came only to those in the west who were politically active. Women who encouraged their sisters to be vigilant, as some kind of modern day Smokey the Bear, instructing Third World countries how to prevent forest fires and children. So population rates could reflect that of Europe, who economies were on the verge of a great downward spiral.

Gender equity. And the future. When civilization relied on women to have babies if a society would continue. When the world was not fair. And so the protest. Over reproductive rights and abortions. When the central focus was one of true meaning. Whether society and civilizations should be allowed to self-destruct. When war alone was inadequate to destroy civilization. (May I add Bud Selig’s name to the sentence about the destruction of civilization?)

Selling your soul. Men had always been allowed to self-destruct. The theme of selling your soul used to apply to men alone. In sport, in business. Have you ever seen the play “Damn Yankees”? As society wrestled with whether women should be so allowed.

It was part of their anguish that came to those who spent time trying to know their distant neighbors. Seeing women wrestle with their identity, with all of the same stages described by Kubler-Ross in her book, ON Death and Dying. The fears and the anger over fertility. The stages of death which had replaced life, in the name of gender equity. The anguish of the young ones whose teeth seemed whiter, whose grass seemed greener, but whose weeds were not visible. Only an acceptance of the forest if not the organic trees.

When civilization had become a woman’s issue. And smart men, who wanted a sense of peace in an anguished environment of clinical depression, just tried to get along and stayed silent. For now. About Gender Equity.  And feel the anguish that came to those who spent time trying to know their own kids who now believed in Gender Theory with its own gestation period  for human civilization, that had evolved out of Gender Equity.  

People tend to follow trends. People prefer to be surrounded by their own. Seen in white flight to the suburbs, in post-war American history.

There is invisible fear all around which is expressed in homophobia. Did you hear so many young people express passion about life-style? What is behind life-style, with an apathy about goodness? This is expressed as “the fear of being judged.” No one will dare ask the “What is wrong with you?” question if you surround yourself by others like you. In the so-called Age of Diversity.

Power. Civil rights? Or human ones? The discrimination lawsuits. There is the anger in this society over all the new protected classes. As special interest groups surround themselves, use social media, with people like them. And to take advantage of their secular power, “Government” then gets involved in private lives. Since churches will not. At least until recent times. And evangelicals and Muslims are demonized, by the media.

In the age of democracy people go to war over the Law and call it civilization. Bullying in different disguises, with their lobbyists in Washington. When the past is being sued. And people do not like change! When the world is not fair. As special interest groups bully back, within the Law. What is this perspective of a generation, as if gay relationships will ever change the world? When you leave not very much behind? The public proclamation about a private life that will come to an end, unless there are sperm banks, with all the irony that within the hatred of men by woman that a lesbian needs an honest sperm bank. Did you ever note the little mention of the equal number of misandrists in the world to the misogynists, in the challenge to create something long-lasting. Did you ever wonder about the balance for a child who grew up in a same-sex household? As that child tries to contend with the innocence that their parent had also once been born into.

There is trouble with taking sides, in history. Presented as meaningful evidence of what happens when churches take sides, in Spain, there were so many churches intentionally damaged in a civil war. It is what happens when churches take only one side. In that no one can legislate love or impose purity laws, there were 7000 priests executed in the Civil War in Spain that involved Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Social Studies. The blessed part, to the great unsettling. The connection of language to a LAND and its people. The language of art – not religion as much as a holiness connected to birth for a female; death for all of us. Dignified birth and dignified death, with various degrees of holiness. What happens in a society – with not half the world is interested in art – as a society tries to make women masculine … but some form of backlash? As sport, in another great unsettling, along with all the world became more violent. Yes, feel the anguish that came to those who spent time trying to know their family, or rather tries to understand their thinking.

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