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August 11, 2010

After Dayton’s Became Marshall Fields

Marshall Fields.

Brand names. Remember those green shopping bags from Marshall Fields? After all the leveraged buyouts. Minnesota got those green shopping bags, after the merger and acquisition. Even though Dayton’s had acquired Marshall Fields. All those mergers and acquisitions in the age of divorce. In the New Millennium. When the age was over, the DFL Party had been infiltrated by the rich. It has been 24 years years since the Democrat-Farmer-Labor candidate won the office of the governor.

Brand names, after the power struggle. In the New Millennium. Spending millions, to change your identity. After leveraged buy-outs. As the young ponder exactly what inheritance would be left. Those Marshall Fields’ shoppers had tried to come to grips with these same kind of changes twenty years ago.

Believing that the primary election was a more democratic method of choosing a candidate that the endorsement process, Matt Entenza and former Senator Mark Dayton competed against the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and Dayton appears to have won the primary election. Through July 27, 2010, Dayton had used only $2.76 million of his own money to finance the gubernatorial bid, where candidate Matt Entenza had spent $5 million of family personal spending that allegedly had come from his wife’s career at United Health. Together the three DFL candidates have spent more than $9 million to win position on the November ballot.

Through most of last night with the votes counted in metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul counties, DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher held a “strong” lead over “enigmatic department store heir” Mark Dayton, according to the Star Tribune description. Even though Dayton’s Department Store no longer exists. Dayton’s margin of victory reportedly grew early this morning when his totals from northern areas of the state helped overtake hers. With 99 percent of the vote counted, Dayton led Kelliher by more than 5,000 votes, though the Minnesota House Speaker had not yet conceded.

The great divide. In the New Millennium. Male versus female. Old versus young. Rich versus the rest. The ethics of it all. After the sexual revolution. All of the issues of gay marriage, abortion, medical marijuana. For now, the unity rally has been postponed.

Millions for your campaign, and then the millions from your tax base, without limits. Without controls. As the federal government had quit regulating the corporations funding the system. Those grass root movement, with the heirs of the pot smoking generation. When grass root movements seemed forever dead. When the system, the manufacturing part, had seemed to move to China. And all that was left of the Machine was the budget deficits.

The superficial, all of the superficial, with their superficial bleeding. And then having to live in such a superficial world, with the bleeding. No wonder a candidate suffered depression.

The great divide. The great divide. Yale University. The goalie on Yale’s varsity hockey team. Was he a fraternity brother there at the time of George W. Bush when he joined Delta Kappa Epsilon? Married to the fourth child of John D. Rockefeller the 3rd. It sounded like a story of The Great Gatsby.

Long since divorced from Alida Rockefeller, the sister of Senator Jay Rockefeller. More recently, after six years of the bubbling Bush Administration when a liberal coherent voice was needed in the U S Senate, (when he opposed the War in Iraq) he was named in April 2006 “the blunderer” by Time magazine. At the time he was rated as one of America’s “Five Worst Senators,” Dayton himself gave himself along with the entire Senate an F for progress. Having lost in the 1998 gubernatorial primary, Dayton was elected to the U. S. Senate, after spending nearly $12 million of his own money in 2000 to win this job. In that 2000 campaign, he stated in financing future campaigns, he would not “do the same.” Retiring from the Senate, he had cited his dislike of fundraising for political campaigns. Not unlike shoppers trying to come to grips with the change twenty years before, Dayton elected to retire rather than adapt to the change of the modern political world of change, in the always need for money.

Described this morning by Rachel Stassen-Berger, as an enigmatic department store heir, with a spotlight on his people skills, in current times of budget deficits which left an acrimony between Republicans and Democrats like that seen between Palestinians and Israelis. Not that Republican candidate Tom Emmer is any better. He seems worse.

The DFL Party had been infiltrated by the rich, since not many farmers, not many laborers, have ever been rich enough to spend a  fortune to hold political office.  With the ultimate Republican principle of spending your own money, when you could not or would not attempt to raise campaign funding from others. Was that the ultimate arrogance of it all?

Dayton had been a one-time legislative assistant to U S Senator Walter Mondale. Former Vice-President Walter Mondale was campaigning this week for DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher who had played by the rules. Did the one-timeformer State Attorney General have a similar experience in his life in 1962?

Union member Michael Lefkowitz of St. Louis Park was quoted today as believing Dayton, “stands for the little guy.” Maybe Michael believed the lead in the Star Tribune, or just all of the commercials. The lead of the story was “Kelliher’s DFL endorsement was ‘no match’ for Dayton’s experience and name recognition.” With more than 600,000 votes cast, Dayton had won by little more than 5,000 votes,

After the mergers and acquisitions in the age of divorce. City versus rural, north versus south, the State of the Union in these once United States. In the New Millennium. The unity rally scheduled for 11 am was, for the time being, postponed.

POST SCRIPT: In following any talk of future ballparks in Minnesota, with the inauguration of the new governor, where new stadiums seem to take shape with a gestation period of a new born, it is worth noting the son of Gwendolen May Brandt and Bruce Bliss Dayton was related to Andy MacPhail, in a step relationships. The governor’s mother (who did pass away in November 2002) had married Leland MacPhail, the former president of the American League and the father of Andy MacPhail. So Mr. Dayton was somewhat acquainted with the ins and outs of stadium talk. And as a sidelight, the philanthropy of Bruce Dayton is a profound story of philanthropy.

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  1. A lot of Google searchers have ended up here to figure out the relationship of the Minnesota governor to Andy Macphail. In his ten years as general manager, the record of his teams, as Andy left for Chicago, showed five more wins than losses. Working for the Minnesota Twins. And do not look at the records in the next three years thereafter! Yikes! In what he left behind, speaking of his philanthropy, near the back door exit from the Halls. In perspective, was Andy Macphail really the engineer of what came to be the offer of $150 million to contract the franchise, if you believed in conspiracy theories …. and the Pohlads did prefer the money at the time, before Judge Crump ruled on the matter? And Major League Baseball, the Commissioner and former American League President who might have had something to do with the initial job offer in 1986, went along with the idea, of contraction, after all the years of expansion. Why would you let a genius leave? And if you remember the 1990s, why would you put him in your Hall of Fame?

    Comment by baseball91 — August 21, 2017 @ 12:30 PM | Reply

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