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June 10, 2010

$9 Million Second Baseman with his .230 Batting Average Pops Off

Mariners second baseman Chone Figgins raising his batting average to .230 on Tuesday after going three for four. And after a great night, when asked about his disappointment in being dropped to ninth in the batting order after the first 56 games of the season, Figgins criticized manager Don Wakamatsu.

The 32-year old one-time All-Star said, “I think I’ve about earned enough respect as a player. I’m still battling and I’m doing good. I should stay where I was hitting.”

Apparently Figgins brought to the Mariners not only his $9 million salary for 2010, but a growing talent as bench coach when his playing days are over. “I’ve been getting on base, I’ve been hitting the ball pretty good,” said the $9 million free-agent acquisition, with his batting average of .230. “Obviously, it has something to do with me.”

“I come to play every single day,” Figgins said. “No matter the situation or anything. I come to play every time.”

After Monday’s 4-2 victory over the Rangers, he wasn’t frustrated by Wakamatsu’s decision, he said. “I’m never frustrated. The fact is I come to play every single day. I never get frustrated with anybody.”

Manager Don Wakamatsu informed reporters before the game that the lineup switch wasn’t focused upon Figgins. “Obviously, it’s me,” Figgins said. “It doesn’t matter. Anybody that has ever known me or watched me play this game….no matter where you hit me, first, second or 10th…..I’m going to come to play. If I come off the bench, I’m going to play 110 percent. There’s not anybody in this game who can take that away from me.”

So what Chone Figgins, in the first year of a four-year $36-million contract, do you do now?

“Same thing I do all the time….come to play every day. You’ve seen that tonight. Every time that something happens, he took me out the first time….he pinch-hit here….And I still come to play. That’s not ever going to change. And there ain’t nobody in the front office or in this game or any part of what this game is all about can tell me any different. They will never see any different from me by coming to play.”

“I’m motivated every day,”Figgins said, with three-and-a-half years left of a four-year $36-million contract. “Like I’ve said before, there’s nobody who can ever doubt what I do on the field.

“I don’t have anything to say. The fact is, I come to play.”

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