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May 19, 2010

The Spill-over

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That oil rig, Deepwater Horizon. And the oil spill. These gigantic mobile oil rigs. Was the story just a replay of September 2008, and TARP money? When it had reached the point where only the oil industry knew how to address the problem of the leak. The gigantic leak. A lot like that bailout put together by Henry Paulson? Or so we were told. A leak that was threatening to destroy the way of life of the coastline from Louisiana to Maine.

What was the scale of the problem? This all sounded to be the same story as the Troubled Asset Relief Program. And there would be government’s maximum exposure, like there was to financial institutions. As we still were calculating the cost of worldwide rescue of banks. Because in the New World Order, governments everywhere thought they had created the world. And leaders used television to convince the rest of us of the Truth. Showing up at every disaster. To show us who was in charge. Then having those CEOs appear to testify at a Senate Panel. Like the CEO of BP. Served up at the Senate grille. And then he was back home.

British Petroleum. A private company that all too soon could vanish, the way Arthur Anderson had. For not doing their job to professional expectations. And the people were left with mess. With a lot of former Senators, who had not been doing their job, watching from afar.

What was it about men and woman running for public office who never read the job description. Where the job description of public service, was supposed to involve looking out for the public. To bring order. Was the cause of panic and bank runs, the people who quit serving the real public? The real people.

I wanted the real world back. I wanted a president who did not sound like a plaintiff attorney making his opening argument in a products liability lawsuit. Addressing fault. While no one addressed the real damage. All these legislative lawyers who could not get a handle on the damages. I wanted a president who did not sound like a defense attorney making his closing argument, trying to limit the amount of the damage award. With all the men and women who oversaw the watchdogs in the federal government overseeing the oil industry -like the Coast Guard. Real watchdogs already in place. But leaders who needed oil money and bank moneys to get elected. To finance the commercials on television. On networks like NBC or cable TV, like my own cable company Comcast.

Versus. Owned by Comcast, with an an NHL deal, also giving Comcast part ownership of a U.S. version of NHL Network. And then there was Fox Sports. Now with 25% ownership of the Colorado Rockies. With speculation in Texas, that Fox Sports wanted to buy a share of the Texas Rangers. The team owned by creditors. In relation to troubled assets. A team which George Bush operated after he left the oil industry. Before turning to politics. How much credibility was there with all these team partners broadcasting baseball games? How much truth was left any more. In baseball? In television? In government, after the elections? Did you watch the Olympic broadcast from Beijing? How truthful was networks news on NBC about the happenings in China?

In a world with pretend banks, there was all this pretending by elected officials. By the incumbents. On television. With their votes on pretend dollars for those pretend banks that all needed rescue. To keep those bubble inflated.

And so the elections in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana. After Massachusetts elections. It was the morning after, once again, when the hot air was gone. For a while. With Democrats and Republicans unable to continue to meet the needs of customer base. Both retail and commercial. With watchdog working like Maytag repairmen? On the old commercial.

The “gang” problem had come to a neighborhood near you. When only the oil industry knew how to address the problem of the leak, and government just keep letting British Petroleum attempt to fix the problem. The gangs were in charge.

There was this ongoing failure by the government to address the U.S. financial system, in banks and in oil. With a system of government, financed by lobbyists, Congress and presidents, Republicans and Democrats, let financial institutions concoct a fix to the problem that in their greed they created? And those salaries paid to the CEOs, so far above the real working people.

In a world with street smarts, you learned eventually of all the deceit. In a world of pretend banks, no one who owned a home with a mortgage would escape the “pretend” world, with late charges and fees for late payment to the voters who had somehow been forced to save banking institutions. No one has been searching for individual wrong-doers in a world of institutional wrong dealing. When too much of their media holdings like the old brothel down the street, 100 years ago. Now with franchises everywhere.

The results of the elections last night were a lot like the investigation of Tom Petters, commented by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Marti yesterday. “”We didn’t know who were wearing the white hats and who were wearing the black hats.

Apparently government officials are having a hard time distinguishing the hat colors. About 180 Gwinnett County employees in suburban Atlanta are being asked to return thousands of dollars the county says they were overpaid 16 years ago. And to recover $76 million in over-payments, Hennepin County District Judge Janet Poston’s ordered 563 beneficiaries of a firefighter fund to repay an average of about $43,000, while 860 retired police officers or their survivors were to repay an average of $60,000 to the city.

The spills. The urgency that went with spills. And overpayment by government. Of tax dollars. Those feelings of abandonment. When no one -NO ONE- was watching out for my interests. Seeing beyond the illusions. Into the waters around the Deepwater Horizon and the after-affects of an oil spill. Government might figure it out in 16 years. Unless voters try to implement some other way to clean all of this up. How long did it take to move these gigantic mobile oil rigs?

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