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March 22, 2010

The Love Boat

“A little nervous,” about his return. Tiger Woods was a little nervous, on how his fans would react. When he returned. Like he had many fans left. I wonder if he was “a little worried” about Elin, and how she would react when he returned.

Relevance. In the land of beauty, if not truth. Health care reform in Lala Land. Planned by community organizers. Years after the Love Boat was canceled. Someday the Love Boat had to return to land. In the world of reality TV, somehow this bill had passed.

Ah, the need for good rating, when there still was a television network to operate. In the Age of Beauty, this golfer was a real beauty. CBS would be airing much of the Masters golf tournament in April, where Tiger Woods returns to the game. “Depending on the specifics, we are interested in an extended interview without any restrictions on CBS,” said CBS Sports spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade.

Tiger was giving a 5 minute limit this week to the Golf Channel. For an interview. Maybe like he planned to give to his old swarm of swarmy friends. ESPN took him up on the limited offer. Saying the chance to get Tiger Woods on the record answering questions for the first time was more important than a five-minute time limit, ESPN was there. Their purpose was entertainment and sports. It was what the initials stood for. Not unlike the hired help that Tiger had gone in pursuit for his entertainment. But ESPN was allowed to choose its reporter for the interview. Golf reporter Tom Rinaldi went. Hey, but ESPN made no agreement on what could or could not be asked, Rinaldi said. Woods’ representatives offered the interview to ESPN on Thursday, in response to a long-standing request for a one-on-one, said Vince Doria, the network’s senior vice president and director of news.

In response to a long-standing request for a one-on-one, said Vince Doria, ESPN senior vice president and director of news, Woods’ representatives offered an interview to ESPN on Thursday. The sleaze was still visible. Maybe that was why former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer had elected to withdraw from the paid services of Tiger Woods, according to his e-mail to the Associated Press. Perhaps he already had given enough years in his life, in service o his country, to having to address sex issues of other clients.

Ah, limited truth. Health care reform. For the uninsured. For those who try to use emergency rooms for primary care. What would be covered? Dental insurance? Were not my teeth part of my body? And what about treatment programs for addicts? Would that be covered? Funded by the working public. Why not?

The new society, modeled after the world of Europe at the start of a new century. Modeled upon the Europe that was dying. Modeled upon an urgency not unlike getting Tiger on the record answering questions for the first time. This Congress that was not unlike the last session which had passed funding for TARP legislation. Speaking of sleaze. And the $787-billion package of tax cuts and spending in the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The first Recovery Act before this one.

“A little nervous.” I think the majority of Americans this morning were, like Tiger, just a little nervous. Worried about the day the Love Boat returned to the real world. Those first days back after going through recovery. In the days of hope and change, we were all a little nervous. Over how this all would work out. With all the friendliness of those people conducting IRS audits, only this time reviewing my health care. Speaking of docs. As the Love Boat was hoping to find port. A lot seemed to have changed. At home. Since the Love Boat departed.

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