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July 15, 2009

Professions and Professionals

It was the age of enhancements.

Those women in the movies. Those athletes in the all-star games.
Enhancements might only attract attention for a short while. That was the nature of enhancement while the human mind figures out what was underneath the next layer.

Ascending into the ranks of the elite, surrendering to individual, partisan, and class interests, people no longer try to preserve their ethnic heritage. Or their belief system. That was the secular world. Those were my thoughts listening to the hearings of a nominee for the U .S Supreme Court.

David Brooks wrote in the New York Times this week that the lure of work provides an organizing purpose and identity. “Until the strains of a multicultural establishment become visible. You see the way that people not only choose a profession, it chooses them. It changes them in a way they probably didn’t anticipate at first.”

Ascension into the ranks of the elite. Business that cut back workers. Parking lots now with money slots instead of attendants. Every business with voice mail instead of real people. The Microsoft world. Where even the armed forces lived and died by computer outages, susceptible to hackers in North Korea. Young people with priceless educations susceptible to outsourcing in India or the Philippines.

The outward signs were there that our institutional arrangements seem to be failing the community. The signs were all around us. In world with too many divorces, more cohabitation, where the equilibrium was lost pursuing self-interests at the cost of the common good. Too many leaders who were not leading. Because the electorate can no longer come together. In board rooms across the country, in state houses, and on Capitol Hill, there was the pursuit of self-interests.


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