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February 27, 2009

Earthquake in Denver


I had this daydream that I woke up to a Beattles song. “I read the news today. Oh Boy…..Woke up. Got out of bed. Ran a comb across my head….”

Tracy Ringolsby was interviewed by Pat Reusse at 7 am from Tucson, where he was when the last edition of the Rocky Mountain News came out. He will be increasing the number of columns for from one to two per week. He will be doing a pre-game show for the Rockies broadcast for either 104 broadcasts or 140 (I forget what he said.) And he talked about Scripts Newspapers, which have no debt and only one newspaper losing money. No one there was surprised that ownerships did not tolerate operating a paper at a loss. The Rocky Mountain News was the oldest corporation in Colorado, at 150 years in April. He also said it was the most profitable newpaper operated in Denver. What most impressed him was the quality of his co-workers’ work product to the end, even though they have known for 3 months that the plug was going to be pulled.

Beginnings are not as easy to know as endings, wrote Bernie Lincicome.       

Though they have known for 3 months that the plug was going to be pulled, the writers kept going about their business. In the face of economic death. With the same quality that was there, day in and day out. 

Where was that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club LP?


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