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February 23, 2009

In The Digital Age


The digital age has been put on hold.  Due to an economic hurricane in the northern hemisphere. 


In the age of media, the world had lost a lot of its freshness.  With recorded music.  With things on “tape.” 


The recorded age of sound and video.  It had changed a generation.  Actually two or three generations.  The idea of nostalgia centers more and more on songs, television, and movies.  And nostalgia has an affect with the world of sports which have been recorded.  Actors, actresses, quarterbacks, pitchers, are the new gods, having had their images on the walls of youth, replacing statues and/or icons of holy people from another age. 


Each household seemed to have an ability to freeze time.  With cameras and camcorders.  And in a sense there has been a loss of spontaneity, a loss of freshness.  Have you watched an interview with an athlete lately?


Banks.  In a sense banks helped freeze money and surplus income.  Saved surplus, not “invested” in companies.  But money set aside without any appreciation that one day a power outage would come.  Frozen assets.  But food in the freezer goes bad at times of power outages.  And maybe too much had been stored there in the first place.  Stored out of fear of the day of famine?  Stored out of convenience?  Stored as a way to manipulate destiny, but with a bit of humility discarded.  Control.  Monetary policy, mine, the government’s, was about control.  Human control had replaced natural law?  With a loss of humility as a result. 


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