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December 8, 2008




Belief was always personal.  A possession like your own body.  Only it was in your mind.  Or maybe deeper.  I owed a lot of my belief to nuns.  There were a lot of people throughout time who were born without a belief in God.  Actually every one of us.  Certainly for the majority, belief had to be either discovered, as Abraham discovered it, or it had to be taught.  In my case it was taught.  At home.  In parochial schools.  At a Jesuit university.  And my own curiosity then pursued it.   


Belief is an interesting thing.  The measurement of belief, how much you had, really was a lot like family medical history.  It was based upon genes yet, seemingly, it was not in the chromosomes.  But I had owed it to someone.  But belief was formed by the degree of time I went in search of my own curiosity, a lot like those nuns had. 


Concerning self-made men, women, and half-ass ideas in times of crisis, the degree of belief which always was personal could be determined by the amount of tine spent in pursuit of that curiosity. 


If you had no belief ever, it wasn’t your fault.  Whose fault is it that in India more than half the women are illiterate?  It was the times they were born into.  And education took time and money.  Primogenitor was always “let’s concentrate on the eldest boy, in a male dominated world.  In the Philippines, which seems to me a matriarchal society, the eldest was educated and expected to start supporting the next youngest so that they might be educated.  A perversion of that idea was to see so many young girls who are unable to afford college who are expected to sell themselves at any cost to support family, in a world with no safety net.  That was what one westerner saw there.  A small sector of the population. 


Primogenitor was always “let’s concentrate on the eldest boy.  That system was replaced these days by government.  Government had created a system of education.  That system grew into elitism without much of any belief.  Too many of the best and the brightest went for post degrees, some to professional school, who then made riches.  Too many who supported lobbyists to promote their own power in a “tax system?”  Too many who allowed a massive shadow banking system with unregulated investment banks, hedge funds and brokerage firms, with no restraints.  Too many Democrats and Republicans.  It was not the traditional system of trading on Wall Street that had caused this revolution but the new traders themselves.  Henry Paulson had come out of this culture.     

I would suggest that public education with its recent emphasis on moral relativism was part of the cause of what had destroyed capitalism.  Graduates who seemed self-made and did not care about the plight of the uneducated, angry that their incomes were over-taxed.  At least with primogenitor, with family, someone cared.  With primogenitor, there was authority at home.  We had lost, with moral relativism, a belief in absolute authority.  That authority was not male or female but God. 


Over twelve months, reflecting on what I have written about, symbolic in steroid use in sports, credit swaps on Wall Street, the system looked to be on the edge of destruction, which would one day involve this form of government.  There has been a revolution in capitalism.  Yet Wall Street continues to trade as if there was no new world order.


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