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December 3, 2008

Waiting Room


Newspapers on the brink.  Devalued currency.  Writing.  Ever since the introduction of the internet, writing and the value of the local newspaper was devalued.  It was worth so little, it was given away free.  Never before have opinions been worth less.  There was an anger in the writer, the columnist, who depended upon the survival of the paper for his survival. How could this be happening?  Would his self worth follow his net worth, downward?  The written word had become devalued. 

In a world of distractions, of ideas, there have never been more.  And never have fewer books been bought.  There was a downward cycle coming to Barnes and Nobles, in the 120,000 books published each year.  The newspapers business was compared to that of selling telephone booths in an age of the cell phone.  Even Superman was struggling to jump into the action.

Ironically, the world of ideas was challenged by the changing business model that threatened real freedom.  Never before has it been easy to pull a plug, to censor ideas.  The written word had always been sacred.  The radio and television airways were regulated bu government that granted licenses, showing favoritism to the recipient.

Where was God in all of this?   In this change?  In a world with a diminishing number of Catholic priests.  In a Protestant world of diminishing numbers of denominations supported by fewer and fewer.  Where was God in the world of devalued currency, of downward markets?   

He was, as always, just waiting.  Perhaps for more attention soon.  It was the Advent season.    


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