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December 3, 2008

Star Tribune To Go After $30 Million in Cuts


The  Minneapolis Star Tribune announced today the immediate need for $30 million in cuts, in a newspaper that has made a number of reductions throughout the year.  Its survival was on the line.  

In the information age, there are a lot of insensitive people who leave their insensitive postings behind.  The age of the internet has revealed a lot of stupidity all around us.  The death of a newspaper, its role in a democracy, its role in a community, is incomprehensible.  If you were not following the story, the Tribune credit rating, the newspaper that serves Chicago and Los Angelos, is about as low as it can go.  This is not a local phenomenon.  It is time to change the business model of this newspaper.  Now.  A business model similar to Minnesota Public Radio with voluntary sustaining memberships, corporate sponsors, should be in the works.   On August 12, 2008, Nordic Capital and Avista Capital Partners paid $4.1 billion for ConvaTec, a company that specializes in advanced wound care management and ostomy (artificial skin opening) barriers.  It is time to put this wound care company to work with a new business model on the Star Tribune.  It is not too late.  These announced cuts are another short sighted solution to ongoing management of a media throughout the country in need of help.  Hopefully the people at Avista, with ConvaTec are, are more now thoughtful than those who read the news for free, those who bite the hands that feed us the news.  For free.  You actually need writers, sales people, staff to put out a product.  Too many good people have already been let go.


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