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November 20, 2008

Negative Spirals


They just announced on the news that the minutes of the last Fed meeting were released.  To limit the current financial turmoil, the Fed announced a reduction of interest rates to 1% on October 29, 2008.  Looking ahead, the Federal Open Market Committee said further rate cuts may be necessary.  Lower than 1%.  Minnesotans think this means that they will be giving away money and a lot of us are planning a trip to meet them.  We are optimistic that money will be available to more than just bankers soon.  Where ever their closed-door meeting will be held, I want to be there.  That bailout was just a precursor of things to come in the way of give-aways.  Most of the risks were to the downside, according to their minutes, with some participants concerned about a ‘negative spiral’ in which financial strains lead to weaker spending, which in turn leads to high loan losses and a further deterioration in financial conditions.”  We have a quarterback here who uses negative spirals, and we all know the meaning of those kinds of downturns….Without using the word, even the FOMC is now forecasting a recession.  And they used to make fun of the way Alan Greenspan spoke. 


Minnesota.  Where you never really needed an icebox at this time of year.  It was where about 3 people named Anderson die per day.  And it really is pretty sad.  Especially if you were an Anderson yourself. 


Minnesota.  Where we have a place that calls itself the Original Mattress Factory.  But they never explain in their commercials if they are…. if they make original mattresses, or if this was just the place that was the original factory for mattresses.  And they moved back?  But what is an unoriginal mattress?   And they never explain why you needed to sleep on an original mattress, or if their mattresses are like a cocoon and turn into something else after a while.  And what if you are sleeping when it happens?  And then you need another mattress?


Minnesota.  Where Garrison Keillor pretty much just reports on real life.  You can’t make this stuff up.  It took a long while for Minnesotans to appreciate that Keillor was a comedienne.  People thought he seemed a lot like Eric Severoid who was from around here too.  They laughed at his stories when he first moved to New York.  Keillor.  Not Severoid.  About the time “Fargo” won an Academy Award.  Since I lived in Fargo for 3 years, I never saw the movie as funny.  It seemed like real life to me.  A lot like Sarah Palin.  In Europe, in most places on earth, they do not understand the American obsession with ice cubes, they say. 


Minnesota.  It is a difficult place to live.  Where most of us believed that life imprisonment was a worse sentence than the death penalty.  The death penalty has been outlawed here, by the way. 


Minnesota.  A place where either way, you had to vote for a comedienne for Senate.  They both were for the bailout.  Bailouts used to be what was needed if you got arrested.  A lot of those people running Wall Street should be arrested before it is over. 


Minnesota, where apparently the folks here don’t count here like they used to.  Those damn public schools, because recounts are in the news.  It is not that tough to count right the first time.  I am worried now about being short changed at the gas station.  But no one is asking for a “do over.”  Yet. 


Minnesota.  Where the last indoor college football game was going to be played this Saturday.  When the temperature will be about minus 4 degrees Celsius.  We were building an outdoor ballpark too.  For baseball.  Speaking of ice cubes.  In Minnesota we had thought that global warming would be here by next season.  We were still optimistic despite the economic forecast.  We did not expect that downturn here. 


Minnesota.  Where gas is so cheap, we did not expect the downturn here in prices and people are trying to find containers to keep it in. Tupperware doesn’t hold much, though the Tupperware sales ladies are suggesting it.  


Wow.  In the news.  Another Anderson died.  He was a former speaker of the house.  In Minnesota.  The state house.  It used to be traditional for all the Andersons to vote for another Anderson.  Even in legislative bodies.  You cannot make this stuff up.  And they say the Chinese had only 7 family names.  If you want to make a Minnesota laugh, one of our Andersons, you just say the name of Deng Xiaoping about 5 times.  Real slow.  Like we talk here.  



  1. Minnesota. Where the last indoor college football game was going to be played this Saturday. When the temperature will be about minus 4 degrees Celsius.

    The University made a great choice to move back on-campus to an outdoor stadium. The Humpdome was a lousy place to watch a football game.

    In this decade Minnesota has played 44 home games before November (when the weather is great) and 15 home games in November, when it might be cold. The trade-off is definitely worth it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Penn State at TCF Bank Stadium on October 23, 2010.

    Comment by We Are...Penn State email list — November 29, 2008 @ 4:10 PM | Reply

  2. Comment by paperlessworld — February 6, 2018 @ 12:14 PM | Reply

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