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October 3, 2008

The Fix Was On

Money & Sex.  Making it too easy.  Making it too available.  Then the payback.  Men. Women.  Together.  Apart.  Financial engineers, social engineers trying to fix the problem.  In an election year. 


So what was the state of your relationships with bankers.   Had you taken or given too much? 


Abortion:  whose fault was it?  Public policy?  The guy?  The girl?  Or me?  What was my role?  Was it all a crisis in valuations?  Was it all about how much I was valued?  How much I was needed?  How much I had taken, irresponsibly?  How much I needed someone?  Who would survive?  Government could fix all this?  Seatbelt laws.  Speed limits.  Bailouts.  And we all really had a vote? 


 We all knew deep inside there would be a payback for all of this one day. 


Should government decide who survives all this? 


The Hartford.  A financial company.  When people start redeeming cash, the company was gone.  Who was contaminated?   How many others?  Who could you trust?  The market reaction was all based upon trust. 


Showing real love for someone, to somebody, was another story. Real love.  Real love was not just a short ride.  As I overheard a woman say two days ago, people do not change their religious or political affiliations quickly.  Or to get divorced.  It took a lifetime to acquire these beliefs.  It took time to make a decision. 


Roe versus Wade.  The War of the Roses.  Rescue and rescue plans. 

Wanting some more.  Money.  Sex.  Hunger. 


Money.  Sex.  Law without order.  Order without law.  Hunger.  Oversight.  Enforcement.  Public policy.  A deeper pocket.  


Law.  Order.  Should government decide who survives all this?  In the Last Judgment, government can fix all of this? 


Plan.  Listen to constituents.  Act quickly.  Vote.  The House of Representatives is expected to vote Friday.  




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