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September 24, 2008

The Needy

Rescue.  In the 19th century there was a town along the rough seas of New England.  There was a crew of volunteers assembled much like towns in the Midwest had volunteer fire departments.  When those nord easterners came in with the wind howling, tearing up watercraft, these brave volunteers went out to sea. 


This week Congress is being asked, “Who are you gonna save?”  Apparently the number of people involved was shocking.  The Democrats were worried that their constituencies would be left out in the cold.  The folks in charge of the rescue seemed for now to be Republicans.  The difference between the present day Washington rescue and that New England rescue was that the volunteers involved put their own lives on the line.  In Washington, Congress was putting someone else’s dollars on the line. 


Here it is only a question of boats.  As September 2008 rolled along, the message seemed to be “You’re gonna need more boats, bigger boats.” 


If you think this is bad, think of the end of the world.  The story on Wall Street these days was all about salvation.  A lot of people talked about being saved, with sermons by preachers sounding something out of science fiction.  Suddenly salvation, rescue in an era of reality shows, was real. 


And hearts are beating faster. 



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