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September 18, 2008


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Fear.  No!  Panic.  It was not just about finances.  It was about a way of life.  

The neocons in the White House had gotten us into Iraq.  No one asked the question WHY.   Was this part of their masterplan leading up to the election?  The press had already been destroyed by the markets.  Control the press was one way to take over a society. 

Destroy the overall markets.  Was this a plan or just outright incompetence?  Control the press.  Destroy the markets.  In February regular televisions were not going to work without a converter box.  Maybe you had to be in St. Paul for Labor Day, to hear the helicopters protecting the RNC.  Call me crazy.   Who were manipulating the markets?  Was the threat external or internal?  The Chinese?  The Russians, with all of their oil money?  This was a plan?  Or was it the Paul Wolfowiczs?  The folks who got us into Iraq in the first place. 

The date of the last news presidential conference was July 15, 2008.  He issues statements through press secretary.  When informed that he hadn’t taken any questions since Aug. 6th, the president response was: “You got to speak with a louder voice. I can’t hear you. I’m old.”  The man was either dishonest or totally disingenuous.  I recall the reply of Dick Cheney in response to a question about approval polls, “So?” 

He has nothing to say.  The New York Times reports, “Bush has been reduced this week to almost a bit player in his own government, as Washington has reoriented itself away from the White House and toward Treasury Secretary and Federal Reserve Chief.”  Or has he?  With the neocons in the White House, who could be sure?  Putin had arranged things so he would continue to dominate Russia beyond term limits.  But things are in place that threaten liberty, that threaten a free press.  And no one is talking about it.  No one is talking.  There won’t be a newspaper in most towns. 

“There are times, believe it or not, when policy makers actually need to, like, work on making policy,” his press secretary was quoted to stay.  These are days of panic.

The Bush legacy is all about terror and panic.  It started in September 2001.  It is ending in September 2008, as the War on Terror looks to be turing into panic.  Now it involves money.  And it was even a lot more personal. 


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