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September 7, 2008

Insurable Interest

Accountability and public policy:  The police professional liability insurance paid for by the Republican Party’s host committee reportedly hs a coverage limit of $10 million for resulting damages, and providing for costs of legal expense for allegations against law enforcement officials accused of misconduct including the violation of civil rights. The Associated Press reported today that Mayor Chris Coleman was the one who insisted the host committee purchase the policy with its private donations rather than the city of St. Paul.  The article states there are in St. Paul some critics who suggest insurance only encourages police to use aggressive tactics, when the city does not have to pay damages.  Along that line, those critics must think insurance on personal automobiles increase negligent driving.   

A better question is “What does it say when someone else pays damages for the action of people under your control?”  A spokeswoman in New York City’s law department told the reporter that New York City still faces more than 400 lawsuits from some of the 1,800 people arrested at the 2004 GOP convention.  The premium paid by the RNC Host Committee was reportedly $1.1 million.  How could underwriters from Lexington Insurance ever expect to turn a profit by insuring such events?  Did they really do their homework?

Were there legal opinions gathered before the preemptive raid of offices being rented by I-Witness Video for its work during the Convention, with computers, equipment allegedly conviscated and not returned?  If legal opinions  were not obtained, this looked like an intentional act by the police that should not be covered by insurance. 


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