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September 4, 2008

A New Deal

Net worth.  Confidence.  Identity. 


Sex . Money. Politics. Identity. 


Male.  Female.  Relationships.  Conventions. Production Managers.  Anarchy.  Spin. Communication.  Trust. 

Wall Street, for those who love financial competition.  What was hot, what was not?  The Wall Street Journal was all about who was in 1st place in the markets.  How much of its creed was about revealing the truth and transparency? 

Recessions. Dealing with recession.  Wealth.  Poverty.  The nervous breakdowns of the economy. Things that you had.  Things lost.  Identity.  Anger.  Depression.  Net Worth. 

The rich have all the fun.  Investments for a guy.  Sex for a girl.  Dealing with money. Dealing with sex.  Truth and transparency.  Net worth.  Abortions.  Chemically dependent.  Divorced.  Net Worth.  Or worthless. 


Dealing with sexuality, the things that bring men and women together.  Dealing with it successfully.  Failing.  Worthlessness. 


Daily bread—the rising price.  Availability.  Global demand for beds.  Commercial explaining the rising prices.  Sleep. Sex.  Coffee. 

Starbucks.  Caribou?  Taste preferences or political choices?  Baseball scores.  The Red Sox or the Twins.  Money was all about politics.  Baseball was all about money.  Scott Boras.  Arbitration.  Ticket prices.  It was about costs.  Passed along.  Taste preference.

To make a life worthwhile.  Dealing with goodness.  The struggle. The human condition.  In America these days, there was a growing sense of rising prices, of worthlessness.  Group worthlessness. 


The greatness was in response thereafter.  The truth of moral relativism:  The signs include children out of wedlock.   Living in sin.  Love without the proper authority. 


The tension between the known and the unknown.  Union.  Love.  Union with people, union with God.  Law & order.  Laws, morally relevent today.  Law.  Order.  Terror. 

Law & Order involved some basic questions.  Is the law holy?  Do they address the issue in law school?  What happens in a secular world, with some many different beliefs?    

Is politics holy?  Did God give Moses the 10 Commandments or not? Were the Jews Chosen People, of not?  Were these stories true or not?  Were people holy?  Is the law holy?  




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