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August 25, 2008



Staged bi-sexiality in the ongoing sexual revolution was the latest trend:  “Girls making out with each other to turn on guys is the latest craze at high school and college parties,” according to, to signal to males that they are “sexually open and adventurous.”   


Lips.  The attraction.  As a small boy, I hated the saliva part.  Why saliva on the face?  What was the attraction of lips?  Was it because that was where the mucous membrane started?  Or was it more than an animal attraction?  Lips were what food first touched.  It was the start of the trip down the alimentary canal.  Lips were the beginning of who I really was.  They could hide my smile.  They expressed feeling. 


During a job interview, human resource people stressed the importance of eye contact.  My focus was always on the lips.   


To the young, theirs was a world of better nutrition, better education, better training, better everything.  Better entertained.  A psychiatrist would report that there was no bizarre thought content, no hallucinations, no guilt, nothing thought to be delusional, nothing obsessive, and a lack of the overtly suspicious or grandiose.  Lips were just the start of the mystery of a person.  It was just entertainment.  What was that Loverboy’s Weekend song. 


I went to a party last night that most people can only dream about.  The world was not serious. 


Were all the deadly sins, starting with drunkenness, ending with lust, really a protest against how serious the world could be?  Famine, war, politics? 


Surrounded by splendor, tuxedoed wait staff, free champagne, Cuban cigars, great art, music under the stars, in a house out of Architectual Digest, I wondered if it all was just about waste management?     






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