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August 13, 2008

The Russians Are Coming

What exactly did you believe in? 

Globalization and the news:  Thomas Friedman with the New York Times thought globalization was a good thing.  Of course he moved away from a Minneapolis suburb and has made a living around the globe ever since.  He got on the world stage in New York and lost his local connection. 

Yesterday I responded to a call from the St. Paul newspaper, agreeing to a subscription.  It was against everything I believed to respond to a telephone solicitation.  Yet it might save one local paper.  I thought my ideals were worth bending until the caller told me she was in Nevada.  It was a stock company.  I then told her no.  Maybe the day would return when local ownership returned.  I was beginning to disagree with Thoms Friedman.   

Foreign buyers.  The acquisition of steel maker by a Russian company so that they now own 10% of all United States steel manufacturers.  The sellers of this recent business did not care, especially in a falling U S market.  The Russians had the money now due to oil.  So what exactly did you believe in after the Cold War?  Was this a good thing?  Should I ask a Vietnam War vet or a Hmong refugee. 

What exactly did you believe in?  Last year there was the acquisition of the Wall Street Journal by an Australian, Robert Murdoch.  Free markets. Human rights.  The United States Constitution guaranteed a free press. 

Whether the cost of education, health care, oil, or the survival of a local press, was this all to be determined just by a free market?  What exactly did you believe in? 


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