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August 6, 2008


Writing was all about relevance.  It seems of late that newspapers and bookstores were at risk.  The irony was that these two industries were based upon relevance.   There was an unease about being a writer and trying to make a living at it.  I majored in English literature.  I so far have not made a living at it.  As a follower of Darwin’s Theory, we were all in a struggle to survive.  But in the end, we will all be goners.    

The real world required patience.  The e-world demanded instant gratification.  I wondered what the state of the written word would be in ten years.  

Reading and writing was all about relevance.  I heard it said on C-span a few years ago on Book TV that women bought 85% of all books.  There were something like 120,000 books published a year.  Woman.  Books.  Relevance.  Truth.  The news.  When you got down to it, life was mostly about truth in relationships.  To wake up to the truth. In the news.  In relationships.     

A newspaper carried forth an institutional voice.  There was an identity to a newspaper.  A newspaper did have political views.  It was all about ideas.  What was it about the new generation that no longer found relevance in holding the printed news?  Was there a missing gratification?  Were we all moving away from any concept of suffering in the world.  

I wondered what the state of the political world would be in ten years, as a consequence of the state of the written word.  Without newspapers.   There was an unease afterall in being a writer, without a place to write.  Think of the foundation of the traditional community.  Family.  Schools, Churches. 

Will sports teams be the next on the endangered species list of things that bring us together?  And what will the elections of the 2020s be like?    


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