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June 4, 2008

Americans Don’t Like Being Lied to by People Who Fix Their Cars

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Security:  the rich wanted to secure in their homes and in their home lands.  Whether it was revolutions in Russia in 1906 or in 1916, or in Cuba in the late 1950s, it was all about the conflict between the rich and the poor.  That was what politics was really about.  It was about business and money, and business was mean.  It was about money to keep the machines of politics running.  It was about war and there was money to be made in war. It was about campaign 2008.  And it was about the people who wrote about it, uncovering the truth. 

Conflict:  there potential for revolution in Latin America was all about poverty.  We were not doing a good job sharing the bounty.  


Conflict:  women who are a bit more slutty took umbrage against those who support virginity, were against judging others. That was the conflict in the ERA world.  So was the world problem best divided by two, by the rich and the poor, those who would have kids and those who would not?  Or was it all centered around cars? 



The worldwide population explosion of cars had grown in 15 yeasr to  330 million more cars than there had been, to a number around 880 million.  And they all used oil sold by the liter or the gallon.  But why did the price act like a helium balloon released suddenly in 2007 and still alive in the air, barely visible.

Americans don’t like being lied to by people who fix their cars, or by those who were involved in what energized their internal combustion engines.  But was it the law of supply and demand that was creating the New World Disorder? 



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