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March 28, 2008

Salvation History

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This is the God who created the universe who rides the heavens in His power, who rides the sky in His majesty, who we pray to, that we bring to Him our passion on His earth. 

  “…but teach them to your children and to your children’s children.”

 History was story and tradition.  To be a student of history was to have an interest in the past.  History was about important truths and the heroes that handed the truth on down through the ages.  Ultimately the study of history was about sharing knowledge that was acquired by ancestors on how to live, how to respect the law, how to find God in the modern world, and how to maintain faith and integrity through study of all that had gone on in the past.  It was the past that was recalled, silently. 

 In my tradition they spoke of “hearing the call.”  In those days it was not much more than enrolling in a school devoted to studying the word of God.  In the Jewish tradition, in the Catholic tradition, young men had always been sent to rabbinical school, to junior seminaries, with curricula devoted to study of God’s word.  Some of the schools had broadened to a devotion to men and women, beyond priesthood, to study a religious tradition.  Some of the schools had become totally secular over the years, in Europe, in America. 

 Education was about the appeal to the cry within to for serve others, the need for my help in this world where no one was going to offer help.  And I heeded it.  Journalism was one study of God’s word, the study of truth, of God’s word in the current age, as it evolved daily. 

 So why would God not evolve as man had evolved?  Why would His love not grow, as humankind learned more of the ways of spirituality? Evolution was based on the written word.  Where would humankind be without the written word?  “He guides the humble to justice, he teaches the humble His way.”  (Psalm 25:8-9) 

 And if the question in the rabbinical school was “why would God not evolve?” the question in Catholic seminaries was “So why would Jesus not evolve beyond the four Gospels?”  Paul met him after the crucifixion.  Why was the Gospel still not being written as a new discovery of the next generation?  After all, this was the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.    

 We endow our lives with stories.  Children who hear stories, fiction and non-fiction, grow up to put those stories of the noble past into action once again.  “Mostly they are the same lives, the same stories, over and over,” wrote the editor of The New Yorker.  Most lives that lack such access to the stage of the drama in current history find amusement in reading of other lives or watching sport for entertainment, amusements that often turn into real-life passion plays with patterns of morality.

 When I was 14 years old, I was taught a class by Wild Bill Ozark with the name ”Salvation History.”  Wild Bill is long sense dead.  But of late, I think often of that course.  Especially at Easter.  For me, there was an ever visble theme to world history.  And “Salvation History” seemed to include the infinite time when God lived alone in the heavens with His creative impulses.  And all along he kept trying.  When he formed man in his image and likeness, men and women kept trying.  Again and again, people failed. 

 The story of Abram and Isaac seem to fortell the story of Easter.  “Salvation History” seemed to apply for world history as well as some kind of personal history, where no matter who we are, everyone at some point, each person, personally fails. 

 Salvation History was that story about God, demonstrated in the tradition of  Abraham who really had lived.  Moses was a true person.  David had actually ruled as king.  And Jesus had really lived and died.  His story was not about how he was put to death, about man’s inhumanity to man, but the purpose of His life was about re-birth, resurrection and an afterlife.  His life was about the meaning of all history. 


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